'Under the Dome' Premiere Delivers 3.2 Adults 18-49 Rating, 13.1 Million Viewers

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June 25th, 2013

Under the Dome Pilot 2

Under the Dome garnered big premiere numbers: a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating and 13.1 million viewers. More information to come when the full morning ratings data comes in.

  • rob60990

    “Looking forward to the half-hour numbers…”


  • Dennis


    lol of course its a hit!! :D

  • gg

    Found the half-hour #s
    3.3/ 9 – 10pm
    3.1/ 9 – 10:30

  • The Rookie

    I have it in my DVR, is it any good? Should I watch it?

  • Jamie04

    Wow – well, there was nothing else on to watch, so….

  • rob60990

    “lol of course its a hit!!”

    lol tell that to fans of Bionic Woman, V, Flash Forward, Revolution…

  • Dennis


    very good retention

  • Peter

    Was great …….go CBS….

  • senor chang

    whoa Whoa wHoa whOa whoA WHoa whOA WHOA

  • Dennis


    This is a summer show…huge huge difference…

    This could drop down a hell of alot and still be considered a summer hit..above 1.5 is huge for summer

  • senor chang

    of course, a premiere does not a hit make, but this is an incredibly auspicious beginning.

  • CrimTV


    Revolution is still a hit. #2 new drama of the season, right?

  • Samunto

    This has to be the biggest premiere for a CBS drama in a looong time. Congratulations are due for CBS.
    Even the total viewer numbers are astounding! WOW

  • Randy

    There have been several times where I have agreed with your comments @rob90990. This thread is not one of them. It seems that you are bitter because in other threads you predicted an extremely low start to this show. Even if it were to fall to a 1.0 next week, you were still completely wrong about it’s premiere rating. You were wrong. Deal with it.

  • Kenny

    Kind of a Shock, maybe the should consider this for midseason….just kidding, good job CBS

  • Samunto

    And the Stanley cup finals on NBC drew a 3.6 rating and 9mil total viewers. Has it ever been this high?

  • Warren

    Considering the major networks lack of success in the summer…this has to bode well for the future if it holds on. Might mean the major networks start taking the summer seriously. Instead of reality and dropping their fall fillers in there.

  • gigi

    actually, over 200 international broadcasters bought it.

  • TV Addict

    I am reading the book just because of the show and I am so happy that so many people tuned in.

  • fakeem

    How about the networks taking Friday and Saturday seriously as well…..

    On a side note, UTD is supposed to be limited run. I hope so, because HEROES was ruined when it went from limited run to extended simply because it was a success.

    Here’s to hoping CBS doesn’t make the same mistakes NBC makes….

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