'Happy Endings' is Officially Dead

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June 28th, 2013

Happy Endings May 2

Sony has abandoned its attempts to find a new home for comedy Happy Endings. The low rated series was canceled by ABC after a season in which it aired on three different days (Tuesday, Sunday and Friday.)  Sony hoped that like Cougar Town, the show would find a home on cable. Unfortunately, USA and several other channels passed. TVLine reports tha, with the cast's contract due to expire this weekend, t the studio that has eked out renewals for so many marginally rated shows has officially given up on Happy Endings.

  • AJ

    Wow, this is really sad. I love this show :(

  • John A

    Surprised they couldnt find some cable home for it. Til Death lasted with same awful ratings.

  • ChadlyBrown

    So so so sad. The most talented cast on TV. ABC really screwed this one up. I totally blame them 100%. I’ll sit back and laugh as they suck this fall. Viva Happy Endings. :(

  • CBSviewer

    I didn’t watch it but I’m sad for the fans :(

  • Gina

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOO PLEASE, oh my god I am about to cry, OH MY GOD NOOOO!!! this cant be real!!

  • Acoran

    Sooo bad. This show was (is) amazing. It didnt deserve so-low ratings. The cast was fantastic, so talented and fun. I was expecting a fourth season and…we get this.

  • jupiter3765

    is body of proof officaly dead

  • Spencer

    This is so sad. Ill miss this show so much!! :( is it even possible that it could go the way of Arrested Develpment and be revived years later?

  • Jack Bauer

    I’m about to cry now. :-( :-(

  • Johnny5k

    Netflix to the rescue!?!!!! It’s such a great show!

  • Ekras

    YES! More money for quality programming!

  • NBC is awesome


  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    0.6 and 0.7 for originals on Fridays, No cable channel is so desperate to take that!!! Cougar Town was in much better shape when it got axed from ABC. R.I.P. Happy Endings, ironically it didn’t get a HE lol

  • joel

    The writing occasionally got lucky but generally was horrible. Justice is served.

  • K

    Seems like the black actor on “New Girl” made the right choice.

  • Sofaslug

    NOOOOOOOOO! We all knew it was coming but this show was so brilliant! Where have the quality sitcoms gone? ABC killed the two best shows of this season. RIP happy endings and don’t trust the b. America should be ashamed

  • jimbo

    Good bye to another Friends wanna be. Everything they come up with is just a clone of a show that disapeered long ago.

  • Ekras

    @Sofaslog – how was this show brilliant? It was terrible 99% of the time. I only watched because someone else in the house watches….

  • alvar

    Good riddance! ABC gave this show every chance for success when many others would have been sent to the graveyard straight away. After a soft debut, ABC gave it the hot post Modern Family timeslot for an entire season. ABC then showed confidence by moving it to Tuesdays under a Dancing With The Stars lead in, where it hoped it could anchor an otherwise soft night for the network. When the show completely tanked, ABC gave the show additional exposure on Sundays after Revenge. In one final move to save the series, ABC moved it to Fridays where it hoped it would find success in a less competitive timeslot, but of course it didn’t. No show with ratings less than a 1.0 deserves to survive, even on cable. Be content with the 3 seasons that this show did milk out of ABC.

  • alvar

    @FLOP Detector

    Loving your posts! Keep it up!

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