Discovery Channel Rides With Notorious Biker Club in New Series 'Warlocks Rising'

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June 21st, 2013


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Series Premieres July 5 at 9 PM ET/PT


(NEW YORK, NY) – Take a ride with the Warlocks Motorcycle Club as Discovery enters the secret brotherhood of a notorious biker club in Florida. With its members struggling to balance family and club life, WARLOCKS RISING gives a never-before-seen look at this unpredictable subculture Friday, July 5 at 9 PM ET/PT.


WARLOCKS RISING goes inside The Warlocks, one of the country’s most infamous 1% motorcycle clubs.  The 1% moniker stems from a controversial quote from the American Motorcycle Association stating that 99% of all motorcycle riders are law abiding citizens, implying that 1% were not.  Today, 1% motorcycle clubs are considered outlaws by law enforcement and the government.  Despite this reputation and risk, these Warlocks members devote their loyalty to the club, putting brotherhood above all else; no risk is too great.  But this loyalty is the root cause of their biggest conflict – attempting to balance family life with the violent subculture the Warlocks live in. Each episode follows this group of bikers as they struggle to solve their personal problems while staying true to the Warlocks’ 1% life. But in the end, each of them must choose to make sacrifices to pay the price for the freedom they desire.


WARLOCKS RISING is produced for Discovery by  Discovery Studios. Stuart Schonfeld, Cameron P. Casey, Eddie Barbini, and Brian Knappmiller  are executive producers.


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  • Hillbilly

    If your “notorious biker club” is letting a TV crew follow you around, you probably ain’t so notorious. ;)


  • BiPolarPoet

    LOL! Another fake motorcycle show to go along with Devils Ride. Discovery, WTF are you folks doing over there.UGH!

  • MyzOne

    Actually the Warlocks are probably the MOST notorious and violent biker gang next to the hells angels. Then again all the old biker gangs have been really quiet for about 15 years. So it’s weird they’d do a reality show.

  • chick

    love the Warlocks!!!

  • Whitey 23

    Syl 23 Warlocks forever forever Warlocks !!

  • cnote

    Could someone really get away with wearing a warlock patch and be fakes?

  • Joe

    Another stupid, fake show from the discovery channel pushing it out as a reality show. Major stupidity. These guys are sissies with a scripted tv show.

  • LincolnPete

    Anyone wants to bad mouth a Warlock in these messages why not also leave your contact details,no thought not!!!!!! your the pussies and don’t pretend otherwise.

  • Hammer

    It’s all about the money. Bet the discovery channel is paying out the ass…Go 23….

  • Nancy Pelosi

    The Warlocks are FAKE. The show is fake. Every episode is scripted. Dumbest show on earth with the dumbest D list actors. But go ahead, BELIEVE.

    LincolnPete, you sound like a pussy. Anyone that posts at 2AM is a dumbass drunk. Come F’ing fight me coward…

    Nancy Pelosi
    90 7th Street, Suite 2-800
    San Francisco, CA 94103

  • Jaysi

    I agree with nancy…this show is retarded fake. I’m watching it now, and it’s so easy to spot inconsistencies.

  • lynne

    I have lived in the biker world with a warlock and this is not a fake show ,its real life

  • showstopper

    I love the show warlocks….. kinda tired of reading comments stating that its fake… but everyone has a opinion… but would love to know when or if theres a new series comes on…

  • chad

    What a bunch of wanna be’s. This is a hardcore club, B.S. You guys are fakes and disrespect the 1% image. I could wipe your whole crew out myself. Pathetic. I live in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Come and visit me fools!

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