'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Finale Delivers 5.4 Million Total Viewers

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June 10th, 2013

Game of Thrones Season 3 finale

The third season finale of Game of Thrones garnered 5.4 million Total Viewers, just behind its record of 5.5 million Total Viewers that was set a couple weeks ago. We will report the demographic data when it becomes available. Game of Thrones now ranks as HBO's second most watched series behind The Sopranos.


  • Sacred Lime

    I don’t see how season 3 can be considered slow or boring, at the start of it Jaime had 2 hands, was Brienne’s prisoner and was despised, Robb was still winning the war, Danaerys had dragons, Jorah and some Dothraki, Theon was was still whole, Davos was presumed dead, Arya was heading to Riverun full of hope at being reunited with her family, Bran didn;t have much clue about any powers he might have, and Tyrion was unmarried. The Tyrells were unknown. 10 episodes later though, wow!

  • Spartacus 6666

    Yes sacred lime. Little snippets here and there of good moments. Especially Dany taking over the unsullied, but these were just minutesof a 55 minute show where not much else happened. Walking and talking. Talking and walking. And to change it up a bit, talking and sitting. Blahhh!!!

  • Rook

    Why do people seem to think that the content of an episode dictates its ratings? People don’t know the content before they watched.

    The ratings reflect the reputation and content of the previous episodes. And in spite of the buzz, this episode didn’t rise…a DIRECT commentary on the Red Wedding. People don’t like their favorite characters getting killed off…or seeing pregnant women stabbed in the stomach.

    Hopefully the lackluster ratings will serve as a message to the showrunners that shock value will only get you so far.

  • Ray

    Lackluster rating?

    Hilarious. You guys are almost as bad as youtube commenters.

  • Rook

    Sorry, but when the Youtube video of people reacting to the Red Wedding has over 8 million views (not to mention all the extra publicity like George RR Martin on Conan and all the articles, etc.)and the following episode can’t even generate a record number of viewers…that’s pretty much the definition of lackluster.

  • Fash

    To the people defending the finale episode as “not boring” and “not disappointing” – you are a tiny minority on the internet.

    Everyone else thought it was disappointing.

  • Sexyman

    @Fash, most people are idiots, though :)

  • POIFanatic

    To all those whining about GOT’s ratings, consider this: Up until the finale of season 2, GOT hadn’t seen a viewership of over 4 million. A year later, for the next finale, it has its second highest rated episode of the entire series (2.9/5.4 million) and after an apparently ‘reviled’ episode involving the Red Wedding. I say that’s quite an accomplishment. For the record, I was satisfied with some of sort of closure or hopeful ending for the finale.

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