'Under the Dome' Premiere Delivers 3.2 Adults 18-49 Rating, 13.1 Million Viewers

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June 25th, 2013

Under the Dome Pilot 2

Under the Dome garnered big premiere numbers: a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating and 13.1 million viewers. More information to come when the full morning ratings data comes in.

  • MichaelChickless

    Super Bowel


  • timmay!!

    @johnhelvete Easy…No Ordinary Family, Jericho, Last Resort, The Event, Firefly, Freaks & Geeks, Undeclared, Flash Forward, Terra Nova, Heroes, The 4400, etc. wasted my time, no I don’t bother :)

  • Melissa


    Revolution is still a hit. #2 new drama of the season, right?

    Revolution averaged a 2.57 in A18-49, which wouldn’t qualify it as a “hit”, in my opinion. My metric is the Spotted Ratings A18-49+ feature (spottedratings.com/p/a18-49-index.html), which says the “hit” borderline is 1.25 times the league average (2.105 this season). Revolution was 1.22 times the league average this season, so it wouldn’t qualify. The only new hit this season, according to Spotted Ratings, was The Following, which was exactly 1.25 times the league average. It’s a very subjective system, but it’s just what I’m accustomed to using.

  • MattR

    @The Rookie — It was entertaining. It has me hooked. There’s some decent actors in this show, which makes it more engaging. It’ll be interesting where they go with the show since I kinda read the synopsis of the book, but have a feeling they’re going to go different with the TV show.

  • Shane


    Yes they are going way off the book, the characters are so odd compared to the book especially Barbie and Junior. For me the jury is still out on this show, i’m sure i’ll watch all the way through. I think I would’ve liked the show much better if I didn’t start reading the book though, they have changed so much in the show

  • Potato

    @MattR @Shane

    I like that they changed things from the book (except for what they did to Barbie but I have a suspicion they’re just leading us on with that.) It’s like seeing the story in an alternate universe. I think I’d be bored if everything went exactly as it did in the book.

  • Shane

    I understand why they changed some but Barbie is nothing like I expected, Junior is messed up as well he seems like a pretty boy which is not what you would expect at all either. Also took out a big storyline of Barbie and Junior, made Shumway be married, it just goes on and on with differences and i think it is too much. I know they have to change some but they are going way off which is surprising for King to do because on movies he complained about movies changing his book too much

  • scifi

    It can FLOP after several episodes.

  • KarenM

    It did well because it had Stephen King’s name attached to it.

  • Evan

    Wow this is huge. And This is also the 2nd highest rated new drama to premiere this whole season only below The Following which I think might have even had the same demo I’m not sure. This show could have premiered at a 2.0 and that would have been successful. Now its a matter of seeing where the show tappers off and stays put. My guess is the show will stay above 2.0 unless the show completely ruins itself. Seems like there is nothing on and that maybe after last night there will be some buzz to keep the show going.

    The only thing now is if the show keeps good numbers does CBS bring the show back during the summer or introduce it into their fall/mid season schedule.

  • TV Viewer

    Wow! Those are great numbers for a show, especially a summer series! I am sure it did far better than most people’s expectations. There must be a lot of very happy people at CBS.

    Maybe the network can find some way to turn the dome into a great big CBS Eyeball logo. LOL!

  • Derrick

    There was nothing else on, so i was expecting it to crack maybe 8 to 9 million, but 13, wow.

    Why was this moved from the regular schedule ?

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