'All My Children' & 'One Life to Live' Schedule Changes Again; New Episodes of Both Shows Available on Mondays Starting July 1

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June 25th, 2013

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Mondays are now soap days, with more choices, and more flexibility. Beginning next Monday, July 1, 2013, TOLN (The OnLine Network) will release ALL of the week’s highly-rated “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” episodes on Mondays via Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes. The new schedule means that TOLN will run all episodes on Mondays, and not stagger runs of “All My Children” on Mondays/Wednesdays, “One Life to Live” on Tuesdays/Thursdays and “MORE AMC/OLTL” on Fridays.  Now viewers will be able to choose to watch one episode each day or binge view some or all of that week’s shows at once starting each Monday.  Together with the MORE shows, viewers can play or save up to six TOLN programs per week—all available on Mondays – providing even more flexibility to watch anytime, and anywhere.


  • MM

    Interesting that they made this decision to
    load all 4 episodes of both shows on Mondays.

    After Prospect Park resolved its dispute with the Union which forced
    a shut down of production.

    Now production can resume August 15,2013

    I like this change. I can go back to watching both shows first thing in the morning whilst eating my bowl of cereal.

    I’ll stretch them out 2 a day Monday to Thursday!

    I love,love it!!

  • TV Gord

    @MM, that’s not what they’re doing. There are still only going to be two episodes of each show per week, plus what they are now calling “two” 12-minute shows with the recaps and behind-the-scenes stuff (instead of calling it the one 24-minute show that it really is). You’re still only getting 2.5 hours per week of original programming.

  • Dan

    I wonder how much longer until these shows are cancelled again. I give it a few more months, with all these schedule changes and everything.

  • James

    The thing is, but soaps are appearing to be doing decent, even good on Hulu. Always seem to be in the top 10, even Top 5 for HOURS and HOURS when they come out Mon-Thursday. However, that may not be ”enough”. I’ll guess we find out when they get canceled or renewed for a season 2…

  • Rob R

    The fact that these shows are revived at all, with decent production quality and a good percentage of the former cast members their fans loved, is a freaking miracle. Fans are getting at least 110 episodes of the shows they never thought they would ever see again. And possibly more. Clearly these shows are not flopping. They seem to be working at least as well as any start up operation.

  • Fox

    James – I haven’t seen either show in the “top 10″ for a couple of weeks now. Of course, that’s all relative, since we don’t know real numbers for anything.

  • TV Gord

    According to The New York Times, both shows need 500,000 hits to break even. Presumably, they haven’t reached that number, which is why they cut back on the number of shows posted per week.

    Also, those numbers would have to mount up quickly to satisfy advertisers. People who watch the episodes a month or more later aren’t going to mean as much.

  • Mike

    So in less than two months the shows went from 4x a week to 2x a week on alternating days, they begged for daily viewing, complained about binge viewing, problem with the union, fired the writers of both shows, production had been suspended, halted, restarted, and swear words have been removed…did I miss anything.

    And now suddenly another schedule change. I guess binge viewing and not watching daily was not the real problem.

    Just what is the problem Prospect Park? How long will this latest change last before we have to get used to something else.

  • Bob

    This is crazy but again. I am a new viewer. I NEVER watched All My Children or One Life to Live when they were on network TV. My soaps were Y&R, B&B, As The World Turns and Guiding Light. Do you know that I only watch Y&R occasionally but watch All My Children and One Life to Live daily and love them. I find Y&R a bit boring now. I love watching the two shows on my PS3 Player which is hooked up to my TV screen. It is just so much better. No I don’t want the other 4 soaps to die, but I really enjoy the 2 shows on line.

  • Fox

    I’m guessing the next change will come when they start their second round of production for new episodes in the Fall. Instead of combining two, half-hour episodes for Monday release, they’ll edit in order to produce one, one-hour episode of each show per week. Such a change could allow them increase the ad load.

  • yesido cortez

    i miiss One Life to Live and All My Children mac com bak in abc

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