Nick's New 'Sam & Cat', 'SpongeBob SquarePants' Top All TV With Kids

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June 18th, 2013

Sam & Cat 2

via press release:


Nickelodeon Posts 21 Straight Weeks of Growth
NEW YORK–June 18, 2013–Nickelodeon continued fueling its ratings momentum with the latest addition to its live-action lineup, Sam & Cat, and the most-watched animated series for the past 12 years, SpongeBob SquarePants, both of which topped with kids this week. SpongeBob SquarePants was the number-one series for the week with kids 2-11 and averaged a 5.1/1.7 million K2-11 (+38%), and 3.2 million total viewers; and Sam & Cat was the number-one live-action program with K2-11, averaging a 4.7/1.6 million K2-11 (+2%) and 2.8 million total viewers.
Nickelodeon also marked its 21st consecutive week of year-over year gains, posting a 2.8/924,000, up +8% among kids 2-11, and averaging 1.7 million total viewers.
  • NickMe

    Good for Sam & Cat!!!! :D

  • Nathan

    Considering it was up against Monsters Inc and Man of Steel that was decent.

  • MKlein

    I like Sam & Cat!
    But, wow from 4,2M -> 2,8M thats hard,okay there are atm still more 18 episodes. :)

  • AJ

    Wow, Sam & Cat… More like Fail & Flop :D

  • Nathan

    Wow do you NOT have something better to do than to hate on a kids show? Shows how pathetic you are. Get a life, troll.

  • Mark

    I think Nickelodeon should just stick to airing cartoons. They don’t make shows the way they used to anymore.

  • #bravod

    Sam and Cat got 2.580 million viewers on Staurday night, via The Futon Critic

  • LuvLiz

    Poor Same & Cat. I don’t see it making a run as long as a regular Dan Schneider show. Maybe 2 seasons at the most. Unfortunately, nobody really liked the pilot and now its going to be hard to recover.

  • Nick


    How To Rock’s 2nd episode did more than Sam and Cat’s 2nd episode!

    I’m pumped. According to Nickelodeon it did 2.8 million and futon critic said it did 2.5 million. Regardless of who is correct, How to Rock’s 2nd episode still did better at 3.2 Million viewers. How to Rock only dropped 100k between Pilot and Episode 2. Sam at Cat at minimum slipped 1.4 million. Could be 1.7 million if futon critic is correct.

    So VINDICATION! It’s little hollow since How to Rock is still over but it’s something.

  • Nick

    So it’s official it did 2.58 million. Nickelodeon lied in there press release it seems. Nickelodeon stay losing.

  • Nick

    Here is the official week to week drop. 4.156M to 2.580M (1.576M drop, -38%)

  • Nathan

    Your forgot to mention that even though the show was given a huge KCA lead in, it failed to exceed 3 million viewers for the rest of the season, and its highly promoted 1 hour special FLOPPED in the ratings.

  • Nick

    Ah…How To Rock didn’t get a KCA lead in when it started. Do your research before you make faulty claims. The KCA was the lead in to the 9th episode that aired, “How to Rock a Secret Agent” and it did 4.4 Million. Nice try Nathan.

  • Nick

    Also, the first episode after David Israel told me it was cancelled, How To Rock A Love Song…the 15th episode of the season..Did 2.8 Million. Which is better than Sam and Cat’s 2nd episode got. As I said, Try Again Nathan.

  • Nick

    The Episode after How to Rock was cancelled by Nickelodeon did better than Sam and Cat’s 2nd episode. So Don’t test me when it comes to Ratings. After it was cancelled Nickelodeon stopped promoting it. So the ratings after that I payed no mind to cause the decision was made already that there would be no 2nd season.

  • AJ

    Yeah, just shut the f*** up, Nathan.

  • Nathan

    Immature & In denial kids aren’t wanted here AJ, nor are needed.

    @Nick How about you use YOUR brain? No where in my comment did I state that the show got a KCA lead in when it started. I said even though the show was given a HUGE kca LEAD in, it could manage to pull 3 million viewers after that episode. Get YOUR facts right. That show is canned, get over it. Move on.

  • Nathan


  • Nick

    Sam and Cat bombed. Get over it.

  • Nick

    Bombed? It just scored 3.1 million viewers on a repeat. Something How To Rock couldn’t even do. LOL! Hey Nick, could you tell me the ratings for the HTR series finale? ;)

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