Howard Kurtz to Anchor Weekend Media Program on FOX News Channel

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June 20th, 2013


Veteran media reporter Howard Kurtz is moving to FOX News Channel and will anchor a version of what is now called Fox News Watch. He will also contribute a regular column to, commenting on social media news, industry trends and breakthroughs, in addition to looking at how media are used in politics. He will begin this new role on July 1st.






  • lbsles

    @ Bex Ag

    Sorry about the link try this.

    Goes straight to the video.

    http : // www

    Here is the link to the inventory

    http : // www . vanderbrinkauctions .com/auction_images/135/documents/Inventory.pdf

  • mikey0

    Good morning looks like middle east is heating up again. Did they appove Keystone pipeline yet ? Thought June was the month for them to decide ?

  • AppleStinx

    Another hot, hot day; up to 95F here north of San Francisco.

    Summer Wine – Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood

    youtube . com/watch?v=325jxJIJkJM

  • lbsles

    Nobody wants to post here anymore

  • d.d.

    Happy Independence Day!

    Nobody wants to post here anymore

    Not so. Apple, who has been here the longest, doesn’t feel we should post politics. We might not get our Cable News Ratings blog back if we abuse this.

    We have horrible weather, &, I’m on my way out to work for service organization. My husband started cooking chicken at 5AM so he’s probably pretty cold & wet.

    Most of you should have a good day !

  • bnbishop

    Seems to me that USAA666, Mark and Jeffie accomplished what they set out to do. Shut down right leaning blogs. Aand they will do it again if given the chance.

  • AppleStinx

    Happy Independence Day, d.d.

    Odd as it may seem, I think they don’t want us to talk about cable news ratings (the numbers), or perhaps us dragging those numbers through some bogus ratings comparisons/analysis.
    They’ve tolerated politics for years, however discussions have invariably degenerated to vile flame-throwing. One or other offender may be easy to overlook/control, but when regulars join in, it’s a different story. Again, I’m only guessing. :cool:

    This is going to be one very hot 4th of July. The city has been wasting money redrawing traffic lanes again; they probably have some extra for fireworks today.

  • bnbishop

    I was raised in northern CA but had to flee to a no tax state. (WA).
    Do you live in the “State of Jefferson”?

  • AppleStinx


    I live in the “State of Confusion”. :lol:
    North of San Francisco.

  • lbsles

    mess bs just keeps dumbing down the low information voters.


    MSNBC will host a unique fan experience from the Essence Festival that will allow festival goers to join in efforts to strengthen and empower our communities. MSNBC talent including Reverend Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Ed Schultz, Melissa Harris-Perry, Alex Wagner, Tamron Hall, Joy-Ann Reid, Toure, and Mara Schiavocampo will participate in several ESSENCE Empowerment Experience daytime panels, book signings and meet and greets throughout the weekend.

    Follow TV by the Numbers on Twitter, Facebook or RSS for all the latest.

  • lbsles

    Cable News Daily Ratings for Tuesday, July 2, 2013

    Same o same o

    Nothing new here just keep on scrolling past.

    CNN beat mess bs in every hour posted.

    They must love celebrating being third.

  • d.d.

    Still gloomy & raining in my little corner of the US. The guys have 5 tents to get down from the 4th, but , probably not in this rain. We went to a party on the 3rd, so , at least we did see some fireworks between rain showers.


    I didn’t know what you meant by “when regulars join in” Was I involved in hurting our ability to post ? ? ? I do now know about the language & what that was all about. I’m aware that you don’t know anything with any certainty.

    I just know that I’m trying to do nothing to offend our moderators, but, I do miss you all !

  • Dreamer

    Hi all, we are getting rain as well. It at least stopped enough for us to shoot off some fireworks on the beach.

    In my opinion, I think it had a lot to do with people being able to post about shows. If someone wanted to post about liking a show on CNN, they should not be chastised for it. Or if I liked a show on MSNBC I should not hear a lot of negative feedback for it.

    Again my opinion. Hope all are well.

  • BevAG

    Hello, all. I hope you all had a great 4th of July!! Our local town had great fireworks. It was so great to see all the flags out today.

    I went to CVS for some red, white and blue stuff. The manager said, “We didn’t get any this year.”

    I said, “Has CVS forgotten what country we’re in?”

    He got nasty a bit with me when I said that and said, “We don’t have a big call for that stuff anymore.”

    I went across the street to Walgreen’s. They had half an aisle of items that were picked through that I was able to got some stuff that I needed for the table.

    CVS are big Obama supporters. The CEO of CVS gave Obama tons of money during the campaign. I wonder what they have against the 4th of July?

    I do miss you all and wish that we could post on the daily post, but I guess we can’t. It doesn’t matter. I’ll connect with you all here.

    I wish the others would come back as well. I have tried to find Chriscee to let her know to come this way, but I haven’t been able to find her.

  • AppleStinx

    d.d. wrote: [I didn’t know what you meant by “when regulars join in”…]

    It’s when regulars become flame-throwers in reaction to trolls, and to some extent when folks try to win trolls over with honey and end up keeping them around. (I’m not saying that you did either thing, by the way.)

  • AppleStinx

    An airplane crashed at SFO. The approach over the bay waters when landing is always scary. Sometimes you look out a window and it feels like your plane is going to end up in water.

  • BevAG


    I saw that. My heart goes out to all of those who lost lives. It’s a sad day when this happens.

  • BevAG

    I just happened to be going past the living room and Fox was on and they said that it appears that no lives were lost on the San Francisco plane crash. He said that was not confirmed, though.

    I’m so happy for those people. Now I just hope their injuries were as minimal as could be hoped for.

  • d.d.

    THANK YOU, Apple. I know exactly what you are talking about now. You always have a good pulse on the thread.

    BevAG & Apple, I read where two had died in the San Francisco airplane crash .There were 291 people aboard This tragedy touches us all.

    CBS states 6 Dead, 28 Wounded In Holiday Weekend Shootings so far.

    Plus, a high-powered rifle lost in the Fast and Furious program was used to kill a Mexican police chief in Jalisco state, the LA Times reported.

    Still raining . Loooong day !

  • d.d.

    (6 dead , 28 wounded in Chicago)

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