Premiere of 'Switched at Birth' is Cable’s TV Number 1 Scripted Telecast at 8 O’Clock in Target 18-34s, 18-49s and 12-34s, 'The Fosters' Soars by Double Digits Over Week Ago Launch in Key Demos

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June 11th, 2013

Switched at Birth

via press release:

Summer Season Premiere of “Switched at Birth” is Cable’s TV #1 Scripted

Telecast at 8 O’Clock in Target 18-34s, 18-49s and 12-34s


“The Fosters” Soars by Double Digits Over Week Ago Launch in Total Viewers and Key Demos; Cable TV’s #2 Scripted Show at 9 P.M. in Women 18-34/Millennials


“Switched at Birth” (8:00 – 9:00 p.m.)


In its summer season premiere, ABC Family’s award-winning and critically-acclaimed, “Switched at Birth,” ranked as Monday’s #1 scripted cable TV telecast at 8 o’clock in Adults 18-34 (479,000/0.7 rating), Women 18-34 (393,000/1.2 rating), Adults 18-49 (855,000/0.7 rating), Women 18-49 (679,000/1.1 rating), Viewers 12-34 (835,000/0.9 rating) and Females 12-34 (706,000/1.5 rating).


  • “Switched at Birth” posted sizeable gains over ABC Family’s summer 2012 8 p.m. average in target demos: by 34% in Total Viewers (1.66 million vs. 1.24 million), by 16% in Adults 18-49 (855,000 vs. 738,000), by 20% in Women 18-49 (679,000 vs. 564,000), by 13% in Viewers 12-34 (835,000 vs. 742,000) and by 20% in Females 12-34 (706,000 vs. 590,000).


“The Fosters” (9:00 – 10:00 p.m.)


At 9 o’clock, “The Fosters” surged over its week-ago series launch by double digits in key demos, standing as cable TV’s #2 scripted telecast in the hour in Women 18-34 (379,000/1.1 rating), Viewers 12-34 (977,000/1.0 rating) and Females 12-34 (798,000/1.8 rating).


  • “The Fosters” built on its lead-in in core Millennials: by 17% in Viewers 12-34 (977,000 vs. 835,000) and by 13% in Females 12-34 (798,000 vs. 706,000).


  • Week to week, “The Fosters” climbed by 20% in Total Viewers (1.70 million vs. 1.42 million), by 8% in Adults 18-34 (480,000 vs. 445,000), by 10% in Adults 18-49 (781,000 vs. 711,000), by 36% in Viewers 12-34 (977,000 vs. 719,000) and by 25% in Females 12-34 (798,000 vs. 636,000).



Source: NTI, U.S. ratings, Live +SD, 6/10/13; Summer 2012: 5/28/12-8/26/12.

  • Brandy

    Yay Switched!

  • Nikki

    They are certainly trying to spin the fosters numbers.. lol i guess we will see how that works for them.

  • tasha


    i don’t see anything deceitful here. how are trying to spin the numbers?

  • Ch

    King & maxwell was great. Jon Tenney=awesome

  • Nikki

    @ tasha.. Climbed, Surged..?? I think thats pushing it.. it did alright. Nothing to go up against so i wouldnt get real excitied about the numbers.

  • rob60990

    @tasha, Nikki is just a fan of The Lying Game which could barely only pull a .6 on a good week with a 1.2 lead-in.

  • tasha


    actually, sab and the fosters are both going up against the bachelor and the voice which are female shows. it’s not an easy timeslot. plus fosters gained 300k viewers, beat sab in total viewers and in the 12-34 females. you’re right, it’s too early to tell but they aren’t exaggerating THIS WEEK.


    lol. i’m staying out of this.

  • rob60990

    The Fosters seemed to have skewed more young teens between 12-17.

  • Nikki

    @ rob go fly a kite okay.. check your facts, the lying game has pulled a couple 0.7s so your whacked theory of barley getting 0.6s is so far off. Just because you dont like a show doesnt mean you can make up numbers in your head and call them facts. Your insane. And before you comment about the fly a kite comment i cant be vulgar on the website so thats my best attempt.

  • tasha


    it’s those jake t. austin fangirls. abc fam was smart to hire him and avan jogia. lol.

  • Brian

    Looks like The Fosters is getting a back order.

  • Michael

    I’m actually really surprised at how good The Fosters (content) really is. Nothing beats SAB writing, acting, and overall story-lines for ABC Family. At least in my humble opinion.

  • platypus Perry

    Fosters did improve compared to last week. The only thing is switched at birth outperformed fosters in demo for adults 18-49 but fosters did great all around considering last week was lower.

    I just watched lying game season one on netflix thinking it was still producing new episodes, I hope it gets a season 3 renewal.

    As for fosters I will be checking that out, I also hear twisted is good too.

  • Jared

    The Fosters seemed to be more compatible with Switched at Birth than Secret Life. Not much of a surprise that the ratings rose compared to the premiere.

  • david

    Switched at Birth started season 2 well. and good to see the Fosters rise from the first week.

  • Dan

    @Brian – Not only that (I can see The Fosters being long running like Secret Life, PLL & SWAB) but if Twisted does well after PPL it may get more episodes to, which isn’t good news for Bunheads or The Lying Game.

    The whole reason ABC Family hasn’t cancelled either bubble show is because they wanted to see how both new shows perform but with The Fosters doing well and Twisted likely performing well I could easily see ABC Family cancelling both Bunheads and The Lying Game by the end of the month. With new shows in development ABC Family has no reason to continue those shows.

  • PurpleDrazi

    Good news for the Fosters. I like the show and I hope it does well.

  • cas

    What ratings does ABC Family use to renew on? 18-49, 18-34, or 12-34? I see an 18-49 rating for Switched at Birth but not one for the Fosters. I was just wondering because I noticed press releases for shows always contain more than the 18-49 but aren’t renewals only based on 18-49? I know for network shows they are.

  • Rachel


    According to Deadline, ABC Fam looks at 12-34.

  • PurpleDrazi


    Networks are based on 18-49 but cable is a little different. Basic cable doesn’t rely only on advertising money so they have a little more leeway with ratings. Most of your smaller channels go for a niche market (for example females 18-34) and don’t need ratings as high as network TV to be considered successful

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