'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Finale Delivers 5.4 Million Total Viewers

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June 10th, 2013

Game of Thrones Season 3 finale

The third season finale of Game of Thrones garnered 5.4 million Total Viewers, just behind its record of 5.5 million Total Viewers that was set a couple weeks ago. We will report the demographic data when it becomes available. Game of Thrones now ranks as HBO's second most watched series behind The Sopranos.


  • KubajsM

    Great numbers…

  • Colin

    Very disappointing. Only a very small increase for the final episode.

  • RyanCanada

    wasnt an amazing fanale, i enjoyed the end with the city embrassed Khaleese, but i think the big stark family murder should have been the season finale.

  • LukeIAmYourSecondCousin

    That’s it? Lame ratings for so much buzz.

  • romo

    The next to last ep is always the biggie for plot never the last.

  • Dan

    @romo, yeah but it’s always the new series high… this is quite shocking, actually. The last two seasons there were huge increases whereas now there’s actually a decrease and a lot less than the expected.

  • silvit

    Is the press release right? Sex and The City used to get higher ratings (and it was already in use the current Nielsen measurement)

  • Yea OK

    Considering a lot of people don’t have HBO, so downloading or streaming is the only way to watch GOT. I say that about right

  • Joe Smith

    GoT is probably the most downloaded show on the planet

    if we didn’t use antique measuring methods it might be the most watched show on tv

  • LukeIAmYourSecondCousin

    Why are people making excuses? The show has hit higher numbers than this as noted above. All those people have HBO, they’re not downloading, and can watch the show live if they like. Some of them choose not to. So regardless of what downloading means or equals out to, the legitimate HBO numbers for the finale are down.

  • Fed master

    @ Joe Smith
    “if we didn’t use antique measuring methods it might be the most watched show on tv”

    Hmm, no. Downloads would probably bring in only a couple thousand more viewers but even with decreasing numbers Live viewing is still the preffered way of watching tv series. And no GoT is a long way of being the most watched show on TV and for your dissapointent it will never be.

  • boonies

    I used to love the show, but last night’s finale was, frankly, just boring. I mean, as a mid-season show it would’ve been slow, but as a finale it was really a major snoozefest. Not really into this season at all. Will see if I’m interested enough to check it out next Spring. Viewership is decent enough for pay cable, but I wouldn’t expect it to increase any in the future.

  • Andoni

    @Fed_master “Downloads would probably bring in only a couple thousand more viewers”.

    Nope: Most downloaded TV series of 2012 was Game of Thrones with 4.280.000 downloads for a SINGLE episode.

  • Chuck Finley (AJ)

    lol at wanting to count illegally pirated copies of a tv show as views. That’s the ONLY way you are downloading as it’s not on US iTunes until near the beginning of next season. You can get it off the iTunes store in one country as it airs, and 99% of people aren’t smart enough to know how to get it from there legally. Anyway, that’ll be the day when a pay cable channel reports how many people are stealing it’s shows for free.

  • Bumblebee

    Well its the first time it hasn’t risen for a finale, but it’s still well over 1 million viewers up on last season’s finale and this season’s premiere so there’s absolutely no doom and gloom to be had, despite an only so-so season plotwise.

  • oliver

    It was an underwhelming episode for a season finale…I don’t see growth in its numbers for the next season. Basically, this whole season was too boring compared to the past ones.

  • Someone


    Down from what? Not from the previous episode. Or any other season finale. It was only lower than episode 6’s series high. It was the 2nd most watched episode this season as well as overall. Which I would say is pretty good considering the episode it followed.

  • Mon

    i enjoyed the end with the city embrassed Khaleese

    You mean embraced? Khaleesi was easily my favorite part (and the best part) of the finale. Nice to see her smile out of happiness not just because she’s outsmarting and manipulating her enemies (the Yunkai and Second Sons masters). I think the season needs to end in such an uplifting note after the tragic episode 9.

  • LukeIAmYourSecondCousin


    You answered your own question. It was down from the series high set a few weeks ago.

  • Ultima

    @Joe Smith
    GoT is probably the most downloaded show on the planet

    if we didn’t use antique measuring methods it might be the most watched show on tv

    The networks and advertisers are not interested in what the most watched show is. They are interested in how many people are watching the commercials, so they can price the advertising time (or in HBO’s case, the interest is in the subscribers).

    It’s a business, not a popularity contest, and Nielsen serves its purpose adequately.

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