'Major Crimes' Season 2 Premiere Delivers Over 5 Million Viewers, 'King & Maxwell' Premiere Garners 3.5 Million Viewers

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June 11th, 2013

Major Crimes season 2

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TNT's Major Crimes Returns with More than 5 Million Viewers,

Ranks as Basic Cable's #1 Returning Scripted Series Premiere This Year


New Drama King & Maxwell Opens with 3.5 Million Viewers

TNT’s enormously popular crime-drama Major Crimes pulled in more than 5 million viewers in Live + Same Day for Monday night's second-season premiere. In the demos, the ensemble series scored deliveries of 1.2 million adults 18-49 and 1.5 million adults 25-54. Major Crimes' performance Monday night is in range of its overall Live + Same Day average for season one and even outperformed last year's average among adults 18-49 by +6%.


Compared to other returning shows on basic cable, Major Crimes ranks as this year's #1 scripted-series season premiere with total viewers and joins Sunday night's two-hour season premiere of Falling Skies among the Top 5 with adults 25-54.


Major Crimes was followed by the launch of TNT's newest series, the private-eye drama King & Maxwell, starring Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn. The show got off to a strong start with more than 3.5 million viewers in Live + Same Day, making it one of this year's Top 5 basic cable debuts for a new scripted series. In the demos, King & Maxwell delivered more than 1 million adults 25-54 and 820,000 adults 18-49.


About TNT's Major Crimes


Television's favorite squad of detectives is back in Major Crimes, TNT's hit crime-drama that ranked as basic cable's #1 new series of 2012. The extraordinary ensemble cast of Major Crimes includes two-time OscarÒ nominee Mary McDonnell as Los Angeles Police Captain Sharon Raydor, G.W. Bailey as Lieutenant Provenza, Tony Denison as Lieutenant Andy Flynn, Michael Paul Chan as Lieutenant Mike Tao, Raymond Cruz as Detective Julio Sanchez, Kearran Giovanni as Detective Amy Sykes, Phillip P. Keene as tech coordinator Buzz Watson, Robert Gossett as Assistant Chief Russell Taylor and expert Jonathan Del Arco as Dr. Morales, along with Graham Patrick Martin as Rusty Beck. This season, Nadine Velazquez has joined the ensemble as Deputy District Attorney Emma Stratton. Major Crimes focuses on how the American justice system approaches the art of the deal as law enforcement officers and prosecutors work together to score a conviction.


Major Crimes is produced by The Shephard/Robin Company and Walking Entropy, Inc., in association with Warner Bros. Television. James Duff, Greer Shephard and Michael M. Robin serve as executive producers.

  • d.d.

    I love G.W. Bailey as Lieutenant Provenza, but, much preferred ‘The Closer’ to ‘Major Crimes,’ & Kyra Sedgwick as Brenda Leigh Johnson, to Mary McDonnell as Los Angeles Police Captain Sharon Raydor.

    ‘The Closer’ seemed to have more clarity , overall. ‘Major Crimes’ jumps around a lot.

  • Oliver

    Woah, Major Crimes skewed old.

  • Hillbilly

    I hope King & Maxwell keeps their audience. :)

    USA has Royal Pains & Necessary Roughness returning this week. Going to be interesting to see who wins the weekly viewership between TNT & USA.

  • silvit


    It has always skewed old. procedural + TNT + an old leading character= OLD

    Falling Skies = 4.2 mil and 1.5 18-49 Median age = 47 years old
    Major Crimes = 5 mil and 1.0 18-49 Median age = 60?????

    And we are still talking about OLD TNT.

  • Gerald Ellison

    Very disappointed in this episode,,,plot just dragged on forever, and what are they doing with Rusty? What is he trying to hide,,,is he gay?

  • thesnowleopard

    Can’t stand Rusty and the new show is missing something the old show had, while not adding anything new, really. I don’t actively hate it, but I do keep forgetting to watch it, too.

  • derrick

    @Gerald Ellison

    pretty sure they said Rusty was a male prostitute last season.

  • Carole

    Cannot stand this show anymore….mostly because of the Rusty character. Why is he even needed? Not crazy about the lead actress, but I like the supporting cast members, except for the new girl. Took the show out of my TiVo schedule.

  • Jon

    Major Crimes is one of the best scripted shows on TV period

  • kenny1949

    The motive for the murderer in this Major Crimes episode has to be the worst I have ever seen. The motive made no sense what so ever. I can see why the murderer was chosen, least likely, but a better motive was needed. If this is any indication of the level of writing for the rest of the shows, this could be its final season.

    That would be too bad. I have never bought the DVDs of The Closer but I did buy the DVD for the first season of Major Crimes and found those episodes to be very re-watchable.

  • craiguk

    M&K was a slow starter for a Pilot episode IMHO.

  • WV

    Loved Major Crimes episode. They added some outside scenes and nice interaction between characters. Rusty is the most annoying… and the most heart-breaking boy ever)

  • Sally

    Love Major Crimes, love Mary McDonnell and love the Raydor/Rusty storyline. I’m so glad the show isn’t just another crime procedural. It’s got life and emotion.

  • d.d.

    I’m nor fond of Rusty, either. He is 21 & trying to play a younger , street wise abused boy , who is trying to turn his life around. So far, he’s a distraction, rather than an addition, to the show.

  • MrTrent

    Like the show, tired of Rusty whining all the time. So so on Raydor. Still better than much of the junk out there.

    I did like the little outtake as a promo ..”he makes talkies”

  • ROLY

    It will suceed like the Closer

  • DenverDean

    The Rusty character was important for Raydor because she was positioned as a very cold, you-know-what on The Closer. Her relationship with Rusty has shown us a different side that couldn’t be captured while solving cases. I really like the Provenza/Rusty relationship as well. It’s still a well put together series and, frankly, I never imagined it would be this good following the iconic TC.

  • Russell

    King and Maxwell was a huge disappointment. I fell asleep twice during it and will not be tuning in next week.

  • tahina

    I tried MC last year because it succeeded THe Closer which I loved…gave it a B- because of the Rusty SL, if they keep dragging it, the show will probably flop. Anxiously awaiting for Rizzoli and Isles next week. :)

  • Mary Ellen Bilicki

    I hope that Major Chrimes is with us for a long time, I loved the Closer, but MC and the cast is like Hill St. Blues and Barney Miller, great acting. Refreshing also is Maxell and King, hope they make it. I’m over 70 and these are so much better than the other things on TV, except for PBS.

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