Howard Kurtz to Anchor Weekend Media Program on FOX News Channel

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June 20th, 2013


Veteran media reporter Howard Kurtz is moving to FOX News Channel and will anchor a version of what is now called Fox News Watch. He will also contribute a regular column to, commenting on social media news, industry trends and breakthroughs, in addition to looking at how media are used in politics. He will begin this new role on July 1st.






  • Hillbilly

    d.d. – I miss bumping in to H.B.

    Hillbilly misses “bumping” in to you too. ;)

  • Hillbilly

    Posted July 9, 2013 at 10:05 AM
    Dreamer wrote: “…Have not seen Hillbilly in a while. Cheers!”

    That too is my reaction when I don’t see Hillbilly. :grin:
    There haven’t been any posts about Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty lately. He might just comment in the post about ‘The Legend of Shelby The Swamp Man’.


    :cry: :mad: :cry:


  • BevAG


    Welcome back!

    I agree with you about the Zimmerman trial. I think cameras should not be allowed in the courtroom. People from the judges to the attorneys to witnesses to court watchers all behave differently when there’s cameras in the courtroom.

    People just seem to get a fascination with court trials like the fascination with seeing a car wreck. I’ve worked in the courtroom 25 years. The reality is that court trials are boring and should be boring. Court trials should be the forum where a prosecutor must prove their evidence against the person being charged. Everything should be scrutinized and then an end result. Getting to that point is a relatively slow and boring and methodical process.

    When you have this process on camera, it becomes this sensationalized event. That is not justice. That is a kangaroo court. Everyone behaves differently. Justice is not served.

    Court trials should be reported on the old fashioned way, with a reporter in the courtroom writing for the newspaper the evidence as it’s unfolding.

  • d.d.

    So nice to hear from two of my favorite online friends, Coffee & H.B. Hope Rats is well. (Steve, been reading about the hacking deaths of Christians in Africa in the foreign papers)

    While I’m now on a few other haunts, I’m not that thrilled with them. So much news ; so much distortion & that goes for comments, too. I guess it is too much to ask for posters to be civil any more , as even we found out here.

    Factoid for the day:

    According to the Congressional Budget Office’s initial forecast made in March 2010, ObamaCare was supposed to cut the deficit a total of $124 billion in its first decade.

    Instead of a $124 billion deficit cut from 2010 to 2019, ObamaCare will likely add about $18 billion in red ink over those same years

    Meanwhile, the Obama administration has also been putting off steep cuts to the Medicare Advantage program, which were supposed to help cover ObamaCare costs.

  • AppleStinx

    It took a little longer for H.B. to take the bait than I thought. :grin:

  • Coffee Steve


    This Zimmerman case should have never went to trial, and in doing some research, it seems the Grand Jury was duped. But “after the fact” the state was allowed to simply put aside what the grand jury saw that was false like it never happened.

    (Steve, been reading about the hacking deaths of Christians in Africa in the foreign papers)

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg d.d., the number of villages we went too that have been attacked are mind blowing, the stories are horrible, and the sad part is? Governments, (not just ours) are just turning their heads so the guilty parties fear nothing.

    It took a little longer for H.B. to take the bait than I thought

    All the ladies tell me how easy he really is :mrgreen:

  • BevAG

    Steve, I agree that this Zimmerman case never should have been brought to trial. I hope he gets a not guilty and I hope that people don’t riot because of it.

    Hopefully, many in the African American community saw that there’s nothing clear cut about this case like was unfortunately originally promoted.

  • AppleStinx

    Seeing that showing high-profile trials is one sure way for certain channels to get out of the ratings cellar, are we going to see these same channels reporting crimes through selective prisms so to elevate them to “crime-of-the-century” status?

  • AppleStinx

    George Zimmerman was found not guilty.

  • BevAG

    WOW!!! Apple, thank you. I was working so hard that I didn’t see this. I’m SO excited!!! I’m so happy to hear this.

    Justice was served.

  • Dreamer

    From the great Manfred Mann

    You are the time between solar fire and the silence,
    You are the last chord in the symphony of the lost,
    You are the sign between the high road and the low road,
    You are the pen in the moving hand of time.

  • Dreamer

    Ps. I would have thought that a Fox lvr would have liked you all. haaha

  • BevAG


    FoxLVR just likes the TV shows on Fox. He/she is a Liberal/Democrat. Can’t stand the fact that Fox is always on top of CNN and MSNBC, so they have a sour attitude.

    But I always think it’s funny when someone comes onto a chat forum and accuses others of not having a life because they chat, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

    The hypocrisy of the Left is never-ending, even in a chat forum. lol I find it humorous.

    I’m so glad George Zimmerman got a NOT GUILTY!!!! A case that should have never been a case from the get-go. :)

  • d.d.

    Oh, Coffee. I’m so sorry.

    “Nigerian Islamists stripped 22 boarding school students & headmaster naked. Then the killers lined the children up on the ground, shot them dead and torched their bodies.”

    (Nigeria News)

  • BevAG


    That is so tragic. Your post made me immediately break out in tears. Who are THESE people? They’re savages. How can anyone do that to children?

    I saw that young girl who was shot in the face by the Taliban for speaking out about going to school. She spoke at the U.N. She’s beautiful. She is so well spoken and has come through in spite of those savages.

  • AppleStinx

    BevAG wrote: “…Who are THESE people? They’re savages. How can anyone do that to children?”

    Apparently this kind of atrocity is committed with the goal of provoking the government into reacting oppressively against Muslim communities, which facilitates recruitment in those communities for the extremist Islamist group.

  • BevAG


    It sounds like a vicious cycle. Is there no end in sight for this stuff?

  • Coffee Steve

    @d.d., Apple & Bev

    Oh, Coffee. I’m so sorry

    This is just a taste of what’s happening, the Government there is trying to do things, they have made a small dent, but guys the areas are so remote and the villages are so scattered, the bad guys have pretty much free reign and many escape routes.

    I cannot post some of the details on what else has been going on there. To gruesome and I honestly cry and hurt for those good people, they are filled with nothing but love and no hate at all in their hearts.

    Those of you in the faith, keep praying for them.

  • Coffee Steve

    PS: (Monday 11PM EST)

    Careful out there Apple, LA is starting to get ugly, and reports are coming in about some black men beating a Mississippi man in retaliation for the Martin Kid.

  • AppleStinx

    Coffee Steve wrote: “Careful out there Apple, LA is starting to get ugly,…”

    Thanks for the warning. Since one of the routes south to LA goes through Oakland, I’m more motivated to stay put for now.

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