'Katie' is the #1 Freshman Syndicated Talker for the May Sweep and Wins Each Week of the 2012-13 Season

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June 5th, 2013

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via press release:

Based on National Household ratings, Katie finished as the #1 freshman talker for the 2013 May Sweep, leading runner-up Steve Harvey by 13%. In fact, Katie was the highest-rated freshman for its 3rd consecutive major sweep period (November ’12, February ’13 and May ’13), winning each week since its September debut. Katie also led the month in Total Viewers, qualifying as the most-watched freshman talk show overall during all three sweep periods. During the just completed 2012-13 broadcast season, newcomer Katie finished in the top tier among the 18 syndicated talk shows on the market in Households (#6) and Total Viewers (#6). In addition, Katie stood as TV’s top freshman syndicated talker in 3 years – since Dr. Oz in 2009.

  • colt13

    Gosh, just look at that beautiful smile.

  • moshane58

    Read here she is doing fantastic and read elsewhere she is doomed after her contract is up.Just read an article she has to low of ratings and ABC is already scrambling for a replacement show.Her age demo is to old and her ratings are not good for her price tag.Failure to be the next oprah has ABC scrambling.When you compare her in the newbie group her ratings are way down to all the other talk shows that have been on more then a year.So is she doing good or not.The article I read just came out today saying she is not doing good and won’t be a season three for her.confusing…

  • Cath

    Couldn’t be because her lead-in is General Hospital? I still have to time adjust for GH. Fortunately I record it too. It was on so many years in the time slot of Katie’s show. I was ready to hate her show but most of the time it is pretty interesting so I just leave it on if I am home and watch GH.

  • Sean

    General Hospital is ON FIRE! Everybody tune in at 2pm est on ABC!

  • Cath

    Read the article on FOX. Lots of negative “behind the scenes” chatter. Mentioned that it skews old. Of course it does. Who is home at that time of day? Most “young” people are at school or work. Oprah women were not young.

  • DFC

    I don’t understand how she could be #1 anything, except maybe #1 Insipid, unexciting, vapid shows on the air.

  • Mike

    I love how the soap opera fanatics love to try to grasp hold of any article that might paint any talk show in a bad light.

    You bring up that she skews old. Well duh the soaps you are so crazy about skew old too. If they didn’t have their older viewers their ratings would look bad. Even GH is only up from 2 years ago and a year ago significantly in older viewers. Their 18-49 demos are even lower now than were under Guza and Phelps in 2011.

    And Katie can’t be lower than most talk shows that debuted a year ago when she has been #6 out of 18 shows since the week she debuted. She is right behind Dr. Phil, Live with Kelly & Michael, Ellen, Dr. Oz, and usually Maury Povich.

    I’m not saying that ABC won’t replace her when her contract ends. I have no idea what ABC syndication will do. But for that matter none of us do. None of us even know how long they will be tolerant with The Chew or The View or GH. They could all be gone too just as soon as they find replacement shows. ABC has been searching for new replacement shows ever since GAA failed.

    There are even rumors that ABC is going to put The Chew and The View in syndication. Give GH to Prospect Park. And turn all their daytime except GMA over to the local affiliates. That way they won’t have to pay to schedule programming for the daytime hours. The local affiliates will.

    With ABC anything is a possibility.

  • TV Gord

    She has a sweet deal with ABC–the network–as well as ABC–the syndicator. If ABC decides next season that Katie’s daytime talk show doesn’t show any signs of growth, she can always slide into another ABC show. (Hey, isn’t Barbara Walters retiring as a co-host on The View just as Katie’s second season ends? Imagine that!)

  • moshane58

    Mike why would you say give Gh to Propect Park.I sure wouldn’t say that about your soaps.I wouldn’t want any soap no matter if I watched it our not end up to Prospect Park.I may not watch CBS or NBC soaps but I sure hope they don’t end up on the net with people who do not know how to handle soaps.That was really rude.My question was I’m confused.Neilsen say she’s find and it broke all over the web today she’s not.Just want the truth.

  • Mike

    moshane — sorry but you are always confused.

    I did not say that I wanted GH to go to PP but whether you want it or I want it — it can happen.

    And I am not the first one to say that. Several sites have already reported that ABC has given PP the rights if they ever cancel GH.

    GH is the one in charge of it’s own fate at this point. It has got to get its numbers back up and keep them up.

    As to the truth about Katie, if the ABC execs walked up to you and showed you all the papers about the show including the contracts if it said Katie was okay you would still say they were lying. You only believe the version of the truth you want to believe.

    And by the way this is not from Nielsen — it’s a network press release. It comes from ABC syndication. so you don’t even know the truth of what you are reading. Nielsen only releases the numbers. They don’t release press releases about shows.

    And sorry but once again all those articles you allude to the ones I saw didn’t give any hard sources but mostly alluded to rumors. The Internet is full of those.

  • Mike

    I love going back to that article. It is full of “one source said” or “a source close to Katie said” or even one exec who didn’t even state his name. I love those type of articles. And I don’t disregard half of anything they say.

    Also if you folks will notice — since you so want to believe that article — it doesn’t say Katie is going to be replaced by a soap opera or any other show. It says ABC is looking for celebrities to hose another talk show.

    All you are doing is wishing Katie gone, just to bring on another talk show.

  • Mike

    Instead of don’t disregard anything they say — it should say I disregard half of what they say.

  • TvAddict

    Oh Mike. The numbers are clear. She is the only talk show to gain traction and to win in demo’s for all sweeps since the premiere. General Hospital as nothing to do with it, unless they offer a good lead in. Leave soaps out of it. The FOX article is full of crap. If we were to follow what they were saying I expected to see smaller numbers. GENERAL HOSPITAL is doing fine thank you. It’s on fire like another poster said. The ratings have never been better. The show is not going anywhere !

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