The CW Announces the Two-Hour Premiere of the 20th Cycle of 'America's Next Top Model' on Friday, August 2

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June 5th, 2013

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June 5, 2013 (Burbank, California) - The CW has announced the two-hour premiere of the first ever "Guys and Girls" edition of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL on Friday, August 2 (8:00-10:00p.m. ET).

AMERICA's NEXT TOP MODEL is produced by 10 by 10 Entertainment in association with The Tyra Banks Company. The executive producers are Ken Mok ("Making the Band"), Tyra Banks and Laura Fuest Silva. The series was created by Tyra Banks and developed by Mok and Kenya Barris. Tyra Banks also hosts the series, which recently completed airing its 19th cycle in the United States. Currently, "America's Next Top Model" is under license in over 100 markets around the world and has 20 international versions in production. "America's Next Top Model" and the "America's Next Top Model" format are licensed internationally by CBS Studios International.

  • Ram510

    I figured it’d be the first or second Friday in August. I wonder if it being on during the summer will help it out

  • HappyEndingsixseasonsandamovie

    I don’t understand why on friday… when the Fall begins ok, but until that maybe the old slot (wednesdays) could work

  • Melanie P.

    Excited for yet another new cycle, the 20th one wow!! Been a Top Model fan since Cycle 1.

  • Brandy

    Excited for this

  • Ashley

    Figured they do this since they did it last year but I think they should also air the Carrie Diaries early too to get some viewers. Friday are gonna be interesting!

  • forg

    0.5 for the premiere

  • dan

    cant wait
    guys n girls this time
    oh yaaaaaaaaaaa

  • rob60990

    Seems kinda early.

  • Brandy

    @Rob, last season it premiered Aug 24.Its a summer show now, so..

  • CBSviewer

    Can’t wait for Premiere dates announcement !

  • ZmaX

    So i guess ANTM will run uninterrupted into late October, and then Nikita’s final 6-episode season will premiere and finish off in December? and maybe Star-Crossed will premiere mid-season which would mean TCD will get a full season order?

  • taylor

    @zmax nope because Hart of dixie will most likely move to fridays midseaosn in order for them to premiere star crossed to lead for BATB

  • ZmaX

    yeah, that’s a good possibility. The 100 will most likely take over Reign’s post-TVD slot mid-season, and B&tB is the most compatible show for it.

    I just hope the CW does better this season :/

  • Dan

    Will Nikita’s final season inherit the slot in early November after Top Model finishes early or is CW saving that for midseason?

  • CBSviewer

    @ Dan

    Will Nikita’s final season inherit the slot in early November after Top Model finishes early or is CW saving that for midseason

    I think is most likely to return on at 8PM after The Carrie Diaries finale (In January-February). Then if The Carrie Diaries gets between 0.3-0.4 it will maybe get a full season order with Nikita moving to 9PM. The CW knows next season will be the last for Nikita so they will probably air the six episodes without interruption.

  • CBSviewer

    Oups. I forgot words in my first sentence. “I think Nikita is most likely to return on Friday at 8PM”.

  • Dan

    I doubt Carrie will get the back 9. If anything while I always said it would be getting a second season, I also knew it would be a Life Unexpected situation where it will be the lowest rated show and be cancelled after a 13 ep season 2.

    I feel that all the new shows will get full seasons and its likely BATB is the new HOD and will probably stick around for 2 more seasons

  • Jared

    Either Star Crossed or The 100 will get that Friday timeslot after Top Model finishes and Nikita airs its final 6 episodes. I believe The Carrie Diaries will only receive 13 episodes and the 9 o clock hour on Fridays will be used for repeats.

  • Brandy

    CW has said they are not giving Carrie Diaries or Reign or The 100 more than 13 episodes.I think Nikita takes over for Top Model or CD when they finish at midseason, and 12 weeks to Famous or Famous in 12 also goes to fri.Star_Crossed will premiere at midseason and I wouldnt be suprised if it pairs with VD when Reign finishes its limited series 13 episode run but it could pair with BaTB too( all three have pretty human girl in love with a handome supernatraul being).I doubt HoD moves to Fri, some people here guessed it would in fall and they were wrong.CW I highly strongly doubt will have a extra sceduled hours of repeats again this season, thats why they picked up six new shows(Famous in 12/12 weeks to Famous,Reign,Tommorrow People,The Hundred,Star_Crossed,The Originals)& pushed Top Model back partly into fall when originally it was a suppossed to air entirey in summer.
    @Dan, most of the new shows cant/wont get full season cause 1.CW said Reign,The Hundred will be limited series. 2.Plus,at midseason, they have Nikita,Famous in 12,Star_Crossed,The Hundred to fit in.That dosent leave much, if any , room for most of the new shows to get full seasons.Also, CW said when they renewed CD that it would be only 13 episodes, so it wasnt expected to to get a full season.
    @ZMaax, Star _Crossed is scheduled for midseason and also CD was said to be going to be only 13 episodes when it was renewed.
    @cbsviewer,CD was said it was only 13 episodes when it was renewed.

  • Peter

    Why August 2nd and not earlier or later and why on Fridays. The honest reason is that by placing it in between seasons it doesn’t have to compete with anything else or premieres. Top Model is reduced to Fridays, worst night, summer worst time of year and if that’s not enough of a slap in the face in between seasons to make sure it can hit a minimum of audience. Personally i think it’s the last season and that the cw gave her cycle 20 as a gesture for it being the top rated show, once upon a time. Unfortunately Tyra did nothing to change the rating once they started falling as was the case with the Tyra Show. She will now find herself behind the scenes if even that. Sad but she made the decisions that brought here there, no one else. I hope she bounces back with another good show but gut feeling her era has passed. She’ll have to live with being a celeb with much less attention.

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