'Stroumboulopoulos' Premiere on CNN Ranks as Second Lowest Telecast in Timeslot for 2013

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June 11th, 2013


The premiere of new CNN series Stroumboulopoulous on Sunday, June 9 at 10PM ranked as the network's second lowest rated telecast of the year in the time period. (The lowest was February 13, 2013.) Stroumboulopoulous garnered 78,000 Adults 25-54 viewers and 192,000 Total Viewers,

down 62% compared to the same day last week and down 56% compared to the YTD average.


Nielsen Research: 2013 10-11PM Telecasts:


P 2+

P 25-54

Network Period Program Time Days



CNN 2/3/2013 CNN NEWSROOM 10:00P -11:00P ______S



CNN 6/9/2013 STROUMBOULOPOULOS 10:00P -11:00P ______S



CNN 2/24/2013 CNN PRESENTS 10:00P -10:30P ______S




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    I know Stroumboulopoulous is somewhat popular amoung the CBC elite and viewers but how would anyone think that he’d be a good export is beyond me.

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