Paula Deen Fired from Food Network

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June 21st, 2013


Amidst allegations of racism, Paula Deen has been unceremoniously fired from the Food Network, according to Mediaite.

Though she apologized earlier today, it seems that Food Network has elected not to renew her contract at the end of the month.

  • AppleStinx


    How about their clogged arteries and diabetes?

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    A safe assumption if they are out there saying “I watched Paula’s show every day it was on and made everyone of her recipes, I hate that they fired her”.

    But the original post was an aim at humor.
    You reply was an attempt to take a shot at me that failed miserably ;-)
    Nice try though.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    That having been said why did the cable news ratings comment section get closed?

  • AppleStinx


    Now you also pretend to know that they ate everything they made. :smile:

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    Again humor based on her culinary style.
    So what happened in cable news Apple?

  • HalCapone

    The Food Network is a brand too which represents other celebrity chefs (with wildly varying degrees of cooking abilities). The cooking world will thrive without any of Deen’d diabetes and obesity inducing cuisine like her burger between two doughnuts gastronomical abomination. Chopped by the Food Network is the least of this women’s concerns. She is not being sued for use of the N-word in 1980. There is a lot more incriminating statements made by her in her 2012 deposition. The Food Network is just taking out the (white) trash.

  • AppleStinx

    Anthony Parello (AP076) wrote: “So what happened in cable news Apple?”

    Although I was away the day it happened, I was able to piece the last hours together by reading comments that were deleted, and reinserting them in their original positions. Thus I have a good idea of what happened, but can’t know what exactly moved Robert to close it (maybe you or some of the other commenters here can enlighten us :wink: ).

  • Jeffsrob

    No more food network for me.

  • Josh


  • Josh


  • ccemerson

    Now she*s free to start her own network like Oprah did !!!!! HeHe HaHa Paula D 24/7 !!! Ugh thats a scary thought :-)

  • Josh


  • Josh


  • Josh


  • Mark3

    Wow so she said racist stuff in the past and now shes fired and a badguy! Who the hell HASNT said racist stuff in there life id love to kno. That means NO ONE SHOULD HAVE A SHOW. Hollywood is full of racists. Towards whites! And blacks! Get over the PC bs this wussie country has turned into

  • Mark3

    @miychell what oppressed white people? U kinda sound a lil racist urself. Prob not a fan of white folks r u?

  • snoot

    Political correctness rears it’s ugly head yet again. Imagine if all of us could get fired for things we said 30 years ago. I’m sure 90% or more of us would be unemployed.

  • Matthew

    Who the hell HASNT said racist stuff in there life id love to kno.

    People that are NOT racist:?:

  • roly

    Food Network s u c k s ,we,ve all said things
    we wish could be taken back.Paula
    move on,you,ll be ok..

  • Raz

    Would we all want to be held to something we said 27 years ago about someone who put a gun to our heads?

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