ABC's 'Mistresses' Debut Beats NBC's 'Revolution' Finale in Women 18-34

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June 4th, 2013

Mistresses Cast

via press release:

Featuring The Bachelorette and the series debut of Mistresses, ABC was the 2nd-most-watched net on Monday to NBC with The Voice and the Revolution finale.


Opposite The Voice from 8-10pm, ABC’s The Bachelorette finished as the #2 series in its 2-hour time period with viewers and young adults.


During the 10 o’clock hour opposite big competition from the deciding Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, ABC’s Mistresses opened as the #2 series to The Voice-led Revolution finale in Adults 18-49, while beating the NBC drama season closer by 17% with Women 18-34.  The new ABC drama improved its hour from the year-ago night by double-digit percentages in Adults 18-49 (+33%) and Adults 25-54 (+23%).  Mistresses was up over ABC’s summer debut of The Glass House in the hour last year by 10% in Total Viewers (6/18/12).


  • John A

    Go Mistresses w18-34 is a great win. LMAO at ABC spin.

  • Michael

    I love ABC press releases! Lol…

  • F.R.

    Oh the spinning. Here’s another spin – 4.4 million viewers is less viewers than CBS’ ‘The Young and the Restless’ at 12:30PM Daytime.

    Revolution is already renewed, ‘Mistresses’ has been delayed a few times until they finally settled on this summer to basically burn it off — I seriously doubt it’ll be on the air next year. If the pilot got a 1.2, it’s only going down now, and will probably reach 0.x in its final weeks.

  • F.R.

    No edit function, but just remembered that pretty soon it will go head-to-head vs. CBS’ ‘Under the Dome’… maybe ABC could then brag about women 18-34 again (and maybe not)

  • r0ckmypants

    @F.R – It wasn’t delayed; Mistresses was first picked up with the intention of running during the summer, but there were rumors that it would end up on the midseason schedule. However, it was never planned to air anywhere but where it’s airing.

  • Survivor Fan

    Of course, I would imagine that Revolution skews male (relative to other TV shows). Thus, it is not a big accomplishment for Mistresses.

  • F.R.

    @r0ckmypants, ABC gave a straight-to-series order for the show back in February 2012, and during the upfronts later that year in May, no date was given for it – it wasn’t listed as a fall show (and didn’t premiere in September-October), and the thought that it would premiere in midseason (January-March 2013 or so) also turned out to be false. It wasn’t until midseason actually arrived when a date was finally announced, and in February 2013, a year after the order, a May 27 premiere date was announced, confirming (obviously) that it would be a summer show. Then ABC pushed the premiere back until it finally premiered last night.

    I guess the rumors you’re referring to happened because ABC didn’t officially say in advance that it’s a summer show (maybe because they weren’t sure themselves).

  • sam

    I missThe Glass House

  • F.R.

    Also forgot to mention in my previous comment that if it was indeed always considered a summer show, it could have already aired in the summer of 2012. If you order a fall show in May and air it in 4 months later in September, you can order a summer show in February and air it 4 months later in June.

  • pinkie

    mistresses should not compete with under the dome.give it time slot of thursday 9 pm till greys anatomy comes back in is a good quality show.dont ruin it by wrong timeslots.

  • Fake Me Out

    The ABC PR dept is pleased to brag that Mistresses was the #1 show of the night with one eyed, one legged, left handed, black, Jewish carpet munchers who live east of the Mississippi and who drive econ cars.

    ABC PR Dept, seeking the silver lining no matter how dark the cloud!

  • Fake Me Out

    Note: I tried using the L word in my post above but the site filter doesn’t like that word … but apparently carpet munchers is ok … go figure.


  • Wright

    That can’t be.

  • Joeii Damien Webb

    Mistresses was great. Def proves the theory that you can’t help who you fall in love with. ABC currently holds 90% of the shows I watch/like. “Scandal”=1, “Nashville/greys anatomy”=2, and I like Big Bang, the Good Wife is good too, my only two reasons to watch CBS. I can’t stand idiotic comedies like “two broke girls” they scream their lines, ESP Kat dennings character. I can’t stand any of the “reality” crap. I don’t however argue with ANYONE, about what’s good and what’s not. That’s just ignorance. I do however state my opinion and leave it at that. If you don’t agree, and wish to post angry or insulting replies, please, just keep it moving. I can’t stand prime time cartoons, “bobs burgers”, “family guy”, I have watched a few episodes, yes, it’a sometimes funny, but doesn’t belong on prime time. I don’t think people/viewers can really become as invested in the characters and storylines. It’s easier to root for real actors. However, to each their own. Everyone has a different sense of humor as well as taste. I wish ABC or [A]lready [B]een [C]ancelled, would stop cancelling shows after one or two episodes. Give it s chance to gain a following. ALSO, certain shows that do get the viewers, like “scandal” or “Greys anatomy”, and are their strongest performers, actually LOSE viewers and interest, when they play two new episodes, and then play repeats for the next month. By the time new episodes air, people have lost interest or forgot what went on in the storyline or plot. Yes I realize DVR I’d great, but not everyone has the time or ambition to go back and watch previous episodes, just so they can stay on trac with what’s going on. This is COMMON SENSE, “ABC”, “NBC”, “CBS”, “FOX” as well as CW”. Although the “CW”, is a smaller network, and I personally do not watch their programming very often, I do like how they offer a lot of variety and diversity in their programming. EXAMPLE: “vampire diaries”, “hart of Dixie”, “Jeremy Kyle show”, “Wendy Williams”, “Carrie diaries”, new show called “reign”, in the fall, “the tomorrow people”, coming soon. They try to please a mass audience. FOXs’ prime time, is mostly cartoons, and other major networks tend to make many similar shows, or knock off other networks successful shows. For example, Kerry Washington is great in “SCANDAL”, and is the first Africa American lead character in 30 years. This formula really worked for ABC, so shortly after that, “DECEPTION”, came out o another network, trying to uses the African American leading lady formula. However it didn’t work and was cancelled. NO MORE KNOCK OFFS! I heard that the new show coming to prime time in the fall, “CRISIS”, is almost identical to the look of the cast of “SCANDAL”, also had similar story lines. SORRY TO RANT N RAVE!.. Sorry if this is full of spelling errors, new iPhone, not used to small touch keys, just yet! Lol :)


  • Georgia

    Mistresses was a big disappointment. Absolutely nothing about the show makes me want to see a second episode. I have deleted the series recording from my DVR.

  • Joeii Damien Webb

    To each their own, give it a chance why don’t you.

  • Cherie Zack

    Do we really want to support a show that does nothing but glorify the act of sin against marriage? Marriage is sacred and should be respected. I have a question for you. You’re watching the show, even promoting it on your social media sites and then in time find out your husband is having an affair. Do you still support the show or is it now REAL to you that infidelity is wrong and your marriage needs to be protected?

    It’s just entertainment, right? No, it’s not.. It’s real and your marriages are at stake!

  • Samuel


    If you’re so secure in your own marriage, then why would you feel threatened by a show that supposedly glorifies the act of sin? You clearly didn’t watch the pilot, nor have any real sense of what the show entails, you are simply basing your opinion off the name of the show.

    None of the women think ‘Yep, you know what? I’m gonna totes have a hot affair tonight’. It’s a lot more complex than that, and so are ‘real-world’ affairs. The show explored the underlying issues leading up to and after affairs. You don’t have to watch it, but don’t leave such critical comments about a show trying to bash it because you think it messes with your values, without even watching the show in question.

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