'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Finale Delivers 5.4 Million Total Viewers

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June 10th, 2013

Game of Thrones Season 3 finale

The third season finale of Game of Thrones garnered 5.4 million Total Viewers, just behind its record of 5.5 million Total Viewers that was set a couple weeks ago. We will report the demographic data when it becomes available. Game of Thrones now ranks as HBO's second most watched series behind The Sopranos.


  • Gregory

    I was disappointed with the finale. I wonder how True Blood will do next week?

  • DanTheMan

    Good numbers for Game of Thrones, but honestly, I thought they would be higher considering how the last episode ended and the fact that it was the season finale.

  • FLOP Detector

    Game of FLOP.

  • Joseph A

    Agree one would have thought it would have been higher given the reaction to the last episode, BUT, its also on a pay not a standard cable channel , or broadcast.
    I would say that from the perspective of HBO , those numbers are great since it helps them to retain customers.

  • scfyi

    Excellent results for a show that is only available to 1/4 of the US households. I think the ratings for next season will average between 5.0 and 5.5 million.

  • dexterfan

    they ended perfectly the third season, since it was all about closure after the red wedding. it’s all about the bigger picture, i’m surprised people didn’t figure this out yet. i prefer this kind of ending instead of just killin someone or something like that, just because it’s a finale. i bet true blood will be down, btw.

  • Capnbob

    After the previous week which effectively ended the war of the 5 kings, it was about regrouping, counting who was left and preparing for serious crapstorms coming from the north and east. The kids are alright, all remaining kings have been warned, some people are free, others face rescue missions and some can rest up after a long walk… wow – hard to avoid spoilers… decent end to this season and setup for next.

  • SP

    The Red Wedding would’ve been a better finale than last night’s episode.

  • samurai99

    A little disappointed it didn’t beat it’s record, but still strong numbers.

  • Moon

    The same thing happend with Homeland season two, episode eleven was the highest rated epsiode while the season finale was the second highest rated. I don’t understand this.

  • JenniferJuniper

    I’ve read and heard a lot of comments about this season in various places and, from what I’ve read or heard, viewers are very unhappy with the finale (and the season as a whole). They were disappointed by it or thought it was marginal at best. Very few seem to be pleased with how the season ended. Most feel let down with the finale after episode nine and felt it would have made a far better season closer.

    As someone who has been with GOT for all three seasons now, I am among those who was incredibly disappointed with the finale. For me, like with some others, the only good scene in the finale was with Dany. It feels like for so many that she is the only real reason to keep watching the show.

    If I’m honest, I felt like this entire season was a bit of a let down. While there were a few things that happened that were good (and, again, for me, most of them happened with Dany), there was really only one big episode out of ten (#9) but it hardly was worthy of being called “epic” television, IMO. After what I thought was a painfully slow season two, another lackluster season sure didn’t do much to make me want to continue. From the way the past two seasons have felt for me, this series seems to be moving slower than Molasses Martin with his writing.

    In the time between the finale and the season four premiere, I’m going to be re-evaluating whether I want to go through yet another slow season with GOT. One plus is now that Catelyn is gone, that alone is enough for me to consider coming back. Her character, and the actress playing her, really annoyed me.

    As for counting Internet downloads for viewership numbers? That’s the best laugh I’ve gotten all day. I agree with a previous poster that they will be getting ice cubes down under (and I don’t mean OZ!) before ANY network allows piracy to count toward ratings numbers. I find it lol-worthy that no one could see just how many things would be wrong with counting pirates as viewers.

  • LukeIAmYourSecondCousin

    @Jennifer Juniper

    In the time between the finale and the season four premiere, I’m going to be re-evaluating whether I want to go through yet another slow season with GOT. One plus is now that Catelyn is gone, that alone is enough for me to consider coming back. Her character, and the actress playing her, really annoyed me.

    I’ve been watching from the start but never really sure why I keep watching. I don’t particularly care about any of the characters, the plot is non-existent, and watching a bunch of psychopaths, murders, and rapists … plus a few snotty children … isn’t really worth it. And nothing really ever happens anyway. That’s how the books are, too.

    But having Lady Stark out is like a dream come true, isn’t it? She always looks like she was jaw-locked and/or chewing a wasp. And oh the dramatics!

  • Carl

    It’s kind of ironic, because I remember all the talk when Walking Dead’s season was winding down that Game of Thrones was far superior, yet they both ended up in the same situation (a “big” penultimate episode and a finale that a lot of people had mixed feelings about…along with talk about the season being uneven as a whole).

  • Derrick

    People seem to have more of a problem with their personal hype for the series rather than how good it actually was.

    If you have unrealistic expectations then you will always be disappointed. If you have read anything about this season before it started, you already knew the pacing and you knew how it would end.Calm down.

  • GOT Nines

    All three seasons have done the same thing. All episode #9s have been the big epic episode while all episode #10s have been mundane by comparison.

    Perhaps the producers feel less inclined to creating ‘cliffhangers’ in a story already written (though they do take deviation liberties here and there) and just use finales as a pause button rather than a titillator.

  • Joe Smith

    GoT is downloaded millions of times. And that’s just what is tracked and reported. It doesn’t count every download source. There are other methods that aren’t torrents which aren’t tracked at all, but we know many people use.

    If shows had a different method of profit that didn’t require live viewing of commercials by a specific age group…our current selection of tv shows would be very different.

  • Lukes

    Game of Thrones has always been like that: the 9th episode shows the big shocking event with far-reaching consequences, the last episode of a season shows the aftermath, the immediate consequences of the event and the regrouping.
    I don’t find the last episode out of place: it IS supposed to be underwhelming with respect to the 9th because no strong event is presented. And this last one was very well done.

  • Martin

    To be honest, I think the season finale was good. It was an episode full of hope, which was exactly what the series needed after the Red Wedding.
    I thought season 2 was only so-so, but loved season 3!

  • denroy3

    Funny, people saying it was boring. How have you managed to watch this series at all? The episode had some good scenes and it set up next season. The scene between Tyrion and his not so beloved dad, Tywin…terrific. Little Arya getting revenge on the boasting soldiers, with the Hounds help, also good. We find out about the torturer, the Red Witch changes course, Jon gets back to Castle Black….

  • Spartacus 6666

    Agree with you Oliver and after season 4 where things are supposed to happen …………. Again, then well be going to books 4 and 5 which I’ve heard are fillers and not much happens. That was one lame finale with
    Only Tywin’s scene being of note.

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