NBA Finals Game 7: Second Highest-Rated NBA Game in ABC History

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June 21st, 2013


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NBA Finals Game 7: Second Highest-Rated NBA Game in ABC History


NBA Finals Game 7 on ABC – the Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs in a thriller to repeat as NBA Champions – delivered a 17.7 overnight rating, according to Nielsen. This is the second highest-rated NBA game in ABC history. The telecast peaked at a 22.6 from 11:30 p.m. – 11:45 p.m. ET.


Game 7 is also expected to mark the 37thconsecutive time an NBA Finals telecast has won the night for all of television and is the 25th straight time it has delivered double-digit overnight ratings.


The game generated a 44.2 metered market rating in Miami, making it the highest-rated NBA game ever in the market. Additionally, Game 7 scored big in San Antonio with a 46.4.


The 2013 NBA Finals averaged a 12.4 metered market rating, up five percent from an 11.8 for the 2012 NBA Finals.


In addition, the Kia NBA Countdown pre-game show scored a strong 5.4 overnight rating.


Digital records

Game 7 of The Finals on ABC live through special simulcasts on ESPN3 logged its largest NBA game ever with more than 32 million total minutes and an average minute audience of 189,000 across computers, smartphones, tablets, Xbox and Apple TV (source: Adobe SiteCatalyst).  Additionally, NBA content across ESPN digital platforms generated over 115 million total minutes, the largest single day of the NBA Playoffs and nearly half of which were consumed on mobile properties.  NBA content on also logged an average minute audience of 25,000 (up 64 percent compared to Games 1-6).


ESPN will televise the 2013 NBA Draft presented by State Farm on Thursday, June 27, at 7:30 p.m. The Draft is also available via WatchESPN.

  • poot

    Cheers to a great finals! Best part for me? Kawhi Leonard emerged as a star!!

  • Sparty

    And when was the largest audience for an NBA game on ABC? Don’t tease us with “the second largest” cmon now

  • Max Vrany

    @Sparty, 2010 Finals, Game 7.

  • TheFrenchGuy

    No informations about viewership ? I bet on 30 million.

  • DC

    Last night’s game got a 17.7 overnight rating, Lakers vs Celtics in 2010 got a 18.2 so pretty much not too far off the record. They still might finish around the same rating. As the game in 2010 got a 15.6, I would expect this game to between 14.5 to 15.3 somewhere around there.

  • anybody

    does anyone know what the typical top rated tv programs are each year? Like I know (or believe) the Superbowl is #1. But how do the Grammys, Oscars, NBA finals rank?

  • Jim

    NBA stinks. It is fixed

  • kbmv


    Biggest was 2010 game 7 Lakers/Celtics 18.2.

  • Sportstardnaught

    It never ceases to amaze me:

    “WE” won

    ‘MY” team

    People attaching their emotion to events between two business franchises with which they have absolutely no real connection. Their is no reason to take pride or be sad about a win or loss than if Mcdonalds has a good year.

    The performance of individual athletes or the teams they are contracted to play for is absolutely no reflection upon the fanatic who pays exorbitant amounts of money for parking, tickets, food, drink, shirts, programs, etc.

    And seeing events on tv, going in person, reading about it on the net and newspaper, watching sports shows are still not enough sports entertainment, some have to play “fantasy” sports. This on top of video games, internet, cinematic movies and other shows and one’s telephone… LOL

    The real question is, why do people have such an unquenchable need for entertainment?

    Back in the days before all this garbage, when life was simpler, people had the time to ponder the meaning of their existence. they learned to interact by actually spending time with each other instead of through the medium of a machine.

    All of this is stupid

    “the king” LOL of what? a game.

    Grown men wearing shirt with other men’s name on the back. Lebron James is a great athlete, but, hero worshippers, Get a life.

    And don’t be too happy or sad, you didn’t win or lose anything.

  • American Patriot 47

    The entire audience was played. You all got suckered in and didn’t even know it.
    If anyone asks me to explain, then you’ll never get it.

  • DC

    NHL fans when was the last time the NHL got a 17.7 overnight rating? lol NHL office would cry if they got a 7.7 pathetic lol.

  • DW

    its highest rated game of the season does about the same as a regular season giants – cowboys espn monday night football game. its a fixed sport. hopefully once stern leave the new guy will retool it.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    @Sportstardnaught/American Patriot 47


  • DC

    DW how does the NHL do compared to the NFL? lol

  • roly

    ABC is gonna miss these ratings.

  • john

    11.8+.5=12.3… not 12.4 …. welcome to the fall of Rome…

  • Joseph

    The biggest NBA rating ever was Michael Jordan’s last championship in the late 1990’s, which was on NBC.

    I had thought there was a good chance Game 7 would have been the most-watched NBA game since then.

    But perhaps it didn’t break the 2010 Boston/Lakers Game 7 because Miami and San Antonio are smaller markets than Boston and Los Angeles.

    The bigger the home markets of the teams are, the higher the rating a pro sports championship (except the Super Bowl) gets.

  • sucka MC

    The game was obviously fixed in Miami’s favor. Anyone with no skin in the game could see.

    Wizard’s fan here.

  • ken

    bball is nothing more than a wrestling match; and a boring one at that. Players sell their services to the highest bidder or to the team they think will give them another championship; Miami may have one the NBA championship but all they did was stack the deck and they almost couldn’t get it done even after stacking the deck; I will stop watching because I don’t pull for any team any more its all about rooting against a team many have grown to despise.

  • SunshineBaby


    Is it bad that I skipped your comment without even reading it?

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