Game 7 Draws 26.3 Million - ABC's 2nd-Biggest-Ever NBA Game and TV's Top Telecast Since the Oscars

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June 21st, 2013


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Overshadowing Thursday with coverage of the deciding Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals (Miami-San Antonio), ABC beat the other networks combined by wide margins (CBS, NBC, Fox and CW) in  Total Viewers (+43%) and Adults 18-49 (+109%).  The Net dominated all 7 evenings of the 2013 NBA Finals among Adults 18-49 and each game of the series ranked as the #1 TV show of the night in Total Viewers and across all key Adults (AD18-34/AD18-49/AD25-54).  In Total Viewers and Adults 18-49, ABC scored its strongest Thursday in 3 years – since 6/17/10.


On average, the 2013 Jimmy Kimmel Live Game Night specials grew by double digits over last year in Total Viewers (+13%) and Adults 18-49 (+10%), delivering the annual program’s 2nd-biggest audience and equaling its best young adult number.


With the Miami Heat defeating the San Antonio Spurs to win its 2nd consecutive championship, ABC’s NBA Finals Game 7 (9-11:52pm ET) shot to the top of the night as Thursday’s dominant #1 TV program in Total Viewers and in each of the key Adult demographics.  In fact in both Total Viewers and Adults 18-49, Game 7 qualified as TV’s top telecast in 4 months - since ABC’s Oscar broadcast in February on 02/24/13.  In Total Viewers and all key Adult demos, Game 7 was ABC’s 2nd-biggest-ever NBA game – behind only the seventh game of 2010 LA-Boston series on 6/17/10.  Up by 5% over last year’s Miami-Oklahoma series on average, the 2013 NBA Finals finished as the 2nd-most-watched series since 2004.

  • Mr Mikey

    Wow, so College Football is more popular than the NBA?

  • tati

    wow fell short only by 1.7 mil.

  • Brett

    Yeah, the BCS title game beat this game by a full 100k viewers. What domination. And that was with Notre Dame and Alabama involved, the two most storied programs in college football.

  • Edward

    Granted that BCS game was a blowout. That did effect the result.

  • McGramm

    Of course, Football is king in the USA duh, but what this confirms is the NBA is the second major league in the USA behind the NFL, this is the fourth year in a roll that the NBA Finals beat the World Series rather handedly in the ratings.

  • K


    For how long? Heat are the team to beat for the foreseeable future. They have no competition at all.

  • Tom

    So a Nba finals game 7 with the Miami Heat can only beat the World Series Game 7 two years ago which didn’t have the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs etc… by less then 1 million viewers.

  • yoyo


  • Edward

    In the future down the road if I had to put my money on which league is set-up for stability. I would say NBA. Look at their regular season ratings for games. Pretty good. With stars like: Lebron, Durant, Rose. Their set-up nicely. Look at the demo….very impressive.

  • Brett


    That didn’t stop Jordan’s Bulls from pulling huge ratings in the Finals during the ’90s. And I wouldn’t exactly say the Heat have no competition. They were just pushed to the brink in the conference finals and finals.

  • Torrid

    :( Poor Tom! *sniff* *sniff* is the hockey playoffs is getting smashed by the big bad NBA …. hush now Tom Tom, nevermind – maybe next year, or the next or the next or the next or the ….ah shucks honnkey rulez …oops did I say that… I mean hockey rulz!!! :)

  • Torrid

    so amusing to watch the deflection by these desperate hockey fans – all of a sudden they don’t want to discuss NBA vs NHL again – hmmmm I wonder why? LOL!

    – these guys are so transparent … I just like to watch them squirm when the NBA playoff stats give a big fat finger to all their hopes and wild projections about their foreign sport becoming competitive with b’ball.

    Gonna get even worse next year – there really is no upside for you guys … Canada’s game is struggling for its place in America because … because … I gotta say it …apart from providing solace to a few racists here and there IT JUST DOES NOT FIT modern america. Deal with it guys!

  • yoyo


  • snoot

    Looks like great numbers until you compare it to the Super Bowl

  • Torrid


    How about comparing it to its actual current competition … you know the Stanley Cup Playoff? Wazzat…wazzat u said… *leaning in* ….speak up man!… u don’t wanna talk about that? … ok then.

    Snoot is a hoot! :)

  • Melanie P.

    @snoot, there is no doubt that the NFL rules as far as sports telecasts viewership, and the Super Bowl is like a national holiday in the US, but this is great for the NBA. Congrats Miami Heat on the repeat!!

  • gregg

    Abc will be the highest rated network for the summer.

  • SunshineBaby



    Not to mention little kids aged 8-14 bandwaggoning and cheering for Lebron, so funny.

    Congratulations, the NBA finals beat the Stanley cup Finals in ratings, while getting demolished in other major sports ratings.

  • AppleStinx

    It’s good to win a championship at home.

    Club picks up Heat’s champagne bill [$100K].

    David Grutman, who owns Story Nightclub, where most of the players partied after the Game 7 win Thursday night, and LIV, where they celebrated last year, said the players ordered 100 bottles of Dom Perignon and three 3-liter bottles of champagne. Grutman said the club sells the standard 750-milliliter bottles of Dom Perignon for $850 each and the club sells 3-liter bottles, called Jeroboams, for $5,000.

    (from ESPN)

  • Johnson

    NBA is the most popular american sports league outside america

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