'Happy Endings' is Officially Dead

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June 28th, 2013

Happy Endings May 2

Sony has abandoned its attempts to find a new home for comedy Happy Endings. The low rated series was canceled by ABC after a season in which it aired on three different days (Tuesday, Sunday and Friday.)  Sony hoped that like Cougar Town, the show would find a home on cable. Unfortunately, USA and several other channels passed. TVLine reports tha, with the cast's contract due to expire this weekend, t the studio that has eked out renewals for so many marginally rated shows has officially given up on Happy Endings.

  • Nico

    Oh well, hopefully the cast can find another good project soon.

  • IDIOT Detector


    The “black actor” on New Girl? Really? Are you so lazy you can’t look up the man’s name since you’re already, you know, on the internet? His name is Lamorne Morris and he has absolutely NOTHING to do with Happy Endings. Now if you think really hard you might be able figure out the mistake you’ve made here. I would point it out to you, but then I would be taking away a learning opportunity.

    @FLOP Dectector

    The fact that you’re an idiot should go without saying. This has been explained to you many times by many people, but I’ll try one last time: A flop is a show that fails right out of the gate, that is, it falls on its face (flops) right when it premieres. See: Do No Harm, Made in Jersey, Cult. Shows that have been renewed two, three or four times cannot by definition be flops. And you think that nobody cares about those shows except for the people who watch them? Thanks! You’ve just described every single show on television.

  • Dan

    Kim Bauer may now show up on 24: Live Another Day now that Cuthbert’s schedule has freed up.

  • Brandon

    I just loved this show so much. What a bummer.

  • K.H.

    @Alvar. I wish I could like comments because yours is on point. Contrary to popular belief, ABC gave this show multiple chances to succeed and its just wasn’t a show that would have never caught on.

    I loved season 1. Season 2 was ok, but season 3 was terrible in my opinion. It became a caricature of itself and just wasn’t funny. I would have given it another chance, but ought well.

  • Luke

    Huge fan of the show here. But I think abc did give it a fair chance to succeed. Too bad the humor is very specific so the fan base isn’t large enough. I will miss it a lot.

  • Ritchie

    That is not Ah-mah-zing!

  • Oliver

    The show was unlucky in the end.

    Scheduling it opposite New Girl and then on Friday killed it.

    Cable networks weren’t interested in a female-skewing comedy.

  • Pavelsauce

    Bummer, I loved the show. I’ll miss it. I only started watching it when it was moved to Fridays. If only I had discovered it earlier.

    Why should America be ashamed? Let me watch my “brainless” sitcoms in peace.

  • Alan

    @IDIOT Detector

    Thank god someone is finally shutting the FLOP DETECTOR up. He/she makes me miss Max! At least he had some arguments and not stupid comments.

  • Dan

    What a sad end to a great show. USA really should have picked this one up, I doubt any of there new comedies will be critical or ratings successes.

  • joel

    @SofaSlug “NOOOOOOOOO! We all knew it was coming but this show was so brilliant!”

    Talking fast is not the equivalent of being brilliant. The writing was only very occasionally brilliant, but the 95% of the time it wasn’t the fast talking was just contrived and annoying.

  • Dan

    @Pavelsauce – Maybe Sofaslug was referring to ABC’s cynicaly commerical on how “YOU” can save Happy Endings,and by YOU meaning the viewers of America.

  • platypus Perry

    Not surprised but this at all!!! Too bad it couldn’t get Malibu Country ratings and although that Show was axed with its #s Happy would’ve been Picked up for a fourth Season.

  • SJ

    Another brilliant show bites it… too bad. ABC never gave it a shot. And Sony, really, you manage to save crap like Rules of Engagement and Til Death and even give the horrid Unforgettable another season and THIS you can’t save?

    This is a sad day for lovers of good, smart television. Enjoy your Big Bang Theory, idiots! >.<

  • John A

    Give me a break ABC didnt give it a chance? 3 seasons it had to find a audience and it couldnt. I’d blame Sony maybe but not ABC. Hell ABC were kind enough to air this loser for Friday burn off when Shark Tank Repeats could do better than it.

  • Oliver

    Airing it against New Girl, and to a lesser extent Go On, killed it. Putting their youngest skewing show after their oldest skewing show was dumb too.

    I guess it balances out because it was lucky to get renewed after its first season.

  • Oliver


    Til Death, RoE and Unforgettable had willing networks. Sadly, this didn’t, especially since a USA pickup looked likely.

  • Justin121

    Ok the ‘Flop’ puns aren’t half as clever/fun with 1-word show names.

    You had a good thing going with Sad Floppings but then had to go ‘n ruin it.

    I call dips on Almost Flop, We Are Flops, and Once in Flopland this Fall :D

  • buttondiet


    Body of Proof is dead because ABC said they won’t let anyone else have it. Dana Delany was all for moving to cable and reviving the show, but ABC said no.

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