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June 10th, 2013

The Winner Is NBC


Tonight, The Winner Is, yet another singing reality show, premieres on NBC. In its favor: it has the fading but still potent  The Voice as a lead-in.  Working against it: viewers who just watched two hours of singing probably aren't hungry for more. The gimmick is the addition of a game show element in which competitors can cash out or keep singing for a shot at more money. So how do you think it will do? Make your predictions!

  • Brian

    I seriously hope the American public is tired of a steady diet of singing competitions. I mean, come on. I predict 1.2 (fingers crossed).

  • Samunto

    It has a chance of debuting at around 1.9. But i wouldn’t put my money only for the fact that it flopped in many international markets. Then again, it didn’t have the Lead-in of The Voice in those countries.

    With only 5 contestants remaining it’s awful that The Voice still runs for 2hrs!!!

  • CBSviewer

    1.5 it’s too much after The Voice !

  • John A


  • Tihomir

    This will suck.

  • Stan

    Here in the Netherlands it flopped bigtime. Same creator as The Voice

  • MichaelChickless

    And the loser is . . . the viewing public.

  • NBC Fan

    The Voice-3.5
    The Winner Is-1.9

    The Bachelorette-1.8

    The Goodwin Games-0.7
    Anger Management-0.7

  • Aly

    This needs to be on VH1 or similar channel, not network tv.

  • rob60990

    1.7. It’ll win the hour obviously.

  • KarenM

    Nick Lachey? It’ll crash and burn!

  • k:Alex

    In The Netherlands and Germany it was a flop, in Italy and China it was a hit.

    But it is a game show with singing, instead of a singing show with some game elements. So 1.7 could be a good start.

  • Samunto

    Germany’s version premiered first before the other nations followed suit. It’s most probable that the NBC version has probably tried to iron out the flaws of the original.

    In Germany it had 64 acts in about 8 categories and flopped from episode one. Understanding the rules was a hurdle in itself and no one could be bothered to watch.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if the NBC version get some traction seeing as the apparently only have 6 acts. But that Thursday slot also claimed ABC’s Duets last summer.
    Let’s wait for teh ratings.

  • melissaoh

    I think this show is going to do great! What’s not to get excited about! A game show where you still get to be entertained by talented artists. I could not be more thrilled!

  • HV

    The Voice 3.2
    The Winner Is 2.2

  • k:Alex

    No the Dutch show was first, also as The Voice/Big Brother/Deal or no Deal was first here.

    So it flopt here first ;).

  • Rayne Michael

    I was pleasantly surprised! They got a great performer and singer out of Katie Ohh! The game show element makes it way more interesting to watch in my opinion! This has the potential to be huge and i can’t wait to audition!

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