'American Haunting' to Premiere Saturday, July 27 on A&E

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June 28th, 2013


American Hauntingvia press release:




NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 28, 2013 – A&E Network premieres the chilling three-hour special event “American Haunting,” entering in to the tortured lives of three separate families residing in haunted homes. Back-to-back-to-back episodes premiere on Saturday, July 27 at 8PM ET/PT.


“American Haunting” takes a unique look inside the terrifying lives of families encountering paranormal phenomena within their own homes, witnessing first-hand the frightening incidents they experience daily. Surveillance cameras set up throughout the houses capture every moment of the eerie activity that transpires and document the damaging toll it takes on the families’ lives. As they attempt to regain control of their homes, the families call on psychics, demonologists, paranormal investigators and exorcists to help them fight back against the malevolent spirits.


The premiere episode of “American Haunting” introduces the McGlone family of Grayson, Kentucky. Their dream home is becoming a nightmare as the family experiences frightening paranormal activity on a daily basis. In addition to moving objects, strange voices and inexplicable smells, members of the family report being physically attacked during the night.


At 9PM, the members of the Rudis family of Irving, Illinois suffer mysterious growls and footsteps, inexplicable scratches and multiple demonic apparitions. Afraid to sleep alone in her own bedroom, the family's teenage daughter has for years spent her nights on the living room couch, rarely sleeping through the night.


At 10PM, the Schuman family of Quincy, Massachusetts believes their haunting began when their dad Jack purchased a 1966 Mustang with a violent past. With tensions running high in the Schuman home, Jack must decide between his beloved car and saving his family.


A screener of the first episode of “American Haunting” is available at press.aenetworks.com.


“American Haunting” is produced by Go Go Luckey Entertainment (“Paranormal State,” “Laguna Beach”) for A&E Network. Executive producers for Go Go Luckey are Henry Capanna, Gary Auerbach, Julie Auerbach and Tina Gazzerro. Executive producers for A&E are Elaine Frontain Bryant and Fred Grinstein.


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  • Carolyn

    Jan –
    I agree with all of these comments but I do think that the El Camino was taped by the family long ago when the dad the car dropped off (not working)……..not by the camera crew, hence, now it was running. But…..damn! I wanted this show to be real.

  • Carolyn

    Jan –
    So much for proof reading; sorry!
    I agree with all of these comments but I do think that the El Camino was taped by the family long ago when the dad HAD the car dropped off (not working)……not by the camera crew, hence, now it was running. But…damn! I wanted this show to be real.

  • prince . David

    Lol. this is wait too fake to be on tv….

  • michelle

    Omg…what a waste of TV time! So fake! Terrible acting. Ridiculous. They all need help…mentally.

  • Blade

    Since there was a GoPro camera mounted in front and back of the car I doubt the family mounted and left 2 cameras in the car to be crushed..That was all A&E in my opinion.

  • richard richardson

    ‘Fire the producer or change the title to “hilarious ghost stories for kids”.

  • RevMark

    this show is a waste of time, all fake, all for ratings which judging by the comments, are going to be VERY low. LOL why is it that almost every “paranormal investigation” team looks like they are either A: straight out of a trailer park B: coming home from an ICP concert or B: freshly fed at a local Golden Corral??? seriously, you all know what I’m talking about, I can hear you laughing! LOL

  • fake

    saha mcglone and joey mcglone dont even exist on facebook, fake

  • DE-bunk-ER

    Audience… if A&E didn’t use acting and SFX, there would be no show. The same video camera flickers on all three shows, flaming candles, fakery.

  • Red

    I was so looking forward to this and what a let down. While watching I started to google to find out if these were truly real stories. I can across this and found I was not the only one that felt this was all so fake. That is fine, but don’t make it seem like they are true stories. We are not that stupid. A real downer A&E.

  • Nomi

    What a JOKE! Get your crap together A&E

  • cdub

    So fing fake. How can they air such total crap and try and pass it off as a documentary.14 days of total bs.

  • Rev Charles Curtiss

    I get the sense this show is FAKE as can be. They PURPOSELY wiz past scenes in various rooms so that your eye never has a chance to really look at what is happening. The “experts” (investigators, psychics, etc) are only identified by last names. Too much appears to be clearly scripted junk. Not at all impressed. This is just “Paranormal Activity” for TV. Fiction. Not at all impressed.

  • CS.

    I just watched 2 of these shows.Its amazing the morons they brought in to the house by the tracks.What the heck was he waving around and talking bout.I wasted 2 hours of my life watching this crap!!!!

  • Augusta

    This show is awful. All the screaming is ridiculous. A&E you failed this time


    FAKE! What a waste of time.

  • Bobbi

    To Joe; Is the Conguring worth going to see at the theater? I wanted to have a night of fright starting w/ renting the movie Haunting at Silver Falls. I didn’t get the 1st chill from it. I will give it the credit of the cast was nice looking. I started watching this show & thought it is fake too..THE CONJURIMG, THEATER WORTHY?? ANYONE?? :)

  • jcb

    Fake..Fake..and did I say fake…

  • Michele

    I never leave comments on shows but i had to on this one. I can’t believe I wasted 3 hours on this show last night. I have to say the most entertaining part was during the one in Irving . I laughed when the cleanser guy and the camera crew started screaming. When the cameras came back on and showed him with a really tiny band aid on his forehead not even covering the supposed injury. Come on A&E, I love shows about the supernatural but this was an insult to your viewers. You should have advertised it as a mockumentary and I probably would have still watched it.

  • SAHMwriter

    If even half of that footage was real, the paranormal world would be beating a path to A&E’s door. Since I don’t hear any rumbling or knocking I am going to assume it was staged and register my disappointment with this show. Doors do pop open due to air pressure changes and uneven floors, big deal. But chairs moving on their own to that extent and the footage of the little girl playing in her room and the spirit appearing would be all over the front pages of the news.

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