Guess the Ratings for the Premiere of 'Graceland' (Poll)

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June 6th, 2013

Graceland - Pilot

Freshman cop drama Graceland is premiering tonight on USA behind the season premiere of Burn Notice. Will this story about several undercover cops, picked to live together in a beach house have a strong debut? Tell us what you think in the comments and cast your vote below!

  • John A

    Sounds like a silly premise. Ill go with a 1.0.

  • MichaelChickless

    A 1.0.

  • BG


  • JoshuaCanada

    I’ll be watching Hannibal live but recording this. Hope it does good.

  • DonJ1973

    1.0-1.2 with 5M viewers.

    With Jeff Eastin doing double duty as showrunner for this and White Collar, I can see why WC got pushed back to the Fall. This looks and feels like a summer show. Should be fun and has a nice looking cast.

  • Connman

    “Based on a true story” … sometimes silly is real, and other times it’s just real silly!

  • Angel

    The premise sounds like MTV went to USA network said can we do a fake “The Real World: Graceland” here, there are already too many fake reality shows on our network as is.

  • Pierre

    @Don: The creator said that Graceland is much darker than White Collar.

  • Lynnette

    Looks interesting and it’s something NEW to watch! (ust admit to being rather bored with summer already). Still it’s summer…0.8 to 1.0 at best.

  • cimmer

    Love WC but not impressed with Eastin’s idea of ‘darker’ that he’s tried on WC so I’ll do a wait and see. Figuring 0.8-1.0 (but I’m often low so my guess may be good for the show lol).

  • USAmerica1st

    Sounds like a really silly premise: U/C cops in a beach house. Kinda like a NCIS-LA knockoff scenario? But I’ll DVR it while the NBA game is on. Good luck, guys, break a leg.

  • Coffee Steve

    I’m just waiting for the return of “24”

  • Jojo

    Awesome pilot. Hope it does well.

  • Lisa

    Maybe a 1.4. I thought the pilot was pretty bad, full of boring characters, awful acting, and cliched situations, so I hope it improves a LOT in future episodes.

  • Montecore

    I couldn’t sit through ten minutes of this show! If the fbi is stupid enough to use the home of an ex drug cartel as a “safe house” then they are fumbling bumbling idiots!

  • roly

    1.1 maybe

  • pirate1303

    This was idiotic-a horrible cliched waste of time-

  • Matt

    @Montecore This is based on a true story. LOL.

  • BeBe

    Premiere of Graceland ? I watched the pilot a month ago on usa xD I don’t understand this…

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