'True Blood' Season Six Premiere Draws 4.5 Million Viewers

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June 17th, 2013

trueblood season 6

The premiere of the sixth season of True Blood last night earned 4.5 million viewers, down 13 percent from last year's debut. Including the encore airing, True Blood amassed 5.6 million viewers in total last night.


  • J.G.

    Even with the lower ratings, seems like TB still has staying power.

  • jaybpov

    I’m not surprised, the premiere was mediocre at best.

  • reallypeople

    Yup, 4.5 million and 5.6 mil is pretty darn good. (And with On Demand, etc. will be exactly the same as last year.) Impending renewal coming… move along folks, nothing to see.

  • Jackson

    I tried to watch last night and the show is unwatchable now. It’s just a ridiculous mess… I’d say these ratings won’t last but the show has been falling apart for years and keeps working.

  • BxActor

    Billith lol

  • James

    Maybe the ratings will go up without the NBA Finals. The premiere was better than last years but it is still not as fun as it used to be. The show is still suffering from these boring side storylines.

  • toons

    i dont watch it but the reality is, based on ratings and viewer feedback, it’s still a solid show but has peaked… and will prob get a final season next year or the year after… hbo doesn’t usually keep a show on too long for it to embarrass itself like the networks do. if it went off next year there would be 80-82 episodes.. would be a great hbo run

    Big Love 53
    Deadwood 36
    Oz 56
    The Wire 60
    Six Feet 72
    Sopranos 86
    Sex & TC 94

  • Reggie

    I wonder how Dexter will affect True Blood ratings? I could see dexter getting 3 million viewers this season.

  • Toni

    Very bad premiere, I can even say these ratings/viewers have been lucky for HBO. Guessing best numbers for next episode.

  • DW

    it was a great episode. its still fun to watch. even though i just started at the end of may.

  • Fabio

    season 5 was awful… i was hoping for something better this year

  • Dillan

    S5 was horrible, but I actually enjoyed last nights episode.

  • Rob

    I guess I’m the only one who still thinks its a good show.

  • reallypeople


    Honestly, I don’t see it ending before season 9. That’s when, I believe, Joe’s contract expires. Especially if 10 episodes becomes the new trend each season. As for peaking? Not really. It’s on par at a unusually high level (as compared to its scripted cable show competition). Now if it drops suddenly to 1.5 million week after week, then its time to panic. I think its ratings are a reflection of not being able to go much higher. Only so many people have HBO. And although, apparently, it was free for some unless you are a non-HBO subscriber super fan… why would you join the show in its sixth season which is basically a part 2 of last season?

    Not to mention that the On Demand/HBO Go is getting more popular. I’m sure its on ITunes as well, although I’ve never looked for it. People also have True Blood viewing parties to pool viewership… (yeah, I don’t know what you’d do there either… I mean what do you serve… eh, nevermind).

    And then there’s this thing called Father’s Day. Some people might have been busy… I don’t know… with family to run to the TV to watch True Blood live. The Finals might have been a factor, but IMO a small one.

    And honestly we’re talking about a change of 700 K. It probably just shifted to later showings or On Demand. If anything, the title should read… “True Blood boringly stable, will get renewed sometime, still a high performer in its sixth season.” As I said before, nothing to see here.

  • TV#1

    I love TB. I hope it continues to do well. I would like to see it run 9 or 10 seasons.

  • Melanie

    In the words of another vampire, “Bored now.”

    Maybe its just me, but having everybody covered in random vampire yuck for the whole episode was just annoying. I found the whole episode kinda depressing.
    Even Alside’s nudity didn’t cheer me up, what with him chomping on an arm while in human form and all.

  • Liz

    Game of Thrones is officially HBO’s best and hottest show!! TB was good during season 1-3,now? Lol.

  • Cookie

    This show is not what it used to be. I hate this whole vampire religion nonsense. I’ll continue to watch because Im already so invested blah blah blah

  • Jared

    True Blood is still a BEAST for HBO and last nights premiere was great. Hopefully this season could reinvent the series because last season was mediocre at best.

  • Nvidia

    Season 5 was awful. Considering it [True Blood] was airing opposite the NBA finals and that season 5 was so craptastic I’m surprised it managed that. Let’s see if it is able to build upon these numbers by season’s end.

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