Series Finale of ABC Family's 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Soars to 14-Month High in Women 18-49

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June 4th, 2013


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Series Finale of Critically-Acclaimed “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” is Cable’s TV #2 Scripted Telecast at 8 P.M. in Target 18-34s, 12-34s and Women 18-49; Hits 14 Month High in Women 18-34/18-49; Near 7 Month High in Viewers


Launch of “The Fosters” Ranks as Cable TV’s #2 Scripted Show at 9 O’Clock in Key 18-34s/12-34s; Generates Massive Triple Digit Growth Over Year Ago Time Period


“The Secret Life of the American Teenager” (8:00 – 9:00 p.m.)


In its series finale, ABC Family’s award-winning and longest running series ever, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” ranked as Tuesday’s #2 scripted cable TV telecast at 8 o’clock in Adults 18-34 (681,000/1.0 rating), Women 18-34 (581,000/1.7 rating), Women 18-49 (830,000/1.3 rating), Viewers 12-34 (885,000/1.0 rating) and Females 12-34 (776,000/1.7 rating).


  • Monday’s closer stood as the series’ most-watched telecast in more than 1 year in Women 18-34 and Women 18-49 since 4/16/12 and 3/26/12, respectively – and in nearly 7 months in Total Viewers (1.5 million) and Females 12-34 since 11/19/12.


  • Versus year-ago, “Secret Life” posted solid gains in target demos, including by 5% in Total Viewers (1.50 million vs. 1.43 million), by 25% in Adults 18-34 (681,000 vs. 545,000), by 51% in Women 18-34 (581,000 vs. 384,000), by 29% in Adults 18-49 (981,000 vs. 759,000) and by 46% in Women 18-49 (830,000 vs. 569,000).


“The Fosters” (9:00 – 10:00 p.m.)


At 9 p.m., the series’ premiere of “The Fosters stood as cable TV’s #2 scripted telecast in the hour in Adults 18-34 (445,000/0.7 rating), Women 18-34 (376,000/1.1 rating), Women 18-49 (611,000/1.0 rating), Viewers 12-34 (719,000/0.8 rating) and Females 12-34 (636,000/1.4 rating).


  • “The Fosters” towered over year ago time period levels by solid margins, including by 190% in Total Viewers (1.42 million vs. 489,000), by 297% in Adults 18-34 (445,000 vs. 112,000), by 296% in Women 18-34 (376,000 vs. 95,000), by 175% in Viewers 12-34 (719,000 vs. 261,000) and by 166% in Females 12-34 (636,000 vs. 239,000).


  • “The Fosters” out-delivered last June’s premiere of “Bunheads” (6/11/12) by 9% in Adults 18-34 (445,000 vs. 407,000), by 15% in Women 18-34 (376,000 vs. 326,000), by 4% in Viewers 12-34 (719,000 vs. 693,000) and by 11% in Females 12-34 (636,000 vs. 575,000).
  • Jason

    I have a good feeling those numbers are not in comparison to those that did not like how it did ended.

  • rob60990

    Looking at those demos for The Fosters, it seems this show will skew the same exact audience that Switched at Birth skews. It won’t skew heavy in W18-34 like Secret Life did and PLL does.

  • Ron

    Fosters premiered the exact same as bunheads but bunheads had more viewers. .6 and 1.60 vs. .6 and 1.42.we all know how bunheads ended…hmmm

  • DM

    One of the worst series finales I’ve ever seen.

  • Liz

    It’s funny how they’re not saying how horribly horrible and a huge let down the ending was horrible! All those years waisted to a crappy ending! Bogus! Mention that! Instead of “how high” the supposed ratings were. No closure just a lot of open questions that we will be left unanswered! That’s for cutting us open just to leave an opened burning wound! We weren’t asking for too much just a decision with what happened to everyone! Just like what happened to the show “life Unexpected” they went off air b/c of ratings but, they still had a fantastic ending and CLOSURE!

  • Rachel

    Isn’t ABC Family target demo the 12-34? I can’t tell if those ratings for The Fosters are good or not. ABC Family basically ordered Chasing Life as it’s replacement for January but that’s DOA.

  • greysfan

    I think the writers wasted a lot of valuable screen time with all the flashbacks. I liked the last shot but the for that to have been the series finale, it lacked closure to several storyline.

  • Celia

    ABC Family should have just waited to premiere The Fosters after Switched At Birth. The Secret Life finale was terrible and I wouldn’t be surprised if a ton of people were too angry to want to watch a new series after that crap.

  • Antoine

    Since when is Secret Life consider critically acclaimed?

  • david

    The series finale of Secret Life was not a finale it was a clip show of flashbacks of the entire show. I was really disappointed with it. Not only at how it ened after all the time but they spent most of the hour on flashbacks. Everybody on facebook last night was complaining about how terrribly bad and no closure it had. Not everybody was in it like Ashley was not there. Amy made the wrong decision too.I have been a fan of the show sence the beginning too. I was hopeing they would show the graduation as well, i thought that was one of the things the series was leading up too.
    The Fosters was a good pilot to the show. I will watch it again. In the ratings it started off ok it looks like.

  • JD

    Last nights series finale of Secret Life made me wish for a school shooting like never before.

  • BenA

    The finale was so terrible from what my neighbor told me!

  • Asia

    There are not enough words in the world to explain the sheer awfulness of that hot mess the writers attempted to pass off as a series finale last night. More than half the episode was spent on flashbacks, instead I don’t know dare I say it, an actual plot of any kind but silly me how dare I expect that much. This was followed by a rushed messy ending that gave the audience absolutely no closure whatsoever. Now, I’m not under any kind of impression that Secret Life was brilliant television but it did have its entertaining moments. This however was a joke. What a waste of five years. Never have I watched a show with a series finale so disappointing and unsatisfying as this one.

  • jess

    they had like 2 or 3 episodes to wrap this up properly and secret life failed badly.

    the series finale was mostly a clip show and there was barely any story or closure.

    season’s 4 and 5 had basically zero plot progression.

  • Lynn

    Terrible finale.

  • lilkunta

    SL was critically acclaimed? BS. I hated that show and Im glad it is gone.

  • Gabe

    So, is there a single person in the world who actually liked the finale? Also, did any men watch the show? (I never did, just wondering).

  • Wright

    That was a horrible finale.

  • Meg

    To put it lightly… hmm RE-DO! Needs to have 50% less flash backs and needs to be 2 hours!

  • Mika02

    I liked the Season Finale of Secret life because with the flashbacks it really is embodiment of what the show has been about for 5 Seasons. It really showed what I loved about the show in the end. Life is not a fairy tale. I never felt the pull of RAMY and I always felt Amy was the selfish enough type of person to do what she did in the end. This doesn’t make her a bad person but as a mother I wouldn’t have done it. I also think it sets up for a Movie in the future to revisit the characters in say 10 years to see how it all worked out.

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