NBC Announces Fall Premiere Dates for New Season Including 'The Voice', 'The Blacklist', 'The Michael J Fox Show', 'Grimm', 'Revolution' & More

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June 21st, 2013


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‘The Voice,’ With the Original Coaches, Premieres Sept. 23 Followed By ‘The Blacklist’; One Hour of ‘The Michael J. Fox’ Show Debuts Sept. 26 Following an Hourlong Episode of ‘Parks and Recreation’

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — June 21, 2013 — NBC has announced premiere dates for its fall schedule, which include the launch of two highly-anticipated new shows: “The Blacklist” on Sept. 23 and the series debut of “The Michael J. Fox Show” with back-to-back episodes on Sept. 26.

“The Blacklist,” starring James Spader as an international criminal who works with a rookie FBI agent in order to bring down some of the world’s most wanted, begins Monday, Sept. 23 at 10 p.m., immediately following the fifth-season two-hour premiere of “The Voice” at 8 p.m. that will reunite the four original coaches: Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. (All times are ET.)

“Chicago Fire” will begin its second season at 10 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24 following the Tuesday edition of “The Voice.”

On Wednesday, Sept. 25, the sophomore season of “Revolution” will begin the night in its new time period at 8 o’clock, followed by the season premiere of the 15th season of “Law & Order: SVU” at 9 p.m. in which Det. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) will be fighting for her life against a madman.

Highly-acclaimed comedy “Parks and Recreation” will launch its sixth season with an hourlong episode at 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 26 that takes the show to London. That will be followed by back-to-back episodes for the debut of “The Michael J. Fox Show,” starring the iconic actor as a father and husband returning to work as a news reporter in New York after a brief leave of absence to get his Parkinson’s under control.

“Parenthood,” which is beginning its fifth season this year, moves into the 10 p.m. time period on Sept 26 (immediately following “The Michael J. Fox Show”) with special guest star Ray Romano.

“Dateline NBC” will premiere with a two-hour episode Friday, Sept. 27 at 9 p.m.

The new Blair Underwood-starring action drama “Ironside” will begin its run at 10 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 2.

New first-year comedies “Welcome to the Family” (8:30 p.m.) — about the clash between two families forced to deal with the surprise pregnancy and marriage of their teenage kids — and “Sean Saves the World” (9 p.m.) — bringing Sean Hayes back to NBC as a single dad balancing his teenage daughter, opinionated mother and overbearing boss — both launch Thursday, Oct. 3

The debut for the third season of “Grimm” will begin at 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25. That will be immediately followed by the series launch of “Dracula,” starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the iconic character returning to Victorian England to seek revenge on those who doomed him to immortal hell. Appropriately, both shows will launch within a week of Halloween.

The night will be led off at 8 p.m. with “Dateline NBC,” as the newsmagazine will shift to its regular timeslot.

And finally, “The Biggest Loser” will start its newest cycle with an hourlong telecast at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 8.

  • rob60990

    “I don’t see how Parks is compatible with MJF. And Parks will get destroyed by TBBT.”

    I meant MJF & Parenthood seem compatible. I know Parks isn’t going to be very compatible but it’s a better lead-in than trying out an unproven new show.

  • Ravenrei

    I get why they want to premiere Grimm and Dracula around Halloween, but to me, it just sounds like they don’t have enough confidence in Dracula that it’ll still be viable by Halloween if they start it around premiere week.

  • Oliver

    Ah, yes, MJF and Parenthood aren’t a bad match.

  • Oliver


    I’d guess it’s more about wanting to air repeats on Friday and focus their promos on other shows earlier in the season. Networks don’t tend to have much to promote by the end of October.

  • assdf

    I’m just curious why Parks is in London for the premiere… Time to start speculating!

  • Melanie P.

    Excited for the new seasons of Parenthood, Law and Order SVU and Chicago Fire. Ironside sounds interesting too. I just love Blair Underwood! May check out Michael J. Fox’s new show also, as well as Sean Hayes’ new comedy.

  • TV#1

    I’m most excited for Dracula followed by The Michael J. Fox show. I’ll probably continue to watch Revolution, even though I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the second half of its first season.

  • Steven

    I can’t see what would bring Parks to London, but I’m sure it’ll be great! I just hope TBBT doesn’t destroy the show. I can’t bear the thought of it ending. I don’t understand what people see in Big Bang.

  • Funeral Dinner

    Chicago Fire starting it’s new season directly after The Voice? NBC are obviously hoping for better numbers than last season.

  • s0303

    late start for grimm is probably best, that’s about when they started the first season…i didn’t like the 4 month break in the middle of the season this year…

  • Dennis

    The late start for Grimm and Dracula is a fantastic idea in my opinion….

    We honestly can’t complian about Grimm, it means less breaks….and it might benefit from airing near holloween

    Revolution will premiere with a new series low

  • Hillbilly

    Chicago Fire is going down in flames. :lol:

    Person of Interest will win the time slot. :cool:


  • Jack Bauer

    Can’t wait for the premiere of The Blacklist (best new drama of the season) and The Michael J. Fox Show (best new comedy of the season). Also the return of three hit drama series: Chicago Fire, Parenthood and Revolution. :-) :-) :-)

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    I hope Nielsen viewers watch Blacklist & I hope the writers & actors do a good job with it.

    I like how it’s mostly “Case of the Week” but still has a bit of serial like Person of Interest & The Mentalist. This way ppl can join in watching whenever & miss a few weeks & do well in reruns.

    While Voice isn’t compatible, the launch for 1 year & then move to another time slot next year is best way to promote your highest ranking new drama.

    Heck, Chicago Fire isn’t compatible either but giving 2nd year show those potential not change the channel for an ep or 2 chance is nice. And, hey, CF has hot guys which the female/gay viewers from The Voice can appreciate after 2 or 1hr of singing.

    P&R in London, interesting. I’m glad that NBC is putting some effort into their highest rated comedy along with the merchandise previously announced.

    Parenthood gets 2eps of MJF for it’s new time slot, that should help to get used to the new timeslot. Even if they tuned in Tues @10 to look for Parenthood & found CF instead, they will be willing to check out MJF & will see previews for Parenthood. I hope NBC tells those who tuned in to Parenthood @ Tues 10pm to tune into Thursday @ 10pm as well. (RVN fans should get the same treatment in regards to them tuning in to Mon 10pm’s Blacklist instead.)

    Grimm premieres on my birthday, sweet. I also like the less breaks. I might start watching it now instead of after the series is finished. I probably won’t esp since I’m so tired of forgetting tings week to week. I plan on watching most shows over Christmas & then over the Summer. Save for The Singing trifecta & real serials only over the summer.

  • Martin

    So what is on Tuesday the 24th at 8pm and Wednesday the 25th at 10pm, are both The Voice Tuesday and the Law And Order: SVU premieres both 2 hours?? – anyone know?.

  • CrimTV

    @Anna Bones Clarkwood

    So you’re saying men don’t watch The Voice?

  • Stephen

    Seems like a good rollout strategy for the fall. Only couple minor things that I’m not clear about. First being if SVU is having 2 hr premiere, if not then not sure why Ironside is delayed a week. Also not sure why NBC would want to delay it for a week unless it’s to avoid CSI premiere. I’d still think to get show sampled as much the show should air right after SVU premiere which probably will have higher ratings then airing after SVU’s 2nd episode.

    Also interesting that it’s MJF getting hour long premiere when Sean has the 9pm slot. It seemed like MJF would get 9pm but didn’t yet now with this scheduling it almost seems like NBC is pushing for this show more than Sean. Seems a little odd to me.

  • Danny


    I’m assuming the voice is going to be 2 hours on the 24th, since thats the likely day abc will launch shield. idk about the 25th, maybe they’ll rerun chicago fire from the night before or some other rerun.

  • Rich

    Damn it! NBC should have scheduled The Voice premiere a week earlier on my birthday,September 16th. :(


    One of the best battles of the week IMO will be Blacklist vs Hostages vs Castle…

    Blacklist should win thanks to its lead-in Like Revolution and Smash before it (I guess lead-in’s do matter huh?) yes they faded thereafter but still…it helped a lot!

    Hostages should be a casualty but for some reason I think it will be the show that eventually hurts Blacklist (especially if the Voice slips a bit, something I expect)

    Castle IMO will struggle next fall (down 10%) as the competition is heating up.

    Than the fall has Intelligence and the Olympics, Oh what a tangled web…

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