'Rogue' Renewed for Season 2 by DirecTV

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June 11th, 2013


Rogue, DirecTV's first original scripted drama, which airs on its Audience Network, has been renewed for a 10 episode second season, per Deadline. The second season will begin production later this summer and premiere in 2014.

We are thrilled that our first venture into original programming resonated with our subscribers who enthusiastically tuned into Rouge each week,“We look forward to bringing them another season of Rogue and the chance to experience the next chapter in Grace’s life.” said Chris Long, senior vp entertainment and production at DirecTV.

  • Colin

    Great! Started a little slow, but became better and better. I absolutely loved it!

  • booboo

    Rogue was surprisingly good. Directv should pick up “Bomb Girls’, one of the best shows ever to get cancelled. Reelz is kind of off the beaten track.

  • Sab G

    This is excellent news. Loved the first season, and they had some great set up for a second.

  • TrN

    Like the show but I just hate the ADR (dialogue replacement)on some of the foreign actors playing americans. Especially the son Alec. Plus, Thandie Newton is giving us the heavy new york accent and is in oakland. lol!

  • Billiam

    I, too, really liked this show.

  • jessica

    Its a CA-UK production made in CA by a CA company and at least one of its three regional CA broadcasters has declined their option on season 2. This would be probably a first… Canadian show renewed in United States but cancelled in Canada. The broadcaster who dropped it is the one where all those ‘alternative means’ were sourced from. Didn’t realise that the Oakland setting wasn’t the filming location? Surprise!

  • jessica

    Make that ALL THREE of the regional Canadian broadcasters have today cancelled Rogue. Was it really so popular on Audience that DirecTV is wanting to cover the loss of funds from the parting Canadian broadcasters? Don’t be too surprised if DirecTV re-crunches the numbers and decides they don’t really want another season.

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