'American Haunting' to Premiere Saturday, July 27 on A&E

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June 28th, 2013


American Hauntingvia press release:




NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 28, 2013 – A&E Network premieres the chilling three-hour special event “American Haunting,” entering in to the tortured lives of three separate families residing in haunted homes. Back-to-back-to-back episodes premiere on Saturday, July 27 at 8PM ET/PT.


“American Haunting” takes a unique look inside the terrifying lives of families encountering paranormal phenomena within their own homes, witnessing first-hand the frightening incidents they experience daily. Surveillance cameras set up throughout the houses capture every moment of the eerie activity that transpires and document the damaging toll it takes on the families’ lives. As they attempt to regain control of their homes, the families call on psychics, demonologists, paranormal investigators and exorcists to help them fight back against the malevolent spirits.


The premiere episode of “American Haunting” introduces the McGlone family of Grayson, Kentucky. Their dream home is becoming a nightmare as the family experiences frightening paranormal activity on a daily basis. In addition to moving objects, strange voices and inexplicable smells, members of the family report being physically attacked during the night.


At 9PM, the members of the Rudis family of Irving, Illinois suffer mysterious growls and footsteps, inexplicable scratches and multiple demonic apparitions. Afraid to sleep alone in her own bedroom, the family's teenage daughter has for years spent her nights on the living room couch, rarely sleeping through the night.


At 10PM, the Schuman family of Quincy, Massachusetts believes their haunting began when their dad Jack purchased a 1966 Mustang with a violent past. With tensions running high in the Schuman home, Jack must decide between his beloved car and saving his family.


A screener of the first episode of “American Haunting” is available at press.aenetworks.com.


“American Haunting” is produced by Go Go Luckey Entertainment (“Paranormal State,” “Laguna Beach”) for A&E Network. Executive producers for Go Go Luckey are Henry Capanna, Gary Auerbach, Julie Auerbach and Tina Gazzerro. Executive producers for A&E are Elaine Frontain Bryant and Fred Grinstein.


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  • Gregory Orme

    People should not be so hard on the show. It must be difficult to find real ghosts. Maybe you paranormal experts can direct the producers to something you consider authentic.

  • laura

    At least it was entertaining. Real or not. If u want to waste an entire season seeing nothing watch Ghost Hunters. Which is ironic since they were the reality paranormal pioneers

  • Chino

    All fake, WTF what a piece of crap fake paranormal. Just GI effects. My 2 year aold know that was fake.

  • Steve

    Wow. Everybody here claims the show to be fake but not one can say how or what else was there. Most didn’t see anything but that shows just how they weren’t really watching. I’ve just watched the first show and there were numerous orbs, mostly in Belle’s room. The doors moving, the lights blinking, the disturbances in the cameras. The mists and shadows.

    I will watch the next 2 shows and see what happens, but I give the benefit of the doubt until or unless it is proven false. Just saying so doesn’t make it fake.

  • Kendra

    As with most documentaries they are also “edited for television.” Ammityville Horror was a movie with real life implications. The family wrote the book telling what happened to them, but the movie took certain things and exagerated them for entertainment purposes. You people have no idea what these families may have gone through. Of course some things were filmed for us to understand the present activities. Use your minds and try to open them a little broader, people.

  • Jeremy Gasser

    Watched the show on the 1966 Mustang with the violent past- Was not a 1966 mustang, it was 1981 El comino. If it was 1966 mustang then use the 66 mustang not an El comino

  • Richard

    Awful. Just Awful.

  • Franklin


  • Robin

    Wow! A&E must think we in “TV-land” are easily dooped. I thought this was going to be a thought-provoking expose on real haunted families in America. From someone who has experienced real hauntings…shame on A&E. I am embarrassed for them. I suggest you start by firing your special effects people. Then, may I suggest, go after whomever decided this series would fly. BTW A&E…Considwer this…Jack should be turned in to child protective services. Me thinks he has anger issues. Most dads don’t loose it and kick in the door to their kids rooms…especially with the camera’s rolling. (AND)If that really happened…I would hope your producers would see the kids needed more than a spiritual cleansing. (Not to mention the verbal abuse to the woman trying to help him in his “Suzie-Mobile.” Come on A&E…we have all evolved out here.

  • melissa

    Sheez…Hoarders is scarier.

  • aly

    sooooo disappointed, looks so fake, recorded all three stories, watched one and am deleting the rest

  • Chris

    So here was my problem. Show sucked yes but the thing I couldn’t stand was that when the dumb lady got “locked” in tge sauna or the kid who opened the doors and they slammed shut is they went to a commercial break to cause suspense. Ok that’s cool. I fast forward to see rest of footage. NOPE! They skip to mext day and say “oh my god I was so scared” WTF!!! I want to see the rest of this “real” footage. Fricken fake as dirt

  • Dee

    Why did I think this was going to be real? It was all fake! It stunk! What a waste of time!

  • Loren

    BOOOOO this show is dumb, I was hoping for real but instead got fake and stupid!!

  • Grant Ryan

    Watching on DVR but this show s stupid!

  • A show for the gullible

    This was the worst “paranormal experiences” show I have wasted my time on yet. Highly staged and what I would consider a mockery of the whole subject. I couldn’t even find any entertaiment value in this because I couldn’t swallow the b.s.

  • Lawrence

    This show is absolute garbage. My parents suggested this show to me since we all watch paranormal documentaries (ie Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Mine). When I saw the flashing static cameras I started to have my doubts, then the bad acting with the open cabinets in the first episode… yawn! The icing on the cake was seeing the cheesy glimmer/reflection off the knife Caleb (the friend) used before he allegedly cut himself. I couldn’t watch more than 10 minutes before getting angry that this show takes away credibility from REAL paranormal investigations!

    Bottom line (even if it is supposed to be faked) it’s not even faked well.

  • Ashley

    Yeaaaaa FAKE!!!

  • Max

    This show is garbage.

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