Sony & NBC Confirm Dan Harmon's Return as Showrunner of 'Community' - Updated

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June 10th, 2013


Updated: NBC has issued a press release confirming Harmon's return


Harmon and Chris McKenna Return as Executive Producers for Upcoming Fifth Season of NBC Comedy

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — June 10, 2013 — Dan Harmon is returning as executive producer/showrunner for the NBC comedy “Community.” Chris McKenna is also returning as executive producer.

In May, NBC ordered a fifth season of the Sony Pictures Television-produced “Community.” No debut date for the new season has been announced.



Two weeks after Don Harmon tweeted the news of his return to Community, Sony has made it official. The studio has confirmed that Dan Harmon will be the showrunner of the fifth season of the NBC comedy. Chris McKenna is also returning as an executive producer. Sony ousted Harmon from the show he created before the fourth season began production. Without him, the show was one of only two NBC comedies to earn a renewal, but many viewers felt its quality suffered.  The Hollywood Reporter has more details.

  • Colin

    So a showrunner nobody cares about returns to a show nobody watches?:-)

  • Jay S.

    Has this ever happened before? Truly amazing.

  • DSC

    is this being confirmed as the last 13 episodes?

  • John A

    Cant believe the guy would return when he was fired. He must love the show.

  • TV Addict

    Now that that’s out of the way, WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO RJAICNAJXHANXOMS!!!!!!!!!!
    Dan Harmon is hilarious and Community is life and if you don’t watch Community you’re basically the spawn of Satan, just saying.

  • Josh

    Best news ever. Cannot believe he is back as showrunner either. I thought he’d be writing an episode or two at best.

    Brilliant to see Chris McKenna is back too. I can’t wait to see what Season 5 has to offer now.

  • BeBe

    I’m glad that he’s back, the season 4 was almost worst than Britta, but Dan also did the season 3, which was the second worst season. I just hope that he’s gonna do a good job and maybe we get #SixSeasonsAndAMovie :D

  • Jack

    Anyone who thinks season 3 was bad has no place to judge even the terrible season 4. COMMUNITY seasons 1 through 3 are all great in their own way. This is great news and unprecedented.

  • Joe Wilson

    Did season 4 average better ratings than season 3?

  • Joe Wilson


    Season 1 was wonderful

    Season 2 was very good

    Season 3 was flat out horrible

    Season 4 was just bad

  • TomZ

    Season 1 was very good
    Season 2 was outstanding
    Season 3 was wonderful
    Season 4 was…meh..

  • Kyle R


    Exactly. Season 3 was only slightly worse than season 2 and season 4 was miles behind everything.

    Season 2>Season1>Season3>>>>>>>>>>>>>Season 4

  • Victor

    Season one was good going on to awesome towards the end of the season.

    Season two was so awesome it’s not even funny.

    Season three was great, bordering on awesome.

    Season four… well, it had a couple of nice moments here and there.

  • Dan

    Lets hope if one of NBC’s new shows tank, Community can be summoned to take its place. My guess is that it will be Sean Saves the World.

    16 episodes for the season would be much better than 13. (100 eps total vs. 97)

    @John A – Well he created that show so he obviously loves it very much, and its a job and he probably figures if its gonna end, it may as well end the right way. At least there’s no Chevy Chase to get in his way.

    @DSC – Nothing is confirmed yet. Though deadline stated that Season 5 would be the final season for the show (as well as various other sites reporting the show’s renewal) nothing is confirmed and of course anything can happen.

    My personal hope is that Parks & Rec and Community both end in the 2014-2015 season. Office and 30 Rock both ended in the same season (similarly 2 years after they should have) and NBC can use both 2009 series as back ups just in case everything else flops.

  • Ronald

    Season 3 was too bizarre and nerdy. Harmon went too deep in the rabbit hole and lost the balance that made Season 1 and part of Season 2 so good. I liked Season 4, thought some of its episodes were as good as the best ones. Others were misses, but those mostly were ones that tried to emulate the stupid Season 3 plots.

  • MichaelChickless

    Six seasons and a blockbuster!

  • FLOP Detector

    Flopunity will be canceled in 2014.

    With or without Harmon.

  • Newbourne

    Season 4 wasn’t that bad. It was missing the running jokes and gags and quirky humor that made the show special, but in it’s downgraded state, it was still better than 90% of comedies on TV. My main gripe was the continuity issues.

    Jeff acted as if it was the first time he was in a hot air balloon when he had mentioned before that he had a threesome in one. The gang had to creatively get around the fact Troy is a Jehova’s Witness to be able to celebrate his birthday, yet he joined in the Christmas fun without batting an eye. Hell, Annie planned the party and bought gifts without ever mentioning Hanukah or her Jewish faith at all. Annie confessed to cheating on a test by giving her professor a foot rub. Dean Pelton was right there and said nothing… The same dean who told them they had to repeat Biology in the summer, and made them take a standardized Spanish test due to Chang’s fraud.

    Seriously, no continuity. It’s like they weren’t even fans of the show.

  • Dan

    @Newbourne – The hot air balloon thing is a continuity error but the rest can just be attributed to character development. These characters have been friends for 4 years so maybe it doesnt matter that Troy is a Jehovas witness or that Annie is Jewish. And it was a holiday party, not just christmas. The characters don;t always have to mention there religious orientation since they all know each other’s and it was resolved in the holiday episode in the first season. Maybe the Dean just brushed the foot rub thing off because it didn’t happen at school.

    I think Season 4 being uneven was a combination of the show being pushed to midseason and the focus on the characters personal relationships rather than the narrative oddities and the school. Maybe it was just the fact that the characters really outgrew the school setting, which begs the question how many plots can this show withstand over 4 years at a school.

    Season 5 will be different. Jeff has graduated, Pierce is gone, other characters have changed but hopefully the show will end on a high note.

  • NBC is awesome

    Season 1-wondeful
    Season 2-excellent
    Season 3-horrible
    Season 4-pretty good

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