Predict the Ratings for the 'True Blood' Premiere - Poll

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June 16th, 2013

True Blood Season 6

Season six of True Blood premiere tonight on HBO. Though the frequently-naked vampire saga's ratings have been eclipsed by Game of Thrones, it's still one of HBO's biggest shows. The season five  premiere on June 10 earned a 2.9 adults 18-49 rating while the finale on August 26, 2012 garnered a 2.8. So how do you think it will do tonight?


  • BxActor

    Omg there are 40k people checked into True Blood right now …… That’s more than The Walking Dead ….. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW

  • BxActor

    *On getglue

  • Kenny

    The buzz for this show has died to be honest. No way it’ll do over last year.

  • DW

    well around memorial day i started watching it on demand and i love this show now. just caught it. it was great. nice going from GOT to TB.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    I voted 2.9-3 rating. Dish Network has free HBO this weekend (just like the first week for Game of Thrones), so I will watch this show for the first time

  • Toni

    Disappointing episode yesterday night. I’m guessing a very below < 2.5

  • r0ckmypants

    @Toni – Just because you found it disappointing doesn’t mean less people watched it.

  • The End


    Getglue means nothing to networks. It’s just an amusing gimmick for fans.

  • BxActor

    I know it meant nothing to networks . I was using the parallel that when that many people checked into The Walking Dead the ratings were massive.

  • Josh

    And just because you found it disappointing, doesn’t mean others did as well. I happened to think the episode was fantastic and glad they picked up from last year’s ending. Great episode and can’t wait for more!!!

  • The End


    Equally over 41,000 people checked in for Hannibal and we all know how that turned out lol ;)

  • BxActor

    Lmao and ? It could turn out either way …….. I’m not posting to try and be right or prove anything here . My posting was a shocked observation that I stand by regardless of the results . Period !

  • reallypeople

    I said this before…

    But does it matter the results of True Blood’s viewership? (Besides bragging on one side or the other) Whatever it gets will still 1) be better than most of the shows on cable 2) Will, certainly, win the night in the demo and 3) the demo doesn’t matter to HBO since they don’t sell advertising. All they care is that subscribers watch and with the multiple platforms (On Demand, etc) they will throughout the week. It’ll be renewed, no doubt. I mean they have bigger fish to fry (like reversing Girls’ alarming downward trend of its second season).

  • BxActor

    Well the ratings are in and even if last nights episode only had 2 million viewers that had nothing to do with the shock of seeing 41k+ checked in and talking about it

  • The End


    Oh, you misunderstand. It was basically me saying that Getglue numbers have no bearing on the actual ratings received by Nielsen.

  • BxActor

    I understood you. Lol I got that.
    I saw and understood . My original posting was only in observation of the amount of people checked in at one time. That was all.

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