TNT Again Wins Week With Cable Primetime Adults 18-49 & Total Viewers, Disney On Top for Total Day Viewership For Week Ending June 9, 2013

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June 11th, 2013


TNT, powered by the NBA Playoffs, again won the week among adults 18-49 during primetime,  beating TBS and USA.

TNT was also the top network among total viewers during primetime, beating USA and Disney.

Disney was number one in total day viewing, beating Nickelodeon and USA.

Prime-time Average Viewers (Live+SD) Week  Ending June 9, 2013:

Network (000s)
TNT 2814
USA 2795
DSNY 2243
HIST 2093
FOXN 1940
TBSC 1677
A&E 1633
NBCS 1521
HGTV 1217
DISC 1204
ADSM 1150
NAN 1110
FOOD 1098
FAM 1061
FX 1058
SYFY 1030
TLC 1012
LIFE 968
AMC 955
TRU 889
ESPN 825
ID 822
APL 790
BRAV 783
SPK 698


Prime-time Adults 18-49 (Live+SD)

Network  (000s)
TNT 1382
TBSC 938
USA 901
NBCS 759
HIST 714
A&E 665
ADSM 602
DISC 545
FX 501
FAM 480
FOOD 471
DSNY 456
BRAV 422
HGTV 418
TLC 409
AMC 405
CMDY 379
SYFY 376
SPK 374
VH1 355
TRU 349
LIFE 349
MTV 340
NAN 324
CMT 319


Total Day Average Viewers (Live+SD)

Network (000s)
DSNY 1748
NICK 1687
USA 1389
ADSM 1322
TNT 1269
FOXN 1201
TOON 1156
NAN 1078
HIST 994
A&E 843
HGTV 701
TBSC 673
ID 633
FOOD 595
FX 584
ESPN 558
DISC 555
AMC 533
FAM 528
TLC 512
LIFE 477
TRU 473
TVLD 469
SYFY 460
APL 440

-Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.Cable Channel Abbreviations: NICK = Nickelodeon, NAN = Nick At Nite, TOON = Cartoon Network, ADSM = Adult Swim, TRU = truTV, LIFE = Lifetime, NKJR - Nick Jr., FAM = ABC Family, TVLD = TV Land, FOXN = Fox News, TBSC = TBS, DISC = Discovery

  • Nick

    Disney beats nick even with Sam and cat how funny

  • 90s

    Umm.. I don’t usually feed trolls, but Nick’s pretty much beat Disney all year in this irrelevant category. So what does that say about Disney which has GLC, Jessie, A&A, AF, DwaB, SIU, PaF, GF and FH all in season? You only show up when Disney wins, which is two weeks so far this year?

    Yeah, thought so.

  • jamie

    Well, considering Nick cancelled pretty much all of their shows to air Sam & Cat and it got beat by Disney in total day viewers during it’s premiere week, that’s not very good. Disney has a stable lineup of hit shows while Nick only has one hit show since Big Time Rush is ending and Spongebob/Fairly Odd Parents are their only other hits.

    Good job Disney.

  • nickrocks

    welcome back jamie, of course you haven’t commented the past fifteen weeks that nick has won, but the one fluke that Disney wins, you’re back with you spiel about how Disney has a stable lineup of hit shows even though they still fail to beat nick. hmmm…

  • jamie

    and yet, you barely enter the top 25 posts where every week where Disney dominates. Happy Summer!

  • Fletchy Quimber

    Guess why nick won this category more often than not is because of Spongebob which the movie still pulled 2.2 mil which aint bad. So regardless of how we feel about, many people still watch spongebob. So Nick may smash Disney’s toons, and possibly not for much longer, Nick has been losing in the Live-Action category since around late 2011. Now that is a category that really matters. If it doesn’t then we’d be discussing cartoons. Look at the top 25, Sam and Cat did well to me. but if total viewers are down, then people might not be watching re-airs.

  • 90s

    Funny how Disney gets dominated by reruns of SBSP for all but a handful of weeks of this year so far. In any case, Nick has been in rebuild mode and has had four hits since 2012 – Legend of Korra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sanjay and Craig and now, Sam and Cat. Can keep judging Nick on its past ratings and failures, but it’s back in business. Disney will continue to put up great numbers, but Nick is back in the picture and will challenge.

    But again, trolls don’t take anything outside of their obsession into account.

  • nickrocks

    @jamie, wrong again; did you even look at the top 25 the past two weeks; the only disney on the list was a GLC with a decent 3.2 and princess and frog with a 3.1; however the rest of the list had nick written all over it-with spongebob and sanjay and craig. Disney dominating 25? Yeah right, Definitely not!

  • 90s


    That’s what I’m saying. Disney trolls are so quick to jump, without regarding facts. Feel like Nick fans have been much more neutral.

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