Guess the Ratings for Tonight's 'Hannibal' Finale (Poll)

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June 20th, 2013

Hannibal - Season 1

Tonight sees the finale of renewed crime drama Hannibal, one of the most divisive shows regularly discussed on TVBTN. Last week the show hit a new low 0.7 adults 18-49 rating against game 4 of the NBA Finals. Tonight, the competition is even more intense against Game 7.  Is another new low in store? Or will fans show up and help the series rebound? Cast your vote below and tell us why in the comments.

  • AJ


  • Dennis

    New series low
    0.5 :D

  • Lucas Melo

    0.4 for sure!

  • 90990

    Dennis, you HATE ON EVERYTHING. Go to hell.

  • gerry

    0.6 – sorry, i hear the show is great, but i’m a realist and if it only pulled 0.7 last week and basketball is heightened, its going to drop y’all.

  • Jared

    I’d predict between 0.5-0.6

  • MichaelChickless

    Curse you, Game 7. Though I’ll probably flip over to the game during the commercials.

    Hoping for at least a 0.8.

  • Dennis


    Wow those are high hopes :D

  • MichaelChickless

    Hey, a guy can dream.

  • Dan S

    I’ll say it stays steady at 0.7 since its the finale & up against game 7

  • KarenM

    0.7 – It’s going up against Game 7. It doesn’t have a chance.

  • bruins

    0.7, probably doubles to 1.4 in C3 viewing over the weekend

  • Ravenrei

    Game 7’s gonna wreck it. Hopefully it’ll stay around 0.6-0.7, but at least it’s already renewed. I’ll be watching whenever it appears in 2014!

  • Potato

    A better poll will be “How many times will the word FLOPIBAL appear in the comments?”

  • HalCapone

    7.0 and then a movie. Oh wait, the movie was already done years ago. Seriously, the ratings will be below 0.7 for sure. This is a very high quality limited run show that will expire after its limited run next year.

  • Michael

    The show didn’t do well when it barely had any competition, I definitely don’t expect it to do well with competition from Basketball.


  • John A

    0.7. Its the Finale surely it wont drop again.

  • NBC Fan


  • CBSviewer


  • Immortal

    Hi to all Tv fans,

    now that it has been established, that the finale won’t be a ratings hit, I have a question for everyone:

    Has there ever been one or more tv shows, that were first renewed (for example – for season 2), but then cancelled again (which would mean no season 2 after all), because of falling ratings towards the end of the running season? I mean like UN-RENEWED, because the decision to renew was made to early and the mistake was corrected before the new season was produced. I googled for a while, but had no luck…

    Thanx for some good examples of tv shows, where “un-renewing” happened!

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