Thursday Final Ratings: Final NBA Numbers; No Adjustments to 'Hannibal' or 'Hell's Kitchen'

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June 14th, 2013

NBA Finals Game 4 2

Final adjustments for Game 1 of the NBA Finals (and pre-game content) is below. There were no other adjustments to the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, June 13:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory  - R (8-8:31PM) 2.1/8 8.62
FOX Hell's Kitchen 2.0/7 5.14
ABC Jimmy Kimmel Game Night - Live 1.1/4 3.99
NBC Save Me - R 0.5/2 2.33
CW The Vampire Diaries - R 0.3/1 0.77
8:30 ABC NBA Countdown - Live 2.0/7 5.69
CBS Two and a Half Men - R (8:31-9:01PM) 1.4/5 6.34
NBC Save Me 0.5/2 2.15
9:00 ABC NBA Finals (9-11:49PM) - Live 6.7/21 16.23
CBS Person of Interest -R (9:01-10:01PM) 0.9/3 6.52
FOX Does Someone Have to Go? 0.9/3 2.34
NBC The Office- R (9-9:31PM) 0.5/2 1.59
CW Beauty and the Beast - R 0.2/1 0.58
9:30 NBC Parks and Recreation  - R (9:31-10:01PM) 0.5/2 1.54
10:00 CBS Elementary - R (10:01-11PM) 1.0/3 5.64
NBC Hannibal (10:01-11PM) 0.7/2 2.10

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • harry

    @ s0303
    It aired after the last episode of Office which pretty much gained a 3.0 cloze to what the voice gets lately , and hannibal only got a 1.0 with this huge lead in.

    I dont know why this show was renewed while “go on” with a season average of 2.0 got cancelled…

  • Joseph A

    Silly POI Haters ,
    POI did great when you consider it was a repeat, was still manged # 2 in the Demo even though it was up against ABC Sports & FOX Original Programming ,
    Also POI had a larger audience then FOX , NBC, CW combined, that impressive ,

  • Jacobo


    Go On did good only with the Voice, without it it tumblred

  • Observer

    The whole point of Hannibal is how this brilliant psychopath manipulates others/Will. If will were a paragon of strength and reason it wouldn’t work. It’s only going to get worse and it’s not ever going to get better if I’m guessing correctly.

  • The End

    @Joseph A
    @Silly POI Haters ,

    Huh? haters? where? Do you know what the word means even? I see no haters on this topic. Myself and CBSviewer were just discussing how well we think it’ll do and agree it’ll be on the air for a few more years to come even. And another guy mentioned the Tuesday 10pm slot is apparently the death slot in his opinion.

    I haven’t seen anything remotely hateful about the show on this topic. I suggest reading the topic first before replying. It’ll avoid mistakes like that.

  • Josh


    it’s summer Not that many shows will repeat well and with the NBA playoffs it will especially not repeat well!

  • Josh

    @The End

    watch out theissurus might try and call CBS up to try to cancel it LOL :lol:
    if anyone’s a hater he is!

  • Josh

    sorry but if you would have seen his other posts you would of agreed!

  • The End

    @sorry but if you would have seen his other posts you would of agreed!

    Sorry, I haven’t seen his other posts, so I wouldn’t know. That being said I don’t pay much attention to what everyone else is posting here, unless they’re discussing something with me.

  • Carl

    If NBC put a show like Hannibal after The Voice every week there would have been some complaints. It’s a very gory show, even more than Grimm.

    I think the show is more suited to cable, and would be a decent performer on cable, probably getting better ratings than they are on NBC at the moment, at least up to about 1.0-1.2 or so, because they would have more suitable promotion and focus.

    The social media for this show baffles me. I keep seeing LOL HE IS A CANNIBAL! type of tweets, lighthearted and silly, from the people who run the show. I realize Twitter is not designed for serious and dark promotion, but this just has nothing to do with the subject matter of the show. I see this a fair amount when I see, for instance, tumblr fan posts on the show. It’s always tee hee, he’s eating people, ha ha, isn’t he cute and adorable. What would people think if they tuned in and saw the actual show?

    Then you have the relationship between Will and Hannibal, which is mostly Will being kicked and making sad faces. This may be an interesting psychological study, but I don’t know if it has sustained a full season.

  • Julie

    Hannibal is the best thing on television. It’s dark, so not everyone’s thing, but so is Dexter and other shows that do well. It’s beautifully shot and written, intelligent and the acting is amazing.

  • gregg

    lol at Hannibal, the few people that watch it are all on this site. If it’s such a good show, why have they been LOSING viewers every week its aired. First we blame the competition(scandal/POI). then we blame “because it does not follow the big mess called The Voice”. Then they blame it on “summer” ratings, Alas now we are blaming basketball. When it returns in the fall to even worse competition , what will be the excuse then. I call them the way I see it, a total failure. I guess they should be thankful they are on NBC. With its rating there, it’s called “a monster hit” . LOL

  • yoyo


  • Theisssuesarenow

    @observer I just want to say that Hannibal manipulating will isn’t exactly a sign of his brilliance! Lol! Seems like a 10 year old could manipulate someone with a disease like will has! Brilliant manipulative can take small flaws and turn them against people! Will is like nothing!

  • Seanmom

    People don’t watch Hannibal because they are used to crap like 2 1/2 Men and don’t know quality any more. We can be sure Will will get over his disease and catch Hannibal soon–because his secret is about to be revealed. For those who cherish writing, acting, and suspense, Hannibal is appointment television. And the reason DVRs were made. The last few minutes of this week’s episode were among the most terrifying I’ e ever seen–and totally without blood.

    Go watch it. You will see what the Fannibals are on about.

  • mike

    One more week of ABC rule.

  • Body of Poof

    Hannibal is too good for all of you.

  • Carl

    I think it’s more than just people not knowing quality. Usually shows like this has a certain cult level and hold on. This show has, for some reason, bled viewers even in the last 2-3 weeks, when it should have reached its basic level. Perhaps it’s that the season is over and people are just using the DVR. If that is the case, then I hope those fans know that it hurts the show in the long term to not watch live.

    If it’s more than that, I think it’s just the show overestimating how many people want to see Hugh Dancy making puppy dog faces every week.

    I know she’s probably too expensive for the network but I would have focused more on the relationship between Hannibal and that Gillian Anderson character, his therapist.

  • duke

    are ratings more important than total viewers if so why

  • gregg

    why would anybody call hanibal “quality” tv, a series about a serial killer. it’s a load of crap. if that’s quality, then so be it. I guess this is called the downgrading of America. Crap being called quality. LOL

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