Paula Deen Fired from Food Network

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June 21st, 2013


Amidst allegations of racism, Paula Deen has been unceremoniously fired from the Food Network, according to Mediaite.

Though she apologized earlier today, it seems that Food Network has elected not to renew her contract at the end of the month.

  • Justmepat

    I will stand up for Paula, no one is perfect. Wal Mart, Sears, the list goes on that I will boycott. America lets look at Woopie, who started out as a stand up comedian, her jokes about whites, her bad language. This was done in the past also. America, African Americans have been insulting White Americans. For example they call us Cracker. I am going to ask them to stop using any insulting comments about White Americans. Well lets start with Woopie, her fowl mouth, she needs to be fired also. How many VIPS has used fowl and insulting comments about White America. Can anyone here like to start a list.

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