Sony & NBC Confirm Dan Harmon's Return as Showrunner of 'Community' - Updated

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June 10th, 2013


Updated: NBC has issued a press release confirming Harmon's return


Harmon and Chris McKenna Return as Executive Producers for Upcoming Fifth Season of NBC Comedy

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — June 10, 2013 — Dan Harmon is returning as executive producer/showrunner for the NBC comedy “Community.” Chris McKenna is also returning as executive producer.

In May, NBC ordered a fifth season of the Sony Pictures Television-produced “Community.” No debut date for the new season has been announced.



Two weeks after Don Harmon tweeted the news of his return to Community, Sony has made it official. The studio has confirmed that Dan Harmon will be the showrunner of the fifth season of the NBC comedy. Chris McKenna is also returning as an executive producer. Sony ousted Harmon from the show he created before the fourth season began production. Without him, the show was one of only two NBC comedies to earn a renewal, but many viewers felt its quality suffered.  The Hollywood Reporter has more details.

  • Oliver

    @NBC is awesome

    Oh, c’mon. No-one thinks NBC is awesome.

  • Sam

    Season 1- Terrific
    Season 2- Legendary
    Season 3- Pretty Good
    Season 4- Gross

  • Jason_S

    I liked Season 4. I thought it had some great episodes and did pretty well without Dan running the show. That said, it will be great having him back in. No Chevy Chase will be a more interesting change…

  • Kit

    This show still isn’t funny. And the ratings will still be absolutely terrible. This show has nothing on greats such as Seinfeld.

  • Rebecca

    I’ve enjoyed every season, and I’ll enjoy however many episodes are still to come.

  • John K.

    People seem to forget Harmon is responsible for Season 3, which was worse than Season 4. Anyway, Harmon comes off as very holier than thou. I would have preferred if Chevy Chase were to return. Anyway, I will still watch.

  • SJ

    Yeah I’m not drinking the Dan Harmon Cool-Aid. Guy’s got a huge ego and he’s not even that good… Season 3 was worse than season 4 IMO.

  • HalCapone

    For the record, I have never seen even one minute of any Community episode so not a hater or fan. It will be interesting to see if Harmon’s return has any impact on the quality. I don’t suspect it will impact the ratings or attract any new viewers. The bigger question is how long NBC will support a show with god-awful ratings, in spite of Sony. Will Community receive the same treatment as ABC’s brilliant comedy that no one watched, Happy Endings? Whatever happens, I can’t imagine Community lasting beyond a partial season order next year unless NBC is on life support more often next season.

  • Maltese

    Season 1 was excellent.

    Season 2 was somewhat disappointing by comparison.

    Season 3 was better, owing to those somewhat readjusted expectations.

    Season 4 was disastrous, a mere shadow of its former self, with only maybe three episodes of note (one of them being the one written by Jim Rash who plays Dean Pelton on the show).

  • Oliver

    Season 1 – Meh to Amazing
    Season 2 – Amazing
    Season 3 – Good to Bad (although includes one of the best sitcoms episodes ever in Remedial Chaos Theory)
    Season 4 – didn’t watch after negative reviews.

    Season 3 seemed to suffer from various behind-the-scenes issues so hopefully Season 5 will be better

  • TomZ

    I don’t understand why do people think season 3 was so bad? Which episode didn’t you like? And why??? Season 3 had some spectacular episodes like: the halloween episode, Remedial Chaos Theory, Documentary Filmmaking: Redux, Regional Holiday Music and the last three epiosdes were just AWESOME!!! I think that season 3 was a bit better than the first one.

    The fourth was terribile they changed every character! Pierce wasn’t even in it! Shirley didn’t do anything, britta became really stupid (the episode about how they first met each other, britta really seemed stupid but in the first season she was “normal”) Annie is nothing like she was in the previous seasons, in season three there was an episode about her and abed and she realized that she wasn’t actually in love with Jeff!! The only acceptable characters were the dean and jeff.

    So tell me why didn’t you like the third season?

  • Robert Ford

    I’m so glad to learn I’m not the only one who thinks season 3 was Community’s worst season. I agree with Oliver though. It started out with the usual awesomeness, and quickly devolved into a convoluted dramatic story arc that sacrificed humor for God-knows-what-they-were-going-for. (I think right around the episode that Starburns died was the turning point.) For this, I blame Cerebus Syndrome.

    I thought season 4 was OK. Not great, but no major story arc, which meant that the bad episodes were self-contained.

    Seasons 1 & 2 of course were some of the most awesome television ever made.

  • Edo

    Season 1 good awesome at the end 2 awesome 3 mostly awesome 4 awful

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