Howard Kurtz to Anchor Weekend Media Program on FOX News Channel

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June 20th, 2013


Veteran media reporter Howard Kurtz is moving to FOX News Channel and will anchor a version of what is now called Fox News Watch. He will also contribute a regular column to, commenting on social media news, industry trends and breakthroughs, in addition to looking at how media are used in politics. He will begin this new role on July 1st.






  • Coffee Steve

    Should be a very good move for Howard, congrats to him and Fox news

  • Doug

    Congrats to Fox News for hiring a guy who has been caught lying and misrepresenting facts multiple times – something which Fox News itself covered repeatedly this past spring.


  • Sicilian Papa

    Howie seems to be a fair broker. I watched his show on CNN.

  • Coffee Steve


    Yep, feel the same way about him, With Henry, Roberts, and Now Howard moving from CNN to Fox, and the recent hiring of Como and others it seems like the puzzle of which direction CNN is going is now clear, and it’s not the middle, it’s going deeper into the dark side :-)

  • Coffee Steve


    Thanks TVBN for even letting us occasionally touch base, it is much appreciated

  • mikey0

    Oh my I bet their may be some fireworks between him and O’Reilly. O’Reilly has call him out a few times.

  • mikey0

    Hello Coffee Steve and SP

  • Coffee Steve

    Howdy right back at ya MickeyO

    Keep your food supplies handy, the stock market is crashing, already around minus -300

  • roly

    He comes accross as fair and balanced.

  • Coffee Steve


    A lot of us think so as well roly, and since he catches it from both sides, he must be down the middle most the time, he’ll do fine on that show on Fox

  • SteveB

    So some analysts are saying that this could be the beginning of the Correction. that it could drop by as much as 15%. I believe when the real correction comes its gonna be alot bigger then that……..

  • HRJ

    Can’t we all just get along?

    The Ed Show is back on weekends. Take a watch.

  • NY Surfer Dude

    Yippeeee; the trolls haven’t found this comment section yet.

  • Laurence Glavin

    I wouldn’t worry about a raw “Dow Jones Industrial Average” figure. There was bound to be a stock-average correction if there was a chance for a whiff of inflation. Remember: the “DJIA” is NOT an average! It’s a weighted number arrived at by actually adding the prices of thirty selected stocks many of which are not actually industrial firms (Disney; McDonald’s) and multiplying by about 7 or 8 because the DIVISOR IS A FRACTION. Now is a buying opportunity based on a declining deficit, an improved housing outlook, and increased private-sector hiring. If sequestration went away and more government spending at all levels came about (like during the Reagan years…honest), stocks will resume an upward trend.

  • Laurence Glavin

    Oh, and one other thing: “Reliable Sources” was the ONLY show on CNN I watched with any regularity. No more.

  • SteveB

    The fear is. The real investors. The rich. are gonna get their money out when the Fed says. we are done…… When the Fed stops throwing the Easy money at the Rich. the rich will Sell off …….

  • Sicilian Papa

    O. wants a new Fed chief that will play ball. He wants that 85 billion, in monopoly money, pumped into the economy, to continue for 4 more years. A disaster? Well…yes but O. is turning out to be a disaster on everything Afghanistan, the Arab spring, debt, Obamacare, unemployment, integrity, honesty, corruption and a lot more.

    I am repeating myself, he needs to kill Bin Laden again.

    O. couldn’t even give a decent speech because of a teleprompter malfunction.

    A media creation that is crashing before our eyes.

  • Coffee Steve

    Just got back and going out again BUT

    The Asian markets are in real danger folks they are on the borderline of collapsing. Not good.. Could carry over here Friday, another Black Friday? Hope not


  • Ratboy

    Hey there ya all! Good to see you guys and reading the posts. Hopefully we will be given more opportunity to comment here.

  • Coffee Steve

    Wheww 400 bucks food shopping, can anyone lend me some gas money?

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