'Stroumboulopoulos' Premiere on CNN Ranks as Second Lowest Telecast in Timeslot for 2013

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June 11th, 2013


The premiere of new CNN series Stroumboulopoulous on Sunday, June 9 at 10PM ranked as the network's second lowest rated telecast of the year in the time period. (The lowest was February 13, 2013.) Stroumboulopoulous garnered 78,000 Adults 25-54 viewers and 192,000 Total Viewers,

down 62% compared to the same day last week and down 56% compared to the YTD average.


Nielsen Research: 2013 10-11PM Telecasts:


P 2+

P 25-54

Network Period Program Time Days



CNN 2/3/2013 CNN NEWSROOM 10:00P -11:00P ______S



CNN 6/9/2013 STROUMBOULOPOULOS 10:00P -11:00P ______S



CNN 2/24/2013 CNN PRESENTS 10:00P -10:30P ______S




  • Coffee Steve


    This day and age has seen a decline of America quicker than even I imagined, is a world of insanity now and only going to get worse. I am truly afraid we have crossed a line of no return and we can only hope to slow the decline and collapse down some.

    My daughter if in a wreak or gets a bad cut? They wouldn’t do a damn thing until me or her Mother signed for it. Years ago one of my kids was in a wreak with a neighbor, she wasn’t hurt real bad, but they made her wait at the hospital until we got there and signed for her to get treatment.

  • Coffee Steve

    I already saw Man Of Steel in the land down under at a special showing of it, but tonight at Midnight here in Mt Washington, myself, my wife and daughter and all the grandkids will be seeing it :-)

    They may need another screen opened just for all of us LOL

  • mikey0

    @Coffee Steve or they kick a 5 years old out of school for making hand gun gester, playing cowboys and indians or a pop tart made like a gun. Common sense is dead.

  • Sicilian Papa


    Micky O., Coffee Steve

    “The Wizard of O.”

    Strange time we live in.

    Still surreal to watch the corrupt media do stories on America the land of happy while totally ignoring arrogance and mass corruption in the Obama Administration.

    I hope we get some kind of word soon the comments page. The Stromboli page is getting old!

  • mikey0

    @Sicillian papa Still surreal to watch the corrupt media do stories on America the land of happy while totally ignoring arrogance and mass corruption in the Obama Administration.

    Well they maybe start covering the corruption to get ratings, Fox is getting big rating numbers. I do like a good Stromboli :)

  • Hillbilly

    Sicilian Papa – Okay, your the boss, set some guidelines and if people don’t follow them, ban them.


    I’m guessing that’s part of the reason the comments are disabled. The “Blue Guys” (Robert & Bill) don’t want to have to babysit the comments. Recently there were a couple folks banned. From what i read their comments must of been vulgar. Maybe they were sock puppets too. Right before the comments were disabled a poster used a 4 lettered word.

    I’m also guessing Sara can’t enable or disable comments without permission (maybe she doesn’t even have the ability) from the blue guys. So those asking my honey to do something are wasting their time. ;)


  • Ratboy

    Hey there fun seekers!

    I have a bunch of things I would like to post and talk about and bitch about and lament about but I wont. We are in a huge mess and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. The government is set up so we wont get answers all we will get are delays, stonewalls and dog and pony shows and that is from both sides! If Issa wasn’t trying to protect his carreer he would get bold and start demanding and be standing in line at courts to get order et but he takes it to a point and then backs off so he doesn’t burn bridges. Obama will not talk he will keep his mouth shut and let all the people around him scramble. It makes me sick to my stomach and it is only going to get worse.

    A little venting is better than nothing so I will go now! You all be good!!

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Papa: >>> The owners of the site are obviously not happy with the direction the conversation has taken <<<

    Hi, Papa & all of you Krazy Kids who are my friends here!

    While language and hate speech must be monitored on all sites at all times, dumping the largest comment site on TVByTheNumbers, the site also suffers. A LOT fewer commenters must mean a lot of advertising that is not seen. I don't know how ad agencies buy ad space here between the lines, but it *could* mean a loss in revenue here. I don't know for sure. I'm just guessing.

    One reason that this comment section may have been shut down is a lot of spammers must have fibbed a little if they checked that box before hitting the Submit Comment button. I did not know until recently that there is a whole new industry whose employees or members just crash different sites to spread their propaganda. On the rare occasions when I would cut & opaste, I would always attribute to the source of the material.

    I have been hot-headed at times, but not to hate. Just to hate the actions of anyone who knowingly spreads lies and garbage while the people who barely pays attention to news & opinion sources, believe word for word.

    One of the people with whom I disagreed most over time was The Boss1. He and I began to respect one another, while still offering different views. Perhaps, he was disgusted with it all and gave up awhile ago. There was another feller around that time but I cannot recall his "handle." But, I also enjoyed our gentle sparring as well.

    There was a story over th e weekend that FB is going to institute a hashtag program where you would, for example, type #cablenewsratings and there would be a number of sites with similar features as this one.

    As always, farewell and goodbye if we do not happen to "run in to one another" again. Overall, it's been a pleasant experience and I would hope that our paths would cross again. God bless.


    after reading the comments from the day robert cut off the comments he really had no choice, the attacks got personal and off the topic of cable news ratings and what was discussed in the programs

  • Sicilian Papa


    Ralph, Hillbilly

    If the comments is a money making venture then it will require some oversight. If the comments do not produce enough revenue then who needs the aggravation.

    Maybe the owners could hire a fair minded person to oversee the site. I hear Lois Lerner is looking for work!

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Papa: LOL!

    I think that it’s not the comment section that brings in advertisers, I think it’s like a clicker (gee, I’m dating myself, huh?) to count the number of vistors to the site. This site, or any other, could point out the counter as radio & TV stations show Madison Avenue their ratings.

  • AppleStinx

    @Sicilian Papa

    They are also part of the Zap2it family, probably ought to hold the site up to some standards, even unwritten ones.

    Personally I think that Hillbilly should go beg his honey and the “Blue Guys” to re-open. :grin:

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