Will the 'Big Brother' Premiere Score Big Ratings? - Poll

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June 26th, 2013

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Summer reality stalwart Big Brother returns to CBS tonight.  The promos promise exciting new twists (maybe the Big Brother House is now under a dome?) The question is whether viewers are still interested in the show. Last season, the show premiered on July 12, 2012 to a 2.6 adults 18-49 rating. Its season finale on September 20 garnered a 2.6. How do you think tonight;s premiere will fare? Make your predictions.



  • Jack Bauer

    Still hate BIG BROTHER. This reality show nightmare is still becoming like a “house of horrors”. :-(

  • Kenny

    Why isn’t Under the Dome on the same night as Big Brother? There could have been amazing ratings if they premiered the both on the same night. Turn it into an event.

  • rob60990

    2.4 for Big Brother
    1.6 for American Baking Competition

  • Noah

    2.4 or 2.3 for Big Brother

  • FLOP Detector


  • BenA



    My rating isn’t counted, same goes for most people who aren’t Nielsen users, so no one really knows how many people will watch.

  • NBC Fan

    The Family Tools-0
    How to Live-1.1
    The Lookout-1.1

    Big Brother-2.6
    The Great American Baking Competition-1.5


  • CBSviewer

    Higher than The American Baking Competition anyway ;) But I voted 2.5-2.6…

  • Martha

    I love BB, bring it on !!!! Cant wait !!!!!

  • Ryne

    Season 14 and still no High Definition. That is very strange

  • Samunto

    Not sure about this one. So far CBS has been dismal this summer except for Under the Dome.
    I’ll say 2.4 and ‘baking’ should benefit too and have around 1.6.

  • dan

    Wow Rob, Making predictions again so soon after your UTD fiasco (1.2. Vs 3.3)? Didn’t you call that poll range of choices ridiculous?

  • Jason

    I wish for 0.1, but I guess 2.4.
    I just hate this show, so stupid.

  • dan

    love bb
    all my friends excited to watch this season
    cbs.com been hyping it alot to
    2.4 considering its only 1 hr

  • SG

    Probably the most consistent viewership for CBS year after year. Can’t wait to see it tonight.

  • romo

    Wont watch cause theyre too cheap to do HD they still do SD.

    Of course wouldnt watch if they were HD anyways.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Totally uninterested now it’s losing it’s appeal

    …plus I dont really have the time to give to the show anymore

    I’ll PVR


  • Survivor Fan

    2.4 or 2.5, with most of the season near even with BB14

  • bluejoni

    I can not wait for my guilty summer pleasure to start !!!! I LOVE this show !!

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