Predict the Ratings for Tonight's 'The Voice' Performance Finale

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June 17th, 2013


Tonight sees the performance finale of the fourth cycle of The Voice. Will viewers tune in to see the final three battle it out? Last year's fall performance finale earned a 4.2, up from the previous spring finale's 3.8 adults 18-49 rating.


  • Samuel

    Honestly, this season has been pretty terrible and I don’t know anyone watching the show anymore. I think this season is comparable to Idol’s 11th season, meaning that next year will be pretty bad in the ratings.

  • a p garcia

    I think the ratings will be big because Cher will be on.

  • NIP

    This show needs Christina Aguilera. She makes it interesting. Monday’s ratings will be low but with Xtina on on tuesday it’ll go up for sure, since i’m watching.

  • Survivor Fan

    3.6, with a 3.7 tomorrow.

  • sally

    chers on a reason not to watch

  • FLOP Detector

    3.2 today and 3.8 tomorrow.

    More than FLOP Idol but still a flop.

    It will rise only due to the finale factor

  • Pepper

    The Voice is still on? I had no clue lol

  • JOHN

    the show has been dipping. I don’t expect it to be idol season 1 numbers, even for a show running into the summer. Will not be getting 20 million or anything. More like 12-14 mil, tops

  • NBC Fan

    The Bachelorette-1.7

    The Voice-3.5
    The Winner Is-1.8

  • tom

    3.1 for the voice – won’t be surprised if it goes lower
    1.6 for mistresses
    1.3 for the winner is
    1.8 for the bachelorette

  • Samunto

    The Voice:Country could eek a rise to about 3.7

    But there’s no much interest except for the guest stars.

    And i hope Mistresses rises to about 1.7

  • roly

    Show be higher,with Cher.

  • Fumbuck

    Nobody cares about The Voice anymore!

  • Sergio

    I’m voiting for 2.7 Tired of the country and “the artists” I’m not watching for sure… I love the coaches

  • Parker

    3.4 for the Voice I guess

  • CBSviewer

    3.4 tonight
    3.2 tomorrow

  • chris

    I’d say a 3.2 tonight, and a 2.9 tomorrow considering that the NBA Finals will be on tomorrow

  • HV

    The Voice 3.6
    The Winner Is 2.0

  • Michael

    The Voice: 3.4 (will adjust to a 3.5 in the finals).

    What started as a great season, completely fell flat with the country theme. People are starting to grow tired of it. Obviously, still extremely profitable, specially for the summer.

  • MichaelChickless


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