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June 11th, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Season 4

Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family's highest rated show, and a social media phenomenon, returns for its fourth season tonight.The show's producers claim that the premiere will actually answer some of the  burning questions that it has posed over the past three years. Its season finale on March 19 earned a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating.  How do you think it will do tonight? Make your predictions.


  • Nathan


  • Lola

    No sure the comedies on Wednesdays are not doing well

  • Dennis

    Back already?

    It feels like this crap only ended

  • BG


  • John A

    The season 3 finale was awful so i doubt it will hit a new high but will still do fine. Ill go with a 1.2.

  • AJ

    Going with a 1.3. People are getting tired of this show.

  • Ryan

    Hope it does well. Love this show!!! Dennis you’ve probably never even watched it.

  • Nikki

    1.3 for sure.. they always kick major ass with their premieres. Great show… only see it going to season 6 though and then thats it. On a side note anyone have the ratings for Switched last night??

  • david

    I am thinking a 1.4 because we will be geting answers in this episode and this upcomming season. Plus the premeers allways rate higher too.

  • pll fan

    1.3 is my guess. premiere’s usually do really well.

    nikki, s@b got a 0.7 demo last night with 1.6 million viewers. pretty weak for a premiere episode.

  • Tianyi Li

    @Nikki Switched did 0.7 in rating with 1.66 million viewers

    I’m going for 1.3-1.4 in rating, some people might already tired of the show, but I do believe there are still many loyal fans, unfortunately I’m not in the States, so I’m unable to contribute for the rating

  • maplab98


  • Nikki


  • Alan

    1.3 or 1.4, the quality of the show declined a lot on season 3 and ratings were affected by that, but i’m positive and I think it will have a huge season premiere just like the previous ones, but then the ratings will decline, unless the show gets better, quality wise! I’m a fan and I will keep watching it, even if it’s getting old.

  • Dillan

    I think a 1.4.

    Twisted will probably get a 0.5.

  • Five

    Maybe optimistic, but 1.3-1.4

    We’ll see.

  • rob60990

    Last year PLL premiered with a 1.1 which was shocking coming off that 1.6 for that hyped season finale but it held very steady during the season. I expect a 1.1 again.

  • Martin245

    Shameful program that shouldn’t be on any channel with “family” in the name. I would hope parents keep their children away from this terrible show.

  • NBC Fan


  • Nick


    Despite the crazy amount of buzz around this show, it never seems to grow from year-to-year. Kinda strange.

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