'Stroumboulopoulos' Premiere on CNN Ranks as Second Lowest Telecast in Timeslot for 2013

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June 11th, 2013


The premiere of new CNN series Stroumboulopoulous on Sunday, June 9 at 10PM ranked as the network's second lowest rated telecast of the year in the time period. (The lowest was February 13, 2013.) Stroumboulopoulous garnered 78,000 Adults 25-54 viewers and 192,000 Total Viewers,

down 62% compared to the same day last week and down 56% compared to the YTD average.


Nielsen Research: 2013 10-11PM Telecasts:


P 2+

P 25-54

Network Period Program Time Days



CNN 2/3/2013 CNN NEWSROOM 10:00P -11:00P ______S



CNN 6/9/2013 STROUMBOULOPOULOS 10:00P -11:00P ______S



CNN 2/24/2013 CNN PRESENTS 10:00P -10:30P ______S




  • Mike

    As a Canadian, I knew this show’s failure would be inevitable. But even I didn’t expect it to bomb quite that quickly.

  • AppleStinx

    CNN should have advertised it on Fox News.

  • Cheryl Lynn

    Probably a JALS. (Just Another Liberal Show)

  • Dan

    With Jeff Zucker at the helm, what do you expect. The ship is sinking really fast.

  • SF

    The title guaranteed its disaster. No one is going to watch a program with a title they can’t pronounce.

  • Dreamer

    I agree SF, I do not even know how to say it.
    Sounds like Dr Seuss.

  • Coffee Steve

    I think Ratboy took my advice and bribed them by faxing them some of his smoked ribs :-)

    Re-Hi boys and girls

    NOW BEHAVE!!!!

  • Coffee Steve

    Scandals will take a back seat to the riots in Turkey for awhile, and the news ratings will go way up as well

  • lbsles


  • lbsles

    Fridays page has lost the comment box

  • AppleStinx

    @Coffee Steve

    In that case, it looks like the smoked ribs weren’t that great. :wink:

  • lbsles

    CNN posts

    Cover-up alleged at State Department
    Memo says workers may have hired prostitutes

  • Coffee Steve

    In that case, it looks like the smoked ribs weren’t that great.

    Maybe it a limited time offer or a trial basis thing Apple :-) I just hope we all learn from it, I am glad we may get another chance

  • lbsles

    Sat and Sunday have also lost comment window.

    Last post 9:47 am

    Friday last post @ 10:05 am

  • AppleStinx


    Sara Bibel probably didn’t get the memo of the shutdown.
    I think it’s best to not post political commentary for the time being.

  • Coffee Steve

    Hurry and lock the door Ratboy has went from selling property to Life Insurance and man he is pushy

  • Coffee Steve


    I still been checking the numbers for the cable news section, and I tell you what if MSNBC doesn’t improve at least some during the trial that’s about to happen, you may finally see a format change there

  • Hillbilly

    Is Stroumboulopoulous related to George Stephanopoulos? :lol:

    Hannity’s special on Sunday night lost to (I’m guessing a jailhouse show)on MSNBC. :???:

  • Hillbilly

    Before my arch rival AppleStinx corrects my post above. FNC lost the prime time demo Sunday. Don’t know if Hannity’s special won it’s time slot.


  • AppleStinx

    Hillbilly wrote: “Is Stroumboulopoulous related to George Stephanopoulos? :lol:

    Change names to Stroumboli and Stephani and I guarantee they’ll have a bigger audience. :grin:

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