CNN's 'New Day' Premieres Behind 'Fox & Friends' and 'Morning Joe' in Total Viewers

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June 18th, 2013

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CNN's new morning news program New Day debuted third behind FNC and MSNBC in total viewers and fourth behind FNC, MSNBC and HLN in 25-54 demo. See below for more.


6-9 AM, Monday June 17th


FNC’s FOX & Friends: 1,060,000 total viewers (262,000 in 25-54 demo)

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: 355,000 total viewers (132,000 in 25-54 demo)

CNN’s New Day: 247,000 total viewers (95,000 in 25-54 demo)

HLN’s Morning Express: 215,000 total viewers (121,000 in 25-54 demo)

  • 1nancy2

    Hi Coffee…
    Here we are and how the heck are you and RBoy?
    “I may start a prayer chain to get the comments back on :-)” Ha, I’m impressed, as I just know your prayers carry a lot of weight! Here’s hoping. Too bad about James G., passing at 51. I just saw, “Killing them softly” and loved it. What a loss..such a super actor. Boy, the way he dug into his food, with such gusto, it made my mouth water. I really had a no holes barred eating fest yesterday…Must do better. I’m not impressed with the cable news on my TV, esp, the fast fading MSNBC. Thanks for that info. on the shareholders meeting. I laughed when I saw that the shareholders said conservatives would not watch MSNBC. Hello…It’s a left leaning station. You want rt wing..then go to Fake Fox. Geez, we Dem’s can’t catch a break. Give us what we want, or get lost, MSNBC. Mike Papp is at the top of my list. He can take over for…SE Alex W Joe am. Blow, Andrea, MHP . BBL?

  • Coffee Steve


    Good Morning Fine Lady,

    I’m not impressed with any news anymore, I wish they would go back to Jack Webb (Dragnet) and do what he always said “Just The Facts Ma’am”

    The State of Journalism has hit rock bottom, Gallup polled and found that 1 out of four people don’t trust any Newspapers or Network News anymore.

    And I am sad to report it is now filtering down to the Local news stations. One of my good friends was recently told he could not broadcast a story that was deemed “anti-government” even though it was about 250,000 in waste. Sad.

    And I’m doing fine, thank you and hope you are as well.

  • Christina

    Thought the site moderator stopped these name calling conspiracy theory nuts from posting ANYTHING BUT comments about cable news or same subject matter. Still trash talking and spreading their nasty obscure stories. The cable ratings can now be taken more seriously without these bizarre folks telling tales and attacking each other daily. Sometimes silence is golden and in the case of all these bitter low life’s, silencing them is appreciated.

  • lbsles

    Lets see, on Tuesday the CBO said that obumblescare will lower the deficit in the out years. Today they come out and said obumblescare will fail as the states that have signed on to obumblescare will not be ready on the start date in four months.

    Who could have foreseen that?

  • SteveB

    Good Morning,

    Down down 245pts. The fed wants to stop spending tax payer money in the markets. ……… what did they think all those Rich people would do when they heard the Fed was gonna stop proping it up………

  • d,d,

    …the site moderator stopped these name calling conspiracy theory nuts from posting ANYTHING BUT comments about cable news or same subject matter

    – –
    I’d like Robert to address why the comments were cut off. I was told by a poster it was because of race statements & the F word. Apple said comments had been some years ago before reappearing.

    I don’t want swearing or racial rants either , &, if that is the reason , so be it, but, why not, just ban the posters who engaged in it?

    Newsies are a breed of individuals that follow news, hopefully , all of it . They have opinions based on their own ‘conformational biases.’ News is as much a hobby to us as golf , crafts , etc. are to others
    – –
    ….in the case of all these bitter low life’s

    To call us this, diminishes you , for many of us have rich ,full , well educated lives. The fact that we choose to meet for social interaction ,& sharing of info. should be no skin off your nose.

  • Coffee Steve

    Just got home from shopping, the quantity is still getting smaller, but the price remains the same or is higher.

    I Agree with your post d.d., But I think our room troll is back trying to get it completely shut down, that all he wanted to do anyway.

  • Coffee Steve

    Someone else is leaving the Dark Side

    *Howard Kurtz Joining Fox News To Anchor New Version Of Fox News Watch

  • SteveB

    Coffee Steve.

    Thats exactly what i was thinking.

    brings me to a famous line William Shatner .. “YELLED”

  • Coffee Steve


    I mean



  • Coffee Steve

    If the market is reacting like this to something that “may” happen, what will it do when it’s official?

    You simply cannot run an economy on fake monopoly money cause in time you have to back it up with REAL money and we are BROKE, we DON’T have any, we’re 17 Trillion in debt

    There I got it out, I feel much better now

  • Coffee Steve

    Story is now on TVBN

    *Howard Kurtz to Anchor Weekend Media Program on FOX News Channel

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  • Sicilian Papa

    The Howie Krutz page is now open!

  • Sicilian Papa

    Dow is down. Which of us said the monopoly money economy would run into trouble?

    I do believe it was the righties preaching this message.

  • Sicilian Papa

    Claims for unemployment are spiking and growth is 2%. That is with the monopoly money.

  • Sicilian Papa

    The media will describe the losses on Wall St. as “profit taking.”

    If a Republican was in office it would be a “market crash.”

  • Coffee Steve

    Comment section is open in the Howard joins Fox board to Mike

  • Coffee Steve

    Mike? Its dropping to minus 350 and falling

  • lbsles

    Any body home?

  • Linnai

    CNN and Msnbc seem to be really struggling horribly. They keep changing formats and lack any type of credibility with the way they spin news facts to benefit Obama. It’s amazing how they don’t see the audience can see the hypocrisy and spin. Fox spins also but at least they do have some truth!

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