Nick's New 'Sam & Cat', 'SpongeBob SquarePants' Top All TV With Kids

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June 18th, 2013

Sam & Cat 2

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Nickelodeon Posts 21 Straight Weeks of Growth
NEW YORK–June 18, 2013–Nickelodeon continued fueling its ratings momentum with the latest addition to its live-action lineup, Sam & Cat, and the most-watched animated series for the past 12 years, SpongeBob SquarePants, both of which topped with kids this week. SpongeBob SquarePants was the number-one series for the week with kids 2-11 and averaged a 5.1/1.7 million K2-11 (+38%), and 3.2 million total viewers; and Sam & Cat was the number-one live-action program with K2-11, averaging a 4.7/1.6 million K2-11 (+2%) and 2.8 million total viewers.
Nickelodeon also marked its 21st consecutive week of year-over year gains, posting a 2.8/924,000, up +8% among kids 2-11, and averaging 1.7 million total viewers.
  • Nathan

    & I have no idea why I put my name as Nick.. maybe his stupidity is starting to get to me..

  • Nathan

    Yup 1.8 million viewers. LMAO. Marvin Marvin’s last two episodes scored higher than that crappy show. I now know why your obsessed with How To Rock. It’s all over your time line! (@slicknickshady) You are 27 years old.. and having an argument with me, a teenager, over a show made for kids. You aren’t even in any of the target demos, something How To Rock also flopped in.

  • Nick

    Nathan you are such a moron. It had been cancelled so it doesn’t matter what the finale got.

    You ignored my point. The episode after How To Rock was cancelled got 2.8 million. More than Sam and Cat’s second episode so try again.

    Sam and Cat is garbage. It bombed. Move on.

  • Nathan

    You IGNORED MY POINT. A recent Sam & Cat episode got 3.1 million viewers, on a repeat, idiot. How To Rock couldn’t even do that. A kids show that gets 3.1 million viewers, and 0.6 in the demo, hasn’t bombed. You’re 27. GROW UP. You have no kids. You obviously have no life if you’re defending a show that was canceled months ago, and wasn’t even made for people your age. That just shows you have no life, and you’re jealous that Sam & Cat is getting 10x the amount of buzz How to Rock ever had.

    Comment when you can find a How to Rock episode that managed to get 3.1 million viewers on a repeat, just like Sam & Cat did this week. Plus, I love how you FAILED to mention the show premiered to 4.1 million viewers WITHOUT a lead in. How To Rock, which was promoted 2 MONTHS AHEAD OF ITS PREMIERE, couldn’t even pass 3.5 million viewers.

  • Nathan

    Someone seriously needs to travel to Michigan and slap the “How to Rock” out of you. I have never – in my life – seen a man, who is about to turn 30 in a few years, obsessed with a Nickelodeon tv show…now if you had kids, that would be different – but you don’t. You’re probably going to grow up to be a ped..nevermind! :)

  • TheTruth

    You guys are arguing about ratings :/…really Nathan you say that Nick doesnt have a life, when you are kind of in the same position…go out and socialize, play a sport, read a book, just do something instead of going on stranger’s twitter for info about their life, u say youre a teen so do what teens do. In the end you both need to grow up, and just live life…cuz its way too short to be arguing over tv shows.

    Btw, In my opinion Sam and Cat is a downgrade from all the shows Dan has created to be honest, and it doesn’t have the potential to make it as long as one of Dan’s shows would normally. I believe that Nick messed up when they cancelled Victorious to be honest and Sam and Cat is unable to resurrect the network from such a horrible slice in its marketing (although they believed it would). And I wouldnt even talk about Marvin Marvin. Overall Nickelodeon is digging a hole for themselves, and sadly the hole is only getting bigger as the days progress. Their only hope is Spongebob and Big Time Rush rite now :/…And they would have had a better chance of survival if How to Rock was still on to be honest.

    Its my opinion in the end, so dont try chopping off my head for it…its just how i feel about the whole thing.

    Peace Everyone, and enjoy the rest if the 2013 year :)

  • LuvLiz

    Where did you get the numbers that it had 3.1 on a repeat? I can’t find those numbers but I wish it was true. I hope they get better ratings because I really like the show. I think Victorious was better, but it had a better setting and the cast was epic. Ari, Vic, Liz, Avan, Leon…. it will never get better than that.

    I understand that Nick is losing big time to Disney in ratings and they wanted to shake things up a bit. Viacom stock was falling and they had to make some major executive changes. I think they were hoping all the internet hits that Ari and Jeanette have online would translate to ratings but so far they haven’t. I don’t know why either. Maybe they need to bring in some guest stars to appear and generate some interest like when they had Kesha on Victorious.

    Anyways, I just dropped in to find this weeks ratings but they havent been posted but my fingers are crossed for at least 3.5 this week. I think thats a good improvement from last week.

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