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June 24th, 2013

Under the Dome

No summer series has been more highly anticipated than Under the Dome. Based on a bestselling Stephen King novel, executive produced by A-list showrunner Neal Baer and with a cast that includes Dean Norris, Rachelle Lefevre and Britt Robertson, this is one summer show that isn't debuting after the official end of the season because of a lack of network confidence. It's intended to be a big event. So how big do you think its premiere tonight will be?  Make your predictions below.

  • Dennis


    No problem….you enjoy your PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and SWITCHED AT BIRTH ;)

  • SJ

    Seriously, there’s a mention of Britt Robinson but no Mike Vogel, who is the lead and has way more name recognition?!

  • LukeIAmYourSecondCousin

    The promos and the cast are incredibly boring and uninteresting. Not planning to watch.


    I find the promos very interesting…it kind of reminds me of Jericko meets Lost…not a bad combo.

  • Joseph A

    Given that we have NHL Finals , would be very happy if it scored a 1.9 tonight , BUT , would want to see what it does via the extended ratings via stream and DVR , thinking it would be closer to 4.0 when all numbers are counted over a 24 hr period

  • Anon

    I do hope this is a mini-series.

    That was ABC’s mistake with V – it should have been a mini-series with a clear beginning, middle and end all along.

  • The End

    @it should have been a mini-series with a clear beginning, middle and end all along.

    You very rarely see that in TV, virtually every production out there is made with a new season in mind. You know, like one long story, but no one can predict a ratings crash for any show and said show ends up with a rushed ending.

  • HW

    Looks decent enough and I will give a shot. Not convinced the ratings will be very good though. It does remind me of Jericho, a show that was canceled due to low ratings not once but twice.

  • John A

    Kind of surprised the pilot didnt get leaked.

  • Mark3

    Looks awsome. Oh and its stephen king!!!! 2.5

  • Mark3

    I think harepers island was last beg middle end short type of show! It too was awsome

  • Mark3

    @rob i guess jerks r only in the year 2013? Or r u saying becuz its 2013the humans shouldnt be jerks anymore?

  • james

    anyone else notice that this is practically just the plot of the simpsons movie? lol regardless it looks good.

  • CBSviewer

    9.0 too good to be below ;)

  • catocony

    I watched it, I won’t watch it again. It is somewhat original though, so others may like it.

  • CBSviewer

    @ catocony

    You’re right ! I really liked it. Plus the live Chat with Britt Robertson and Neal Bear was awesome :)

  • HalCapone

    Having watched the first episode during the hockey intermissions, I don’t feel particularly motivated to return for subsequent ones. After the “dome” fell (slicing the cow in half which was cool), it feels just like every other “we’re mysteriously trapped here” storyline begging the tired question is it aliens or some mad scientist, etc behind it. Of course there are the bad people trapped under the dome, too to create the conflict. And of course, sick people in need of care they can’t access. Some of the same glaring inconsistencies/issues plague “Dome” like they plague “Revolution”. Since the dome is apparently airtight (sound cannot be heard through it)why won’t everyone eventually suffocate and why wouldn’t the sun heat it up like a sealed car left in the sun? Why is there wind blowing yet no sound can penetrate from the outside? Like Jericho and now Revolution, audience attention spans grow shorter each year unless major clues are revealed quickly and the soap opera dramas under the dome all seem very familiar.

  • andri

    Banking for a 1.9 . No fingers crossed please.

  • catocony

    Hal, that’s what I was thinking. Its amazing how all of these small towns have so much intrigue. It was part “Jericho”, part “Revolution”, part “The Simpsons Movie”, part “Lost”.

  • HowardBeale

    Right away, the program has to promote the homosexual agenda. Funny how entertainment promotes, pushes constant drumbeat of the radical gay agenda with phoney “sympathetic” characters.

    Sad and a turnoff to most, sick of alien politics being pushed down people’s throats on so-called entertainment. It’ll help dampen ratings after the premiere.

    2.4 / 11 million first episode
    1.6 / 7.8 second.

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