The CW Releases New Previews for 'The 100', 'The Originals', 'Reign', 'Star-Crossed' & 'The Tomorrow People' (Video)

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June 3rd, 2013

The Tomorrow People Pilot
The 100

The Originals



The Tomorrow People

  • omabin

    I am crazy excited for the hundred and the tomorrow people!

  • Nevid

    The 100 – Looks like a teenage version of Lost, so I’m definitely in. I was skeptical about the show at first, but after watching this trailer I’m sold.

    Star-Crossed – Yawn. It has a good premise, but the acting looks terrible. I think I’ll pass.

    Reign – I’ll give it a couple episodes, but I don’t think I’m gonna like it,
    although I really like the cast.

    The Originals – The trailer was really good and I love The Vampire Diaries, so I know I’m gonna enjoy this show.

    The Tomorrow People – Heroes 2.0, so I’m definitely watching. Wednesdays this fall are gonna be awesome.

  • simsalabim

    Teenage-Trash, all of them. So they are at the right place.

  • Adir

    The 100 , Star-Crossed , The Tomorrow People , Looks very good!!!!!!! But .. Why without 90210 ?!

  • John A

    I hope CW have some success this year. Tues-Thurs should do well. The stupid renewel was TCD. It will only get crappy Nikita type ratings.

  • Glue

    Reign looks really good, it has a promising premise and I can’t wait.
    The Tomorrow People looks exellent! Like, perfect. I’m so gonna be watching
    The 100 looks fine, trailer hasn’t really sold the show to me.
    The Originals, this family was the only interesting part of The Vampire Diaries.
    Starcrossed looks normal.

    I’m gonna watch everything though

  • Chris

    100 is just Lord of the Flies crossed with a little (very small amount) of LOST. Looks very predictable, and highly implausible given the setup providing it is not a lie (radioactive surface). Strange how all the ‘criminals’ are kids. This is why the CW is always going to be a niche market.

    Originals lost me at Vamps out during the day having babies, with only witches taking notice of their actions.

    Reign looks like a poor version of Game of Thrones, though the books (GoT) really decline after #3, so this might have a chance.

    Star Crossed look like yet another go at aliens in high school. Been there, done that with better actors.

    The Tomorrow People looks like it has the best chance, though they have jumped the shark already (which is not surprising for the CW). Nightcrawler + Jean Gray (not Dark Phoenix) + Neo = a minor god. If that is the kind of power the ‘new’ kid has, coming up with believable ways to endanger him in the second season will likely prove implausible. The best thing about the show looks like the antagonist. Nice to see he survived Revolution.

  • Holly


    Strange how all the ‘criminals’ are kids.

    All crimes get the death penalty, but they don’t kill them until they hit 18.

  • Cara

    I like the feel they are giving the originals. Hopefully as the season approaches we will get a trailer that moves it away from the vampire diaries. These are scenes from the “pilot” which was totally constrained within the world of the vampire diaries. I am also hoping sometime passes after the events of the pilot.

  • Shane

    All the pilots look incredibly good! Except… for Star-Crossed, which was one of the pilots I was looking forward the most :(

  • Lisa

    I’ll check them all out, but Reign looks absolutely dreadful. Laughably dreadful. The Originals right now appears to be the best of the lot. A mixed bag, but if I like even one of these shows enough to stick with it for the long run, that’s good enough.

  • Loki

    HA HA HA HA HA CW and their shows as pathetic as ever. What a joke of a network :-)

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Everyone looks very serial. This means that ppl won’t want to join from the middle & if you miss an episode or the break is too long the audience can be confused & leave.

    If I watch any of these it will be when they finish & are fully fleshed out storyline/characters.

    A few of these, if they get only 13 or 22 or even 44 episodes will feel very incomplete & not worth watching.

    I really hope The 100 & The Originals both make it for syndication worthy episodes with a nice series finale.

  • Billiam

    AWESOME!! I will watch each one. I wonder if you can start watching The Originals if you haven’t watched Vampire Diaries…

  • TV#1

    @ Anna Bones Clarkwood

    I am glad all these shows look like serials. I disliked how The CW tried to go more episodic last season with shows like Beauty and the Beast, Emily Owens MD, and Arrow. Serials are the best, in my opinion. Also, I don’t think that one has to start from the beginning to truly enjoy a serial. I’ve started watching a few serials after they have begun their run and I’ve still enjoyed them. Hopefully, these shows do well and get a good word of mouth going. A good word of mouth is generally what will help a show the most.


    I think the writers of The Originals will try to make the show accessible to non-Vampire Diaries viewers. Based off the back door pilot it seems like they are trying to set up a new story.

  • Mi

    @TV#1 Arrow is a serialized show. It had some less-serialized episodes at the beginning but it became serialized during the course of the season.

    From the previous, I’ll check TTP and The 100, and I plan to watch the Originals too. Star-Crossed and Reign will most likely not see season 2.

  • truth

    Loki is Bondoel :D


  • david

    The Hundred looks better now. I will be watching it for sure. The tomorrow People looks good i will watch it as i like Scifi shows. The Originals well i am a fan of TVD so i will at least watch a few episodes of it. Reign could be good. It seems more interesting now that i saw a longer preview. Star crossed i keep on hearing the casting was bad so i might check it out.

  • Lucas

    The only show that i really wanna see is The Tomorrow People. Great effects!! It will be the hit of this fall. I have doubts about The Originals. TVD was a thing but this… I think it will be around the 0.6 or 0.8 (highest).

  • bobby

    The 100 – Honestly, I think it looks awesome. It’s not usually my sort of thing but I think I’ll have to tune in to watch it. It looks promising and could be really good!

    The Originals – I don’t know. The Vampire Diaries has been pissing me off this season so I hope it can do a better job and actually have a good plot. This years plot was shocking >.< .

    Reign – My prediction is this show will fail. Terribly.

    Star Crossed – Something tells me this is going to be one of those shows which is much better than it's trailer gives it credit for. It would be more interesting if the aliens were more evolved or something to spice up the plot.

    The Tomorrow People – The most promising. After seeing the trailer I really don't want to wait until the fall. I think this could become one of my new favourite shows. It reminds me sort of of heroes, but this was based off a show created way before heroes, and heroes annoyed me at times. This show is going to be a ratings hit for the CW.

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