The CW Releases New Previews for 'The 100', 'The Originals', 'Reign', 'Star-Crossed' & 'The Tomorrow People' (Video)

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June 3rd, 2013

The Tomorrow People Pilot
The 100

The Originals



The Tomorrow People

  • Jane Elliot

    …I was actually more excited about these before I saw the previews. The only one that still looks interesting is Reign.

  • Jared

    I watch a lot on the CW but of these previews it looks like ill only be checking out Star Crossed and The Tomorrow People.

  • Tom

    These new shows appear to represent a significant improvement over this season’s collection of duds. At least each has a solid premise. The 100 and the Originals appear to have the broadest audience appeal. I’m skeptical though about Star-Crossed. Amiee Teegarden isn’t a particularly good actress and the preview makes the series look like just another high school drama fest. We’ll see. I’m still hoping that enough of these new series stick so that the CW can drop several of the current low rated series from its schedule.

  • Sonicphoto

    Star Crossed is unique but as others mentioned, the main actress doesn’t show good acting in that preview, it looks like Matt Lanter has to really move the show. The 100 looks much better now than the first preview we got. Tomorrow People still looks pretty interesting and with Arrow on the schedule I think it will do great hopefully. I don’t see Reign doing so well, then again the vampire diaries might be enough to save it, but it just doesn’t get my attention. The Originals is strictly focused on vampire diaries fanbase, will that work? Only time will tell.

  • Lotucan

    First thoughts based on these trailers:

    The 100: Seems like a pretty bad-ass show. I think it really has potential if given a decent night when midseason rolls around.

    The Originals: Never Watched the Vampire Diaries, but i just might have to now! I think it’s gonna be a hit!

    Reign: I think they’re taking a big risk with this, but i think they might just be able to pull it off! Count me in!

    Star-Crossed: I think this show will be really good, but it might start to get a little slow. Not sure how far they could go with it.

    The Tomorrow People: Definitely the best looking new show on the CW. It think it’s going to be a breakout hit and is gonna bring in the ratings very nicely. The CW is shaping up i see.

    After they get rid of Nikita and The Carrie Diaries, they could possibly have a much stronger network as a whole. The CW is going in the right direction in my honest opinion!

  • tv#1

    I don’t care what anybody says. I think all of these shows look good. I love when they mix sci-fi/fantasy with melodrama. Despite what many say, they mix together perfectly. This is definitely the best group of series The CW has ever ordered.

  • CarShark

    CW’s gone really genre the past four years or so. It’s like a mini-Syfy…with Carrie Diaries.

  • Jane Elliot

    @CarShark – Don’t forget Hart of Dixie! I think of the two non-genre shows to survive the season, HOD is the safer bet.

  • Alan

    This previews look more interesting than the first ones they released. The 100 looks more like a fall show than a midseason one. I would had kept Reign for midseason, and put The 100 instead.

  • starship

    All of these look really promising, nice to see some new scenes in that The Originals preview, too. The Tomorrow People and The Originals are a sure thing to get a second season and Reign is their big risk. The show looks like a 16-century Gossip Girl with added ghosts, magic, and prophets, it will either flop hard or be a break-out hit(also some pretty risky sex scenes in that trailer by broadcast standards, that is). We have to wait for the ratings, obviously, but apparently Reign is CBS studio’s new international cash cow this year according to TVWise.
    Anyway, if all these shows make it through the season, which is most unlikely, but still…then that would be a goodbye for Carrie after her 13 episodes and would spell doom for BatB.

  • Alan

    Now I really want to watch The 100, Star-Crossed and The Originals. In my opinion, I think it will be sad to say goodbye to The Carrie Diaries, or if two of shows have bad ratings, it might be renewed, but it’s too soon to say. I think TTM, TO and Star-Crossed will be hits.


    With terrible ratings, has CW ever pondered to think- hey mabye we should air somthing else besides teen soap dramas…?? But seriously. I can’t take this network seriously.

  • CarrieMaine

    Star-Crossed looks laughably bad. Matt Lanter and Aimee Teegarden? Pass.
    The Tomorrow People: Looks decent. I like the special effects, not too sure about Robbie Amell.
    Reign: I honestly don’t know what to think. It could be a really good guilty pleasure. I’m just glad the CW is trying something different (even though they advertise it like Gossip Girl).
    The Originals: Already saw the pilot. I’m in.
    The 100: This trailer looks remarkably better. I think I might give it a chance.

  • jason50

    This coming season looks better for CW than the past couple seasons, although I’m not too excited yet about any one series.
    Star Crossed looks like the typical teen drama which would normally bore me but there are exceptions(Teen Wolf comes to mind).

    Reign I thought had the most potential before I saw it but now that I have seen the clip and trailer I’m disappointed. Maybe not my type of show or nothing looked exciting coming from the trailer.

    The 100 looks better and will give it a try but in the back of my mind I keep thinking of these type of shows that look promising but failing to deliver the goods(Terra Nova, Revolution, Defiance)

    The Tomorrow People has good effects and looks like it’s a fun ride but I keep expecting a white haired Sam Jackson to show up to hunt these people down. Is this Jumper the TV series? Actually looks like a mix of Jumper and Push(for the few that remember that movie).

  • Dan S

    The only 2 shows that I’ll definitely check out are The 100 & Tomorrow People. Both shows look quite promising & I expect 100 to quickly replace an early fall casualty. I’m older than the desired demographics are for The CW but I still enjoy watching shows like Arrow & Supernatural. The only new series I see crashing is Reign which just plain looks boring.

  • Simon

    So after watching these new trailers, ’Reign‘ still looks like their best new show. I’m quite excited about it. ’The 100‘ and ‘The Tomorrow People’ look better now too. But ‘Star-Crossed’ looks worse now. I’m not sure whether I’ll watch it.

  • Arman

    I have seen these pilots and the only one I really liked was The Tomorrow People. The 100 is ok too with its predictable ending, it can go to places that might be interesting. Reign, surprisingly, is not that bad and might find an audience with its interesting concept and world. Unfortunately, I hated Star-Crossed, too generic and superficial for me.

  • Bob

    Star Crossed looks really good. I hope it does ok. I like the premise of the show. I agree the actress is not the best but the story seems interesting. Hopefully they will find another actress for Matt Lanter to have a relationship with after a few episodes. I guess bottom line is I hope it survives for a while.

  • Lucas

    The 100 looks great! =)

  • james

    the 100 – looks very interesting itll either become a big hit or a big flop depending on how they play it. the minute i heard ‘your going down to earth’ i could immediately tell that it would end up as a war between the 100 and the natives. hope it doesnt end up like revolution, tonnes of potential – only to be wasted on a typical war story.

    the originals – not even gonna bother. this world has seen enough vampires, its time to move on.

    reign – i cant see this being a success. i predict that its main audience would be in their 40’s which isnt exactly their target audience.
    i couldnt sit through the entire trailer because it was simply to boring.

    star crossed – very interesting premise! rather excited for this one. i just hope it doesnt become a big sappy love story of the human and alien who just cant be together because it has potential to be very good if they go in a different direction.

    the tomorrow people – looks amazing. it looks like this years arrow. looking forward to many seasons of this one!

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