Paula Deen Fired from Food Network

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June 21st, 2013


Amidst allegations of racism, Paula Deen has been unceremoniously fired from the Food Network, according to Mediaite.

Though she apologized earlier today, it seems that Food Network has elected not to renew her contract at the end of the month.

  • Wes Coles

    Why are people saying that the Food Network fired Paula Deen? Not renewing a contract ? firing. They took the easy and spineless way out.

  • Mon

    No more butter y’all!!!

  • Jeff R.

    I would not be at all surprised if Fox has an epsiode of the current Masterchef season featuring Paula Deen (again) in the can…wonder what they’ll do if she still toxic by the time they reach it if they do.

  • Billy Vick

    That’s OK, she’ll make money from promoting diabetic drugs, and losing weight, then gaining weight and selling a book about how it’s OK to be over weight, then lose weight and sell a book about losing weight to be healthy, then sell her cook books which use lard and butter in the recipes, so she can have her “boy toys” to bribe to get close to her so she can fondle. LOL

  • peter

    Seriously? The level of politically correctness and oversensitivity has reached a new level.

    Chris Brown can beat up his girlfriend and still get invited and praised everywhere on TV.

    She didn’t even say the word on TV but in private. A word i hear in almost every rap song and every trashy VH1/BET show.

  • obisgirl

    I’m just reading the article about this. I thought maybe she had used it on air. That would definitely warrant a firing, but it seems like, it comes out of a court case/interview. Feels like wrongful termination to me.

  • MichaelChickless

    Paula, please.

  • Igwell

    After a series of public apologies on talk shows, CMT or CNN or some other channel will hire her.

  • TV Addict

    I’m confused, what did she do exactly?

  • Ryan

    FN doesn’t want cooking shows anymore anyway

  • Andy

    @Jeff R.: They actually do, she was in the season previews shown in the first episode. Apparently the contestants cook for her on a farm, so at least it’s not a plantation. :-)

  • Fake Me Out

    @Wes Coles

    “They took the easy and spineless way out.”

    If her contract is up in 9 days why would they even think of going through a longer and potentially litigious and expensive process of termination? They have a responsibility to shareholders not to piss away corporate cash in a stupid and needless manner.

  • Linda

    wrong! wrong! wrong! what she did does not warrant being fired, she did not do it in public, and we don’t actually know when or how it happened. the people that did not renew her contract probably have also been guilty of some kind of “nasty” comment too. hipocrits….

  • Carmen

    So our society is so politically correct, and people in positions of authority are so scared that they fire a person for what they said 27 years ago.

    America is just about finished

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    She did not say her use of the word was only 27 years ago. She actually had chose not to specifically identify when I believe.

    @Linda, as soon as it came out in a deposition it is out there for the public consumption. She could have got out there in front of this back in May with minimal PR skill and avoided this.
    She is the brand name for The Food Network, once the knowledge of her use of the work came out they merely protected their investment as is their right to do in a free society.

    (To no one on this site) There are a lot of angry white people with clogged arteries and diabetes raging at The Food Network on social media tonight.

  • carole

    Food Network fired Ervine, for so much lying.

    He lied to get the job, saying he had baked the cake for the royal wedding,was given an English castle and also, knighted.

    All lies, that he admitted and was sorry.
    The they rehired him. GO FIGURE!
    They lost me as a viewer even before that.
    When Emerial was treated so poorly by the so called gods at FN.

  • Mitchell


    The outrage of the ‘oppressed’ white people is hilarious. All the closet (or not so closet) racists are coming out of the woodwork. Seeing their meltdown amuses me greatly.

  • DW

    um it just wasnt the use of the n word she wanted to hire black people for a wedding dressed like old time slaves. like sam jackson in django. and only let the waiters use the back door. you know like the good ol days. its called slavery. and we dont do that anymore. its like network television , its a thing of the past. :)

  • AppleStinx

    TVbtN has some pretty gifted commenters who can tell what skin color strangers have, sight unseen. :wink:

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    There are dozens of other social media outlets where skin color is very apparent. That may be why they call it Facebook.

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