Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 Delivers Best Overnight Household Rating Since 1997

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June 13th, 2013

Stanley cup final 2013 game 1 victory hug

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Following are overnight and local ratings for last night’s Game 1 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final, won 4-3 by the Chicago Blackhawks vs. the Boston Bruins in triple overtime. Final viewership figures should be available later today.


  • Last night’s Boston/Chicago triple OT game received a 4.8 HH rating which is the best overnight rating for an NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 1 since 1997 (Detroit/Philadelphia on FOX: 5.2).


  • The game was +100% from Game 1 of last year's Stanley Cup Final (Los Angeles/New Jersey; 2.4).


  • Boston received a 28.1 HH rating, +10% from the Bruins’ Game 1 average in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final on NBC in the market (25.5).


  • NBC was the #1 rated network overall in Boston during the 8P-1A time period.


  • Chicago received a 25.1 HH rating, +49% from the Blackhawks’ Game 1 average in the 2010 Stanley Cup Final on NBC in the market (16.9).


  • NBC was the #1 rated network overall in Chicago during the 8P-1A time period.


  • Top 5 Markets:
  1. Boston (28.1)
  2. Chicago (25.1)
  3. Providence (18.5)
  4. Buffalo (8.5)
  5. Milwaukee (6.1)


  • Neil Martin

    Not bad considering the fact that sports radio stations do little to promote the “greatest game in the world.” Instead they fall all over themselves talking nonstop Lebron, Kobe-Lakers.
    The fact is, the NBA would have similar TV numbers if they were not a biased, fixed league that makes sure that there is a superstar involved in every finals match-up. And who can blame them? The games because San Antonio vs Memphis drew a very ordinary 4.0 TV rating.
    If the closed minded sports media would give the game of hockey a chance and the same publicity it gives the NBA, it would earn decent numbers on a consistent basis as well.

  • mike

    NHL has been around for what 60- 70 years..? How many more chances do u want.. If people liked it they would watch… NHL is only getting descent numbers cause they have their dream matchup.. Dont expect to to always be the case… Cause usually their ratings blow!!

  • Matt

    Mike. Were you trying to sound ignorant or does it just come naturally?

  • jessica

    mike, the NHL has been around for almost 96 years. So you are off by some 50% in your estimate. I am guessing you are the typical American non-fan of hockey.

    And in other news the ratings from Canada are apparently SOOOOO unimpressive noöne is reporting them. If game 1 makes the weekly top 30 it will be announced Friday of next week (not tomorrow), by which time noöne will care.

    If you want the ratings fix as suggested the NBA does do you fix it to fail in the USA or fail in Canada because a success for one is almost always a failure for the other. The “nation” in National Hockey League actually refers to Canada. Canada could apparently support at least 12 teams but Gary Bettman doesn’t really want any more teams NOT in the USA. So the fix is already in place, it is just not quite achieving what you might want from it. Even the Dallas franchise is owned by a Canadian who really wanted to get a team in Canada but settled for what he could get (and maybe hopes to get a relocation some day).

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