Tuesday Final Ratings: 'The Voice' & 'America's Got Talent' Adjusted Up + Final Basketball Numbers

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June 19th, 2013


The Voice and America's Got Talent were adjusted up one tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings. The final basketball numbers are also below.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for June 18, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC America's Got Talent 3.0 9 11.75
FOX So You Think You Can Dance (8-10PM) 1.4 4 3.86
ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night 1.2 4 3.62
CBS NCIS -R 1.1 4 8.13
CW Hart of Dixie -R 0.3 1 0.68
8:30PM ABC NBA Countdown 2.0 7 5.36
9:00PM ABC NBA Finals Game 6 (9-11PM) 8.5 25 20.64
NBC The Voice (9-11PM) -Results Finale 4.4 12 15.59
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles -R 0.8 2 6.03
CW America's Next Top Model -R 0.3 1 0.57
10:00PM CBS Person of Interest -R 0.9 2 5.28


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  • Ben Thompson

    Wow great numbers for Game 6. Game 7 could hit a 10.0.

  • Michael

    Amazing numbers for NBC! Wow, the finale for The Voice demo tied with the last spring edition of the show. This was also the most viewed finale EVER for The Voice!

  • Kate

    Worried for So You Think You Can Dance… I hope it goes up now that the competition is starting and since it won’t be against The Voice and basketball.

  • rob60990

    Holy cow, that’s a huge upward adjustment for the game.

  • Michael

    I’m surprised NBC didn’t issue a press release for The Voice & AGT. Being the most viewed finale for the show is something worth mentioning. Oh well..

  • Melissa

    Great numbers for The Voice and the NBA Finals.

  • John A

    AGT holding up well.

  • Sam

    Wow! 20 million? Nice!

  • TomJH

    WOW. Game 7 is gonna be huge. I think it will come close to the 2010 game 7 in viewership and even closer in the 18-49 demo.

  • MichaelChickless

    Guess I wasn’t the only one watching the game last night (though I also watched an SVU that I recorded in November).

  • Gregg

    Wow. Those numbers for the NBA, are just as high as football. ABC just won the summer crown with those numbers. Not including tommorows game. I bet they get 10.0 in demo

  • Max Vrany

    Good NBA Finals numbers, but I don’t think Thursday’s Game 7 will beat 2010’s Game 7 (28.5 million viewers, 11.4 A18-49), but it should obliterate everything else and be the highest rated show of the summer.

  • forg

    If Game 7 will be as close as Game 6 then there’s a really a great chance it could score a 10.00

    Too bad after NBA, ABC summer ratings will go back to its usual awful state. ABC really needs some big time sports programming during the regular season

  • NBC Fan

    Wow! Fantastic numbers for the NBA Game!

    Surprised to see America’s Got Talent steady. Last week’s episode was two hours and aired when HUT levels are higher.

  • MarkMyWords

    Wow! Over 35 million viewers between the NBA and The Voice and 12.9 million demo viewers. I was at the movie theater last night at 7:30 and was packed with a line well out the door (10 screens) and every seat in my showing of This Is The End being full (I’m in a town of 28,000 three hours north of LA). I wouldn’t have expected that with both the NBA Finals and The Voice going on but it is $5 Tuesdays at my local theater and I’m in CA where most people here are Lakers fans. Still I’m amazed over 40 million people where watching network TV at the same time and my local theater was jam packed.

  • Alienware

    The game was an instant classic, it deserves those huge ratings.

  • Ultima

    Those numbers for the NBA, are just as high as football.

    More like…

    Those numbers for the sixth game of the NBA Finals are about the same as a regular season NFL game!

    If you want to actually compare playoff games, this year’s NFC and AFC Championship Games drew 42.0 and 47.7 million viewers, respectively.

  • Ultima

    12.9 million demo viewers

    Ratings are listed as a percentage, not in millions of viewers. A 12.9 rating is 16.3 million viewers.

  • Michael

    Was looking forward to a press release from NBC!

  • forg

    And The Voice did really well especially with the competition

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